General Hospital Update Monday 8/20/01


General Hospital Update Monday 8/20/01

By Christine

Helena and Nikolas have just arrived at Lucky’s safe house; Elizabeth is hiding in the bedroom closet.  Helena asks Lucky if it was indeed Nikolas who had kidnapped him; Nikolas says it was but Helena wants to be sure her grandson is telling the truth.  Nikolas acts as though he is offended that his word is suspect; Helena replies that Lucky never lies to her.

 Stefan is asleep on his couch in Windermere's study; it is a fitful rest.  We find out the reason for this unrest when we see Stavros, who is oh so quietly whispering hateful thoughts into his slumbering brother’s ear:  “Ruthless boy, if you have something I want, I will take it - or destroy it.  I am the Prince.  I’ll have it all.”  Stavros slinks away and Stefan awakens.

 Jax is greeted with a hug when he arrives at Angel’s house; she is clearly happy to see him.  Jax seems surprised by how isolated her house is; he wonders when she is planning on moving back to civilization.  Angel replies that she is not all that far away from things.  Jax reminds her of how she used to live, in Monaco – room service, baccarat, the city, the lights – Angel says she likes it here now, that she needed a change.  Jax notices that she is a little down (no smile) and tries to coax one out of her:  “Not even a smile?  Not even for me?” and she replies that she has a lot on her mind.  “Anyone I know?” Jax asks, flirtatiously.  “Isn’t love supposed to make you happy?”  Angel replies that it has nothing to do with love, that her father died last night.  Jax didn’t know, and hugs his friend to comfort her.  He tells Angel to call if and when she ever needs anything, and that he will be looking forward to the phone ringing.

 Carly is back at Sonny’s warehouse, determined to warn him of the fact that Angel could be a potential threat, seeing as how she is Sorel’s daughter.  Sonny is annoyed with Carly for barging in, and tells her: “You can’t come in here any time you feel like it!”  Carly finally tells Sonny that Angel is Sorel’s daughter, and Sonny replies:  “I all ready knew that!”  Carly says that Sonny doesn’t understand, that Angel is a threat because she knows that Carly hated Sorel enough to kill him.  Sonny dismisses this, and says again that Angel is no threat; he knows because he has met her before.  Carly thinks he means that brief meeting they had at the hospital, and takes the fact that he checked her out to mean that he still cares about and loves Carly.  Sonny, in response, finally explains to Carly that it is Angel who saved his life at the cemetery, and it was Angel who he was with when he was gone for lo those many missing weeks.  Carly’s jaw drops.

 Back at Windermere, Alexis arrives just as Stefan is waking up.  He is positive that there is some sort of intruder at the house, and as evidence to this, points to a model ship, which has been broken.  Besides the fact of it being crushed, Stefan is adamant that the ship wasn’t even in the room when he fell asleep, so somebody must have put it there for him to see.  Who?  Stefan reiterates that someone is lurking about and Alexis thinks it was just Mrs. Lansbury, the maid.  Mrs. Lansbury comes in and Stefan immediately questions her about the model ship, for which she has no answers.  Growing more despondent by the minute, Stefan raises his voice to Mrs. Lansbury.  Alexis apologizes for him, and the maid says that she understands that he has been under great strain lately.  When she leaves, Alexis asks Stefan when the last time he really slept was, because she was worried about him.  Stefan said it had nothing to do with lack of sleep; it was Stavros.  He felt his presence.  Alexis tries to bring him into reality by reminding Stefan that Stavros is dead, but Stefan nonetheless knows that Stavros is present, in some way, to Stefan.  Alexis then changes tact and says then that it must be Helena who is making Stefan believe all this; she is making it happen.  Stefan, holding the broken ship, relates to Alexis a story of his childhood.  When Stefan was 7 years old, his father had given him a ship just like the one he is holding now.  How he loved that ship, and daydreamed endlessly about he and his father setting sail on it never to return.  Stavros, seeing Stefan’s attachment, heartlessly smashed the model, just as this new ship that he was holding had been broken – in the exact same way.

 Gia is filling Lucien in on the goings-on at the auction – how Luke Spencer “went nuts” and it was a total disaster until some handsome man bought everything there was to buy in one fell swoop.  Talking about Luke reminds Gia of Lucky, and she tells Lucien that she thinks that her friend is missing, and “we all think psycho granny has him.”  Lucien, ever the gentleman, takes this opportunity to present Gia with a gift – a brooch:  “Perhaps this will help you feel better.”  It has the opposite effect on her though; although it is lovely it makes her a little sad, because she says that the brooch looks exactly like something Nikolas would have given her.  She confesses to Lucien that there was a moment at the auction when she thought that she might be able to get back together with him, but no.  Gia here makes a declaration that “I am completely done with the Cassadine's” to which Lucien replies “Don’t be so sure.”  Lucien wonders why Gia doesn’t sue Nikolas, since she was his “kept” woman and lost out on modeling jobs while with him.  Gia responds that she guesses she did lose out on being a supermodel, since she had the opportunity to go to NY and model but turned it down to be with Nikolas.  Lucien says that suing Nikolas would help to give her the respect and acknowledgment that she deserves.  Lucien asks Gia if she would him the honor of wearing the brooch he gave her, and Gia gladly puts it on.  We next see her at Windermere, appearing moments after Alexis has told Stefan that he should take some time off and “let the sun in.”  As soon as Gia walks in, Stefan is stunned:  “Where did you get that brooch?!”

 Back at the safe house, Lucky doesn’t directly answer Helena’s question of who kidnapped him, but says, “My brother showed up…the mighty Prince Cassadine.”  Nikolas says that he couldn’t care less about his brother Lucky; it is Elizabeth that he wants.  “Elizabeth will never love you!” “Maybe not”, says Nik, “but she will be in good hands!”  Lucky can’t take any more, and he and Nikolas start fist fighting.  Helena orders Lucky to stop and he obeys and goes in the bedroom.  “Do you think I would allow Lucky Spencer to hurt you?” Helena asks Nikolas.  Since they are alone, Helena also asks her grandson if he is absolutely positive that he wants Lucky’s love for Elizabeth destroyed.  She goes on to warn him that once it is gone, it is destroyed for good, and it will never return.  Nikolas says nothing and Helena takes his silence as a green light to go forward.  Helena enters the bedroom, where Lucky is seated on the bed and we see Elizabeth hiding in the closet.  “Now Lucky” begins Helena, “we need to discuss Elizabeth Webber…you don’t remember anything about her Lucky, you don’t know what you feel.”  “Elizabeth loves me!” protests Lucky, but Helena goes on: “What you feel for Elizabeth is gone…Elizabeth is disappearing like a fog…soon she will be gone forever.”  “Elizabeth would never leave me!”  “You will let her go.”  “Watch and listen” – Helena pulls out the Ice Princess from her purse – “You can do this, one memory at a time.  Name one memory.”  “Sleeping under the docks.”  Gone, says Helena.  “Wasn’t that easy?” Yes, says a robot-like Lucky.  “I’m waiting; name 2 memories.”  “The night I climbed in her window, and when I tried to kiss her and she ran away – no – please don’t do this to me…Valentine’s Day, white roses, dancing at Windermere, the place in Greenwich Village, my poetry, Windams, sleeping on the floor, candles, fire, permanent lock…”  “Lucky, how do you feel?”  “Better, lighter” he replies.  “Tell me what you’ve lost.”  “Elizabeth Webber – I never met her, I’ve never loved her and she didn’t mean anything to me…she never existed.”  Helena instructs Lucky that he will not remember any of this; not even that she was here.  Satisfied that her job is done, Helena puts the Ice Princess gingerly back in her purse and exits.  Liz comes out of hiding.  She cups Lucky’s head in her hands and tells him that everything will be ok.

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