General Hospital Update Friday 8/17/01


General Hospital Update Friday 7/17/01

By Christine

Lucky is seen locked in a room, pounding on a door screaming, “Where’s Elizabeth?  Where’s Elizabeth!  I need her!”  He paces nervously back and forth.  Light is seen striking his eyes slightly askew, and Lucky looks momentarily lost.  Helena’s voice fills his brain, chanting “Lucky, where are you?” “Lucky, where are you?” It is all in his head; he fights off the sounds and regains his senses.

 Nikolas and Elizabeth are on Helena’s boat, snooping around.  They hear someone coming, so embrace and stage a passionate kiss, which Helena walks in on, surprised.  Nikolas acts the Prince and says to Helena “I do have a personal life.”  Liz plays along and says that she “didn’t mean for any of this to happen” (meaning the kiss) and leaves.  “Well, you’ve been busy.” Helena purrs to Nikolas.  “You barged in.”  Then Helena says no, she meant that Nikolas was busy with a chest that was on the table.  She is pleased that Nikolas has shown an interest in it, as it contains keepsakes and remembrances of Stavros, his father.  “I always hoped you wanted to know more about your father – what were you searching for?”  “I want it all, grandmother…the girl, the power, the wealth…”  “Your feelings for Elizabeth are still that strong?  What about Lucky?”  Nikolas then informs his grandmother that it is he who has kidnapped Lucky, and if she wished to see him, perhaps they could make some sort of a deal.  Helena wonders if this is not some trick, as Luke had warned her not to trust her grandson’s sincerity.  Nikolas replies that Luke was drunk when he said that, and Helena responds with “Yes, but in vino veritas…in wine, truth.” As a form of proof, Nikolas offers to take Helena to Lucky, and she accepts.

 Back at Lucky’s safe house, Elizabeth has arrived.  She implores Lucky to stay where he is, and not try to run away. “Helena must want you to do something for her…you’ll have to stay here while we look for answers.”  “We?” “Yeah” replies Elizabeth, “…me, you, and your mom and dad.”  Lucky wonders if Nikolas is in on it too, and Elizabeth does her best to dissuade him from thinking that Nikolas is really on his side, and is faking it with the Cassadine's.  Their conversation is interrupted by a sudden noise outside of the door; Elizabeth instinctively hides and Nikolas and Helena walk in.  After saying her hellos to Lucky, she gets straight to the point and asks him if Nikolas was the one who kidnapped him.

 Cut to Jax’s apartment.  He and Sonny are having it out over Brenda.  Sonny has come for answers; he wants to know what Jax has found out.  Jax responds by reminding Sonny that he treated Brenda “like dirt” when she was alive, that Lily faired no better in the end and oh, by the way “how is the second Mrs. Corinthos?  When you found out that she was human, did you crush her too?”  Sonny retaliates by commenting that it must be hard to live with the guilt of having let Brenda go off with her crazy mother to get killed.  He also commented that chasing after Brenda was like believing in a fairy tale – and wasn’t he too old for fairly tales?  Ned walks in and Sonny leaves, but eavesdrops outside Jax’s door.  He hears Ned asking Jax the same question everyone has been asking, namely what is the story with Brenda, and Jax replies that there is no story to be told, she was not found and she is not coming back.  Jax changes the subject by asking Ned to help him catch up on local gossip, saying the Q’s seem to be in good spirits (except for the Skye thing)…and then asks about the Cassadine's.  Jax relates that while speaking with Alexis, he got the impression Alexis thought that Helena was up to something more lethal than ever – “is it as serious as she thinks it is?” he asks Ned.  Ned replies that he doesn’t know; he is out of the loop a bit because he and Alexis are no longer seeing one another.  Jax asks why and Ned says he doesn’t know that either – that he thinks that it has something more to do with her disastrous childhood – unlocking some terrifying memory – than it has to do with him personally.  This is where the necklace comes up; Ned tells Jax that he thinks the necklace is tied into this memory but he’s not sure how.  At this point Jax rises and says, “Maybe I’ll find a way to shed a little light on the mystery.” As he says this, he nonchalantly peeks at the necklace, which is hidden in a box, away from Ned.

 Back at the hospital, Angel is defending herself to Carly, stating that she wasn’t up to anything and had no bad intentions in mind even though she was not forthcoming about being Sorel’s daughter.  Carly doesn’t believe her, and even though Tony asks her to be respectful of the dead, Carly goes on:  “Half the people in town wanted him to die.  He deserved a slow and painful death.”  Going on, Carly states that she is lucky herself to be alive, considering the fact that she slept a night over at Sorel’s daughter’s house.  Angel here reminds Carly that not once did she ask Carly anything about Sonny or his business, but Carly is hearing none of it and goes off to warn Sonny that Angel is a threat “She’s a hit woman for her own father!”  Tony apologizes for Carly and tells Angel that the coroner will be in touch with her.  As Angel leaves, Taggert comments that it was interesting that Angel didn’t ask how her own father died.

 The investigation into Sorel’s death continues. Taggert asks Tony some technical medical questions, like how would someone know how to undo Sorel’s respirator alarm system?  Tony replies that anyone with basic knowledge of procedure could do it; all it takes is a tongue depressor under the alarm.  [Note:  this is how we know Zander disabled his own alarm the night before.] Taggert asks Tony what type of person would unplug Sorel’s machine instead of just turning it off – to this Tony replies that maybe the person didn’t have enough medical expertise to know how to turn it off.  Taggert offers that it could also be that the person wanted to make “damn sure” that Sorel was dead.

 Melissa and Roy are still in the chapel.  Melissa asks him if he believes in God, and Roy says that he does believe in a higher power.  Melissa goes on to say that sometimes people do very bad things, for the best of reasons.  At this, Roy asks her what she is talking about, and then states “Sometimes what you save is worth what you have to do.”  With that, Roy leaves the chapel.  Melissa, in one of the pews, takes out the pictures of Carly, Michael and Emily, but suddenly becomes panicked.  Looking all over, it appears that one of the pictures is missing.  Sure enough, we find out that one of Taggert’s men has all ready tagged it into evidence – it was under Sorel’s bed and it had fingerprints on it.

 Angel has decided to visit Sonny at the warehouse; she has come to tell him that Sorel is dead. When Sonny tells Angel he all ready knew, she asks him if he also knew that Sorel had been murdered but doesn’t wait for a response.  She continues on by saying that she doesn’t know how she feels about it:  “All I keep telling myself is that it’s over – it’s finally over…” Awkwardly, Angel goes over to Sonny and he comforts her by giving her a hug.  Angel cries.  They sit, and Sonny asks “Did you make peace with your father?”  “I thought for a moment we might be able to, but in the end I just hated him more” Angel sobbed.  “He made me beg for your life.”  She related to Sonny a ritual she and her father had when she was younger.  Every time he came back from a trip, Angel’s father brought home a present for little Angel.  Before she could have it, though, she was to prove to him that she deserved it by reciting all the good things she had done while he was away.  She said every time, she strained and was tortured by this, because she never knew if she was good enough until Sorel decided to give her the gift.  He did that last night to her, too, with Sonny as the prize, and Angel hated him for it and felt guilty that she hated him because he was dead.  Angel then explains that the reason she came to see Sonny was to tell him that Sorel was dead and he was safe.  Sonny tries to comfort her, and tells her that he will deal with Carly “you have enough to handle” and Angel leaves.  Sonny, alone, pours himself a drink and, raising his glass, makes a toast (in Italian) to the devil.  In bursts Carly, who blurts out that Sorel is dead and Angel is his daughter.


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“I can feel his presence.” -Stefan

“Stavros?” -Alexis


“Sounds like you needed me last night.” -Lucien

“More than you’ll ever know.” -Gia


“You would take a Spencer’s word over mine?” -Nikolas

“In this case, yes.” -Helena


“She is Sorel’s daughter!” -Carly

“I all ready knew that!” -Sonny