General Hospital Update Friday 8/24/01


General Hospital Update Friday 8/24/01

By Suzanne

Alexis meets Jax for dinner. She wonders what he's up to. She jokes about how he oweds her because of her being his ex-wife. Jax is worried about what Helena's up to with the ice princess. Alexis explains about the ice princess's history with the Spencers. He wants to know more specific things about the diamond. Ned arrives with Chloe. There is an awkwardness because of Jax and Chloe. But Chloe insists they stay and she apologizes to Jax for how she behaved before. He apologizes, too. They all sit down together. Ned wonders why Jax is quizzing Alexis about her family's history, but he won't say in front of Ned and Chloe. Ned chats about how they're all together again but things didn't work out like any of them had planned. Chloe has decided she's moving back to Milan, she explains. After some more awkwardness, they all toast her. Stefan walks in and gives her an intense look. Stefan tells her not to leave. Jax tries to get rid of him but Chloe takes Stefan outside to chat. Jax and Ned want to follow but Alexis tells them to stay out of it, Chloe can handle him. And she thinks Stefan does love her. They give her a look of doubt. The three of them sit down again and talk about Chloe and Stefan. Jax excuses himself to make a phone call. Ned asks Alexis which is more awkward, the two of them or Jax and Chloe. Alexis says she can't explain what's been going on. Ned just wants to know why she's been so upset lately. Alexis's beeper goes off so she leaves.

Stefan asks Chloe why he's leaving. She says she wants to make a new start, but he says he thinks it's because of him. She tells him it's not because of him. She says her romantic notions of the Quartermaines didn't work out like she's expected, and now that Jax is back, she just wants to go back to her life in Milan. He wishes her well and says if he can't go with her, he'd like to help her. Chloe doesn't want to ever hear from him again. Stefan says, "don't let them do this to us". She says there is no "us". He says he's good for her. She counters, like he was good for the girl that he let die in a boating accident. He looks stricken and wonders where she heard that. He says it must have been Helena because she was the only one who knew about it. Chloe just keeps calling him a liar and tells him that there's nothing between them. Stefan wants to help her but she is too annoyed to have anything to do with him. Chloe tries to leave but he grabs her arms. She yanks her arms and falls backwards, hitting her head against a large planter. He rushes to her aid and Jax rushes in and sees them there.

Someone with red hair looks at Alexis' mother's necklace and remembers a conversation with Jax. She says it's been weeks and he says the timing isn't right, he has to know that what she's walking into is safe.Jax talks to her on the phone and says he wishes he could speed things up, but he can't. She says she trusted him this far so he'll just have to let her know when the time is right.

Stavros finds Helena standing on the balcony with a glass of wine, thinking. She has been thinking about "how foolish everyone is", chasing after love. She talks about how easy it was to kill Lucky's love for Elizabeth. Helena thinks that love is "a figment of the collective imagination". Helena does speak warmly of Stavros' father, although she doesn't understand why he strayed to Alexis' mother. She wonders if she should kill Alexis now. She tells Stavros that his father was "a true force to be reckoned with". He tells her that she has "a weakness for dangerous men", like Jax. His attentions are causing their family a bundle. She has almost had enough of Jax, too, she says. Stavros tells her to be careful to remember she's the predator, not the prey. Then he leaves.

Gia tells Lucky that he's not making any sense; Helena is in charge of his mind. She doesn't believe that his love for Elizabeth has disappeared. Lucky denies it all vehemently and loudly. He goes to leave but she stops him. She won't be his "rebound girl". She says she just wants to be sure he's over Elizabeth. She says she believes him and if he's available, then so is she. He goes to kiss her but she stops him. He thinks she's stalling. She says she'll go get wine. He promises to stay put while she does. She gives him a quick kiss to make sure. OUtside, Gia phones Elizabeth, who is on the terrace at the PC Grill, and tells her to stay there, she will come there and meet her. Elizabeth is reluctant to talk to her until Gia tells her it's about Lucky. Gia fills her in on what happened. Elizabeth says she can help. She questions Gia about how he was acting. Gia explains how weird Lucky was having. Gia phones Lucky to make sure he's still there. She flirts with him, which makes Elizabeth see red. Elizabeth tells her that she has to get into Helena's room; she tells Gia to stall Helena if she sees her going upstairs. Helena comes in to the restaurant to get a wrap she left there. Gia takes a deep breath. She grabs Helena and tells her that she's suing the Cassadines for everything they've done to her. She tries to start an argument with Helena, who doesn't really care what she has to say. Gia takes a dessert from the table and smears it all over the front of Helena's outfit. Helena looks truly surprised and outraged. Gia has this great "oops" look on her face. Helena calls her names and says, "Are you insane or just stupid?" The manager comes over and is not happy to see what happened. Helena orders Gia to be removed. Gia grabs Helena again and says she's not finished. She says she has news about Lucky.

Elizabeth breaks into Helena's room again. She goes to the urn to look for the ice princess and finds it there. She hears someone coming; in walks Stavros.

Dara shakes her head as Carly signs her statement about Angel without reading it. She suggests that Carly read it, but she doesn't want to hear it. Mac comes up and wonders why Carly is in such a hurry. He and Dara explain that if she signs an untrue statement, it's perjury, which is a felony and she could get jail time. Carly shuts her eyes, trying to calm down. She and Mac get into an argument. Mac doesn't want her to mess up the investigation into Sorel's murder with fake charges because of a marital dispute. Carly sticks to her statement. Mike arrives, called by Carly. He tries to talk her out of her stupid idea. She blasts him for not telling her about where Sonny was, when he was at Angel's place. He knew how she would react. He assures her that Sonny wasn't cheating on her. She makes a comment about Angel being Sorel's daughter, which is a total shock to Mike. Carly tries to make Mike see that Angel was working with Sorel. Mike asks if she has any proof. She doesn't but says that the police can find it. He's worried that this will all backfire in her face and pleads with her to stop this. She regrets what she did now and goes to ask Mac to drop it. 

Taggert makes snide comments about Angel's country home. Sonny tries to interfere. Taggert has a search warrant so his men start searching. Taggert wants to question her and Sonny gives him a hard time. Taggert makes a zipping motion to his lips to tell Sonny to shutup (it's very funny!!). He wonders why Sonny is so chummy with the daughter of the man who tried to kill him. He tells them that he has a witness who swears that Angel committed a felony. Sonny makes disparaging remarks about this person until Taggert tells them it's Carly. Angel says that the kidnapping charge is ludicrous. Taggert admits that he didn't believe Carly at first but he thinks Carly may have pointed out a suspect in a whole different crime. Sonny tells him to be careful what he says next. He warns Taggert not to harrass Angel. Taggert questions her further about her part in Sorel kidnapping Carly. Taggert sees Angel's suitcases and wonders where she's going. Angel says she's just putting some stuff away. Taggert looks in her stuff and finds two tickets to Greece for the day that Sorel kidnapped Carly. He thinks that this was a plot to get rid of Carly, who could tell the police some things about Sonny that he may not want to get out. Angel tells him how ridiculous it is. Taggert says she had to know that Carly wasn't going to get out of the way for her. Angel says it wasn't like that so Taggert asks if she isn't in love with Sonny. There is silence. Sonny says that's none of his business. Taggert and Sonny get into a yelling match. Taggert tells him, "This time, brother, I got your wife".

Just as Carly regrets what she did, Taggert walks in with Sonny and Angel. Too late! Alexis arrives to defend Sonny. Everyone argues. Mac tells Carly that it's not just Angel that's under arrest.