General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/21/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/21/01

By Christine

Gia has arrived at Windermere wearing the brooch that Lucien has given her.  “Where did you get that pin?” demands Stefan, who asks Alexis to come look at it also.  “Where did you get that pin?” mimics Alexis when she sees it.  “Do you have any idea what that pin symbolizes?” asks Stefan.  Gia replies that yes, it symbolizes that she is not to be treated like a peasant any longer by the Cassadine's.  Gia will not reveal where she acquired it; she is offended because she thinks that they are insinuating she must have stolen it from the auction.  Stefan says no, he thinks she got it from Helena.

 Outside Lucky’s safe house, Nikolas is quizzing Helena, trying to find out what she did to Lucky.  Helena tells Nikolas that Lucky no longer loves Elizabeth, but also warns Nikolas:  “Laura ruined Stavros’ life – don’t allow Elizabeth to ruin yours.”  Back inside, Elizabeth is rousing Lucky out of the trance-like state Helena has left him in.    “It’s me, Elizabeth. I love you.”  Lucky removes Elizabeth’s hand from his face, preventing her from touching him, and says, “I don’t want you.  What is it going to take to get that through your head?”

 Angel’s apartment.  Sorel’s ghost is haunting her.  She tells him to go away, that he can’t be there, and he replies that he’s not going anywhere “after what you have done.”  Sorel’s ghost picks up a doll Angel is packing away. “So what, are you going to box me away too?” asks Sorel.  “This is my house, I bought it with my money.”  “Angel, do you think that matters?  I gave you the best life I could.  You are still my daughter.”  “You killed my husband.”  “He wasn’t good enough for you, and neither is Sonny Corinthos.  Sonny Corinthos is a married man.”  “I will put you in the ground.”  Sorel warns Angel that she will never have Sonny, and Angel orders Sorel’s ghost out of her house.  She exits.

 At the precinct, Edward is trying to get Taggert to arrest Zander for Sorel’s murder, but Taggert says he needs evidence.  Mac asks what’s going on, and Edward replies that since “you all are having trouble catching Sorel’s killer, I’ve found someone who can.”  Edward goes on to tell Mac and Captain Dalton that their department made a mess of the investigation, and when the Captain replies that Sorel’s body just got released to the Medical Examiner, Edward comments that it spent an awfully long time at General Hospital. Edward takes Dalton aside and shows him some photographs – photos of Dalton in compromising positions with women who are not his wife – and Dalton is blackmailed into begging off the investigation, so that Mac can handle it.  Mac goes over to Taggert and laments that half the department is in Sonny’s pocket and the other half only cares about politics, except for Taggert.  Taggert replies that the Q’s are looking for answers, and Mac says that they are really just looking for a yes man, and he is not that guy.  At this point Angel arrives at the station to find out where to claim her father’s body.  She is directed to Captain Dalton, but since he is busy with Edward, she goes to Mac.  When Angel asks who Mac is, he hesitates for a moment but makes the decision to say that he is Acting Commissioner – he’s decided to come back to work. 

 Carly is arguing with Sonny about where Sonny was during the time he was missing – to clarify, she asks him if he was with Sorel’s daughter and he says yes.  She remarks that it was a little too convenient for Angel to just appear at the graveyard at the exact time she was needed to save Sonny’s life – Carly suggests that Angel and Sorel were in on a scam together, against Sonny.  Sonny shrugs his shoulders and says maybe, but all turned out well.  Then Carly tells Sonny how worried she was when he was missing, and is getting mad that she was so worried when he was perfectly ok “with that sleazy piece of trash.”  Carly goes to strike Sonny, who blocks her.  “You hide out in the woods with Sorel’s daughter and don’t even have the decency to call!”  “What” says Sonny, so you can turn me in to the FBI?”  Carly says that Angel’s father’s whole operation was safe while he was with her in the woods, implying that the whole thing was designed that way by Sorel and Angel, and Sonny interrupts Carly “She saved my life!”  “I didn’t trust her for two seconds. I needed to disappear and so I did.”  Sonny says that Angel has nothing to do with the two of them, that Carly betrayed him.  The phone rings.  It is Angel.  “It’s her, isn’t it?” accuses Carly.  “Stay away from my husband!” shouts Carly into the phone.  Angel is calling to warn Sonny that the police are after him for the murder; Sonny knows, and then hangs up the phone.  Carly wants to know where Sonny’s wedding ring is; Sonny retrieves it from a drawer.  Carly says that the ring matters, for better for worse, and Sonny yells that it doesn’t matter, that the only thing that matters is what Carly did.  Carly says she was only trying to keep Sonny from getting killed, and Sonny replies that the only one who would have killed him was her.  He painted a scenario with them in Omaha, white picket fence, safe, but then Johnny is sent to 20 years in Bentonville, Benny gets murdered in Attica, and Adam…” Carly leaves, and Taggert enters with his men.

 Back at the safe house, “What are you doing here, anyway?” Lucky asks Elizabeth.  She says that she is trying to help him; he says that he does not need help.  Lucky pauses at a set of lights in the bedroom, like they mesmerize him for a moment.  Nikolas walks in the room, breaking the spell.  Lucky is immediately belligerent with him, saying that money, power and a psycho granny weren’t enough for him, he wants Elizabeth too, and, well, he can have her.  Elizabeth asks to speak with Lucky alone for a minute, and Nikolas leaves.  Elizabeth sits Lucky down on the bed and tells him that they have always loved each other.  Lucky is incredulous and asks her why she keeps saying that.  “You know it in your heart.”  “I know what I feel.”  He tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore.  Elizabeth tries to stir memories in Lucky; he does not remember the docks, Valentine’s Day, white roses, candles, etc.  He accuses her of not making any sense.  Again Lucky stares at the bedroom light.  Liz asks what that reminds Lucky of, perhaps diamonds?  Lucky does not make the association with the ice princess.  He wants out of the room, to go out and have some fun.  He opens the door and Nikolas is there, blocking him from leaving.  Lucky pops Nikolas one and bolts out the door.  Nikolas and Elizabeth talk about the situation.  Nikolas explains that he had no choice but to let Helena wipe Lucky’s memory of Elizabeth, because if he didn’t then Helena would get suspicious of Nikolas’ true intentions.  When Elizabeth makes mention of the huge diamond that Helena used to brainwash Lucky, Nikolas asks if it was the diamond that Stavros gave Laura, and Liz says no, that it was much bigger, like a crystal.  “The Ice Princess.” Nikolas exclaims.  Smiling, he tells Elizabeth “We will get Lucky back.”

 Jax pays Helena a visit. After brief pleasantries are exchanged (Helena thanks Jax for his generosity at the auction) they sit down and get down to business. “Do you spend much time on the internet, Helena?”  “As little as possible.”  Jax says next time she logs on, to check the Cassadine’s SE Asia holdings.  He informs her that he ate most of these holdings for breakfast, and he will continue to raid the Cassadine interests (next in the Middle East) until he is convinced that Alexis is safe from her clutches.  As Jax is leaving, he asks for one favor.  “Anything” says Helena.  “Next time you kill Stefan”, make sure he stays dead.”  Jax leaves, and Helena says to herself that she will do her very best.

 Back at Windermere, Stefan asks to examine the pin to make sure it is Cassadine.  It is.  Gia, unimpressed, states why she wanted to see Stefan – she wants to inform him that she is suing Nikolas and the Cassadine's for alienation of affection, lost wages, palimony, etc.  Alexis comments that she and Nikolas were only going out for a few months, and she and Stefan basically agree that the whole idea is ridiculous.  They are going to let their lawyers handle it and seem unconcerned.  However, they do ask who Gia’s lawyer is, and Gia does not tell them.  She exits, but before she does, she makes the proclamation that “You Cassadine's can’t tell the difference between people and material things.  But I bet a jury can.  Stavros, who has been lurking in the next room, is pleased that Gia is carrying out his suggestion.  When Gia is gone, Alexis comments that Helena is trying to distract the two of them into helping Nikolas.

 Lucky has run to the docks; his mind is playing tricks on him and he sees Elizabeth, who isn’t really there.  The phantom Elizabeth asks Lucky what happened to his father, and Lucky pushes the idea away, and Elizabeth’s image leaves.  Gia comes up and asks Lucky why he was screaming, he makes a vague excuse and says that he’s great and everything’s cool.  Gia says she wishes she could say the same.  Lucky tells her to forget Nikolas; he’s forgotten about Gia.  Then he kisses Gia, passionately.

 Nikolas and Elizabeth have decided to steal the Ice Princess from Helena.  Next we see Helena putting the Ice Princess away in her purse on the yacht.  Stavros walks in, and Helena tells him that he really should learn how to knock.  Stavros comments to his mother that Windermere is dreary and gothic, just like his brother.  Helena leaves, and Stavros follows suit, after stealing a bottle of bubbly and a glass.  Soon after, Jax breaks in, dressed in black burglar garb.

 Taggert asks Sonny where he was the night Sorel was murdered.  Cut to Angel, who finishes packing away a childhood doll and walks out her door.  Carly is waiting for her outside.

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