General Hospital Update Thursday 8/23/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/23/01

by Suzanne

Jax steps out from behind the curtains. Nikolas turns the light on. They each ask what the other is doing there in Helena's suite. Jax asks Nikolas and Liz what they are doing there; maybe they can help each other. Nikolas is suspicious. Jax tells them that he thinks Helena "has something nasty planned for Alexis" and he wants to stop it. He asks Nikolas if he knows what she's up to. Nikolas doesn't want to cooperate. Jax says he knows they're after the Ice Princess and it must be important to take such risks. Elizabeth pleads with him to tell them where it is, if he knows, because it could save Lucky. Jax looks thoughtful. Nikolas won't drop his prince act so Jax doesn't want to help him. Helena walks in and wonders why they're all there. She jokes about them having a "costume party" (since Jax is dressed all in black and Elizabeth is in a maid's uniform. She wants to know first about Elizabeth. Jax tries to focus on him but Liz says that she dressed this way to try to find clues to help Lucky. Helena says there's nothing here. Nikolas says he told Liz that. Elizabeth says she knows Helena did something to Lucky to block out his feelings, so he thinks he doesn't love her any more. She and Nikolas make a fake argument. Nikolas takes Liz out so they can "discuss" their problems. Helena asks about Jax's burglary outfit. He confesses that he was investigating to see what she had planned for Alexis. She denies everything, of course, and offers him some port. He says that as long as she's not giving him answers, he'll continue to take over her companies. He tells her that he acquired her interests in Belgium this evening. She is shocked but drinks her port. He leaves after telling her that she won't survive.

Gia tries to get Lucky not to race Nikolas' car with no hands and the lights off. She thinks he's mad at Nikolas because of Elizabeth. He says that's not why; he thinks he owns him. Lucky wants to have fun so Gia kisses him instead. While they kiss, Gia steals his keys. He gets angry. Gia is worried about him. Lucky acts irrational and yells a lot. She leaves. He runs after her. She says he should thank her for saving him. He says maybe, but if he got into a crash it would only be him hurting himself. She wonders who he's concerned about hurting. He changes the subject and asks for the keys. He promises not to do any drag racing. She put them down her blouse so he is about to go in there, but she takes them out and throws them down the drain. He is annoyed. He just wants to have fun, not think about things. She wonders if he's trying to forget about Elizabeth. He says no. She asks how he stopped loving Elizabeth overnight. He can't answer that. He says he remember the facts but not the feelings, like it happened to a stranger. She thinks that's weird. She blames Helena. He doesn't want to hear it. She says that she seems to be the only one that can help him right now, stop him from hurting himself. He says he's tired of people worrying about him. She grabs him and won't let him go. "Let me help you" she says. Gia takes him back to her place. He flirts with her again. She wonders why he's acting so risky. He wants to live life on the edge. He thanks her but starts touching her again so she pulls away. He calls her Elizabeth accidentally. She wonders if Helena's programming didn't work that well after all.

Sonny knows by Angel's expression that Carly was just there. Angel says it's okay, she handled her. She's surprised that Sonny told Carly about him staying there. She says Carly has quite a temper and accused her of wanting Sonny. Sonny says Carly shouldn't have involved her. She reminds him that there is some truth in what Carly says, that she is attracted to him. She tells him that Carly loves him and doesn't want to let him go; what is he going to do about it? Sonny can't forgive betrayal, but Angel says that you can't just stop loving someone. He won't answer her questions. She says she thinks he still loves Carly. Sonny is pretty quiet, as usual. He finally says that just because he loves Carly doesn't mean he can live with her. She understands that Sonny can't trust anyone. Angel talks about her relationship with her father. She tried hard to forget her love for her father; eventually she found that Sorel couldn't hurt her any more. But she says, "My love for him didn't really die until he hurt you". She knew that he was the kind of man that she wanted her father to be. She says they both found peace at her place. He says that "there is no peace" in the life he lives. She rehashes what went on between them before and what a great time it was. She says he's always welcome there, no strings attached. He doesn't know what the future holds. She says they should just take things as they come. He is about to same something important when he sees Sorel standing in the doorway with a uniformed cop.

Carly gripes because Taggert won't take her charges seriously (against Angel). She wants to hire Mac but he tells her that he's commissioner again. Taggert promises Mac that he'll take care of Carly. Mac leaves to follow up on Sorel's murder. Taggerts asks Carly why he should arrest Angel. She says Sorel kidnapped her and Angel was in on it. Taggert reminds her that she never mentioned Angel in her previous report about the kidnapping. She tells him that Sorel knifed Sonny and left him for dead, which is all news to him, and that Angel tried to seduce Sonny. She calls Angel a "stalker". Taggert tries to keep from laughing. Carly gets perturbed at his attitude. Taggerts says her theories don't make sense. Carly persists in making accusations but she has nothing on Angel. Taggert says he can't do anything without evidence. He asks if this isn't just a "domestic dispute". She denies it. Dara walks in so Carly wants to ask her what she thinks. Taggert takes Dara aside and explains the situation. He doesn't know whether to believe Carly or not, but he thinks Angel was awfully cool when she heard about Sorel's death, so he will question her. Taggert tells Carly that they'll visit Angel.

Mac investigates at GH; he questions Alan about the staff. Alan is not that cooperative. He is glad to get rid of Sorel. Roy overhears Mac telling Alan why he suspects someone at the hospital. Roy interrupts and asks Alan what Mac's up to. Alan says Mac suspects someone at GH because the killer had to know how to work the EKG machine. Alan gets paged. Roy sees Melissa and tells her that he thinks she needs a vacation. "We're going to Montana", he pronounces. She wonders why he suddenly wants to leave. He says things have been rough so she needs some time off. Mac comes up and wants to question her. Roy tells him that they were about to leave and says that if Mac wants to question Melissa, he should do it formally in front of her lawyer, with "due process". Mac gets suspicious. Alan returns so Mac asks Alan about the hospital's investigation into Melissa. Alan says the hospital records are private. Mac asks for his opinion. Alan says Melissa had a headache, he thinks, during Sorel's surgery, and that's why she left. Mac seems somewhat satisfied. He asks Alan if he was on duty that night that Sorel died. Alan says he was. Mac leaves. Melissa asks why he covered for her. Alan says she's a good person and Sorel deserved to die. Melissa asks Alan if she can take a vacation, and he agrees. Melissa worries about Mac's investigation. She says she should have just admitted what happened. Roy thinks she did the right thing. Roy shares his suspicions about the cops and how they act. He says they probably would have tried to get her to admit something. She wonders if he wanted to get her out of town to protect her. "Do you think I killed Sorel?" she asks with a gasp. He says she had reason, and so did lots of people. He wants her to put it all behind her. He wants them to build a future together. They hug. She hopes that they can. He looks worried.

Elizabeth and Nikolas confer downstairs at the Grill. They make their next plan about how to find the Ice Princess. Nikolas leaves; Jax finds Elizabeth sitting by herself. She thanks him for trying to cover for her. He says they have a "common enemy". She asks if he's ever seen the Ice Princess. He says, no, but he thinks it might be in Helena's urn. He warns her not to go there again because Helena will hurt her. She thanks him. Jax phones someone and says he needs to see them right now at the PC Grill.

Mac investigates and finds out about Melissa's reasons for wanting Sorel dead. Dara has Carly sign her statement. Carly signs it without reading it.