General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/22/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/22/01

By Suzanne

Carly confronts Angel outside of her house. Carly calls her names. They argue. Carly blasts her for trying to steal her husband. Then Carly barges into her house. Angel tells her to get out. They argue some more. Carly accuses Angel of some grand plot of trying to steal Sonny, of having an obsession. Angel insults her back and tells her what really happened, but of course Carly doesn't believe it. Angel tells her to leave again or she'll call the cops. Carly says Angel better be the one to disappear. She says, "I handled your father, and I will handle you, too". Angel wonders what she means by that so Carly just says she put up with Sorel all the time. Angel reminds her that she ripped Sorel's respirator out, so maybe she did it again and killed him. Carly sees the little angel and calls Angel a "twisted little slut". She thinks Angel stole it, but Angel tells her how it got there. Carly makes a funny comment about Angel dressing in white all the time LOL! Angel tells Carly that it was her fault Sonny left, and how he said his wife was dead. Carly looks upset but says that she and Sonny always fight but we love each other. Angel says she betrayed Sonny and he has a code of honor. Carly says that even though Angel tried, she couldn't get Sonny into her bed. She implies it's because Sonny's married and he values loyalty, which Angel hasn't shown to her own father. Carly calls her some more names and stomps out. 

Taggert and Mac question Sonny about his whereabouts during Sorel's murder. Sonny doesn't say anything. He says he won't answer anything without his attorney present, and she's not available. Just then, Alexis walks in and tells them to stop harrassing her client. She is surprised to see Mac back as police commissioner. She tells them to leave, if they're not making an arrest. They leave, unimpressed. Alexis asks Sonny if there is any evidence that would lead them back to Sonny. He says he thought she had quit as his attorney. She says she's ready to resume the job. He's not sure he wants her back. She says that she realizes that she needs someone like him to fight people like Sorel and Helena. He says their ethics are not the same. He doesn't want to "compromise" their friendship again like what happened before with Zander. She's glad to be his friend but she wants to be his lawyer again to distract herself from her awful family. She is very funny as she talks about Sonny's criminal business...she sort of hyper-ventilates and once again, Sonny tells her to breathe. "Let's be honest, you're a criminal. I mean, you're very nice, but you're a criminal" she babbles on as he pours her some water. Very funny scene. Sonny tells her that she can be his lawyer again, then he leaves.

Mac wonders why Alexis works for Sonny. Taggert says that probably Sonny pays her a lot, plus he's protecting her from her "crazy family". Tagger thinks she's getting Sonny off again for Sorel's murder. Mac warns him not to let his personal vendetta get in the way of his judgement. Taggert tells Mac how Sonny acted when he just mentioned Lily's name, and he thinks Sonny killed Sorel to protect Carly from meeting the same fate. They discuss how they will try to find more evidence. Carly walks in and tells them to arrest Angel. Taggert sighs.

Gia asks Lucky, shocked, why he kissed her. He makes suggestions about what kind of fun they can have tonight. She doesn't understand why he's acting so weird. She realizes maybe he's trying to forget Elizabeth by jumping into bed with the first girl he sees. He denies it, saying that he doesn't care about Elizabeth at all. He is acting bored and restless, not unhappy. Lucky says he liked Gia better when she first came to town. She says that was not a good time and he's obviously as confused as she was. He realizes that she still wants Nikolas back. He tells her to give it up, Nikolas wants Elizabeth and they're together now. Gia pretends not to care but Lucky sees through her. She says Nikolas was not the person who she thought she was in love with. "I fell for a lie" she says. Lucky tells her that she should get over it by doing exciting things. She has an exciting life, she maintains, including suing Nikolas. He thinks that's "pathetic". He tells her he never loved Elizabeth and doesn't want to be with the same girl forever. She doesn't believe him and asks if this is something Helena did. He changes the subject. When he goes to leave, he says he's going to a drag race with Nikolas' jaguar, plus he plans to shut off the lights the last 100 yards. She wonders if he's trying to kill himself. She jumps into the seat next to Lucky and says he's not going anywhere without her.

At the Port Charles Grill, Nikolas gives Elizabeth Helena's room key. He confides that he's getting too good at the prince act. They discuss what to do next. He wants to keep up their act but have her stay out of it. She wonders if their plan is going to work. She convinces Nikolas to keep up with their idea of him distracting Helena while she searches her room. He doesn't like the risk. They discuss it some more. She tells Nikolas how she felt when she looked at Lucky's loveless eyes.

Stavros gets a table in the same restaurant as Nikolas and Liz. He yells at the maitre'd for making him wait 4 minutes. The man apologizes profusely, even when Stavros threatens him. Nikolas seems to hear something familiar as Stavros walks by. Chloe meets "Lucien" at his table, which is private. She thinks he's trying to avoid Nikolas. She says that he's obviously more than a business acquaintance, since he knows so much about Stefan's personal life. He claims he did research on Stefan. She says that "you'll never be good enough" was the perfect thing for her to stay to Stefan because he heard it all the time growing up, as she knew from his journal. Stavros laughs at the fact that Stefan kept a journal. She presses him, saying that Stefan said he'd never heard of him and he seems to know too many intimate details about Stefan. "Why is it that you are so eager to hurt Stefan?" she asks. She tells him about when Stefan was a teenager and killed a girl out on a boat during a storm, when he was drunk (I believe this is a twisted version of Stefan's tale about how Helena killed a girl he fell in love with). Chloe says he doesn't know if that is true. He says it's common knowledge but she can research it if she wants. He says he also knows that Stefan "slept with another man's wife" and he would "like to believe that misdeeds don't go unpunished". He says this in a really creepy voice.

Jax searches Helena's suite, dressed all in black. Helena returns just as he is looking at an urn. He hides. She gets her sweater but Stefan walks in and tells her that she doesn't have the power to destroy him. She has no clue what he means. He thinks she's been doing things to try to drive him crazy, like break the model ship (really it's Stavros toying with him). He reveals all the things he thinks she's done. She says she wouldn't bother. He reminds her that he's in still in charge of the estate. She laughs when she realizes what Stavros has been up to, and she says "He is priceless". He wonders who she meant. She covers, saying she was referring to him in the third person. She says that seeing Nikolas finally act like his father is reminding him of Stavros. He doesn't buy it for a second. He picks up her urn and threatens to destory it. Jax watches carefully as Helena grabs it out of Stefan's hands. Their bickering turns nastier as they bring up past arguments. She opens the window and suggests he throw himself off (like she did to Katherine). He tells her that he intends to proper, marry, leave the family behind, and still maintain the Cassadine estate. He tells her that no matter what she does, he'll remain that way. She tells him to enjoy his delusions. She gets a phone call from Nikolas, inviting her downstairs for dinner. Stefan leaves and so does she.

Elizabeth, dressed as a maid, goes into Helena's suite.

Helena has dinner with Nikolas. He thanks her for what she did to Lucky. He jokes around about her mind control thing, how they could use it, including making Stefan do the Riverdance at the Nurses' Ball. Helena laughs. She gets a phone call that Jax has taken over one of their oil companies. She has to leave before dinner. He calls Elizabeth to warn her. He can't get her so he goes to Helena's room and tells her that she has to leave, there's no time. She wants to finish searching. Then she sees something out the window and jumps (probably Jax).

Stefan walks on the docks, contemplating, while Stavros watches from the shadows.

Angel looks at the little guardian angel figure, and then Sonny appears in her doorway.