General Hospital Update Thursday 8/16/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/17/01

by Christine

AJ, Edward, Ned, Monica, Lila and Reginald are all in the Q’s drawing room.  Edward is eating a hearty breakfast of Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and whip cream.  He is in an especially good mood, because Jax is coming over to discuss voting Skye out of ELQ.  Skye, we see, is lurking at the door, listening to this.  As soon as Jax appears (he enters through the French doors via the garden) Skye makes her grand entrance as well, and Jax and Skye meet for the first time.  Flirtatious introductions ensue, and then they get down to business.  Jax:  “I’ll buy you out, Miss Chandler-Quartermaine.  That way you can get back to your devastating family problems.”  Skye, intrigued with Jax, wants to hear more, but an unexpected visitor, Sonny, interrupts them.  Sonny has somehow found out what is going on and tells Edward and Jax that they not only need Skye’s shares for one of them to gain control, but his shares as well.  Jax, with hate in his eyes, tells Edward and Skye that the deal is off; he will not negotiate with Sonny Corinthos.  He goes on to tell Edward that it is not Skye whom he should be kicking out first, but Sonny, and until that happens they have no further business together.  He leaves, as does Sonny, but before Sonny goes, he makes it a point to corner Skye alone.  H tells her to stay away from Carly and the whole Michael/AJ custody battle thing.  AJ appears and Sonny leaves, but even after Sonny is gone AJ can see that Skye is visibly shaken and scared.  AJ sensitively tells Skye that he never intended for her to have to mix it up with Sonny, that he is too dangerous, and so he (AJ) will just think of a different way to go about getting Michael rather than risk having Skye involved like that.

 Sonny opens the door to his warehouse office and finds Carly, sound asleep at his desk.  He gently rouses her awake. “What are you doing here?” asks Sonny.  “I came to see you.”  Sonny responds that she shouldn’t be here at the warehouse; she should be back at her hotel where it’s safe.  “I had to find you, Sonny…I needed you after what happened last night.”  “What happened?”  At this point Carly tells Sonny about the pictures Melissa found in Sorel’s henchman’s pockets, and Sonny gets mad that he wasn’t told about it sooner.  Carly said not to worry, that she will protect Michael from Sorel, just like she is protecting Michael from AJ without Sonny’s help.  Sonny yells at her that he always has to help – to fix things – because…”You think of these stupid plans.  You lie like a kid because you don’t want to get punished and then you expect everybody to like you!”  Carly said she will do whatever it takes to keep AJ away from Michael, even if it means having to chum up to “AJ’s creepy new sister.”  Sonny warns Carly that she is not in the same league as Skye – that Skye is a professional manipulator and Carly will get hurt if she tries to go against Skye.  Carly doesn’t listen.  Sonny leaves.

 Next we see Angel at home, packing pictures and remembrances of her father in a cardboard box.  She lingers over some old photos of her father playing Santa Claus, and then perfunctorily dumps the pix in the box.  The phone rings.  She picks it up, and it is Tony. After a moment of shock, Angel grabs her coat and flies out the door.

 Melissa is seen lighting candles in the hospital chapel, praying “Bless me father, for I have sinned…I tried so hard and I failed…now I am begging you to forgive me for what I have done.” She is crying.  Roy comes up behind her and gives her comfort.

 That pretty nurse who flirted with Zander yesterday is back in Zander’s room.  She sees that he is slumped on the floor next to his bed, and is surprised.  Checking to see that he is ok, she is about to call for help but Zander talks her out of it, saying that he can get back in bed with just her help.  The nurse, apparently fearing that she might get in trouble if people knew Zander was out of bed, drew the room’s curtains and helped Zander back in to bed. 

 Tony is starting his rounds at the hospital.  He notices that the guard in front of Sorel’s room is literally asleep on the job so goes into the room to heck on Sorel.  Inside, he finds that all of Sorel’s life support is off and Sorel is dead.  Flabbergasted that no one seemed to notice that the man was dead, he calls in Amy, who says that Sorel’s chart said that he was not to be disturbed, so she didn’t check on him.  Alan overhears Tony and tells him to stop browbeating the nurses, they were only doing their jobs and after all, who cares, it is only Sorel.  Tony asks again how no one could have known Sorel was dead, and Alan states that Sorel’s respirator must have malfunctioned, that things like this happen, and that they should just call the morgue to collect the body.  Tony says no way, it is clear that foul play was involved and he was calling the police.  Taggert arrives and the first person he questions is Sorel’s guard, who had just woken up.  The guard said he had no idea why he had fallen asleep; Taggert asked if he ate or drank anything and the guard pointed to a half-empty carafe of coffee at the nurse’s station.  Taggert confiscates the coffee and asks Alan to prepare a list of everyone who has had access to Sorel’s room within the last 8 hrs.  On his way out, he stops by Zander’s room.  Upon questioning, Zander states that he took some pills the night before and so was asleep all night.  Alan walks in and corroborates the story, saying that he was in fact the one who gave Zander the pills.  After Taggert leaves, Zander asks Alan why he had covered for him.  Alan said that all he cared about was that his daughter was safe; he didn’t care about anything else.

 Back at the chapel, Roy and Melissa discuss running off to Montana together, so they can just take some time to look up at the beautiful stars in the sky and get away from all the pain.  Carly sees them in there, goes in and starts cursing Sorel’s memory, hoping that all the evil things he did to people while he was alive were being done to him now that he was dead.  Angel, who presumably was going to the chapel to pray for her father’s soul, hears Carly curse his name and yells at her to stop it.  Roy apologizes for Carly and Angel leaves.  Carly, confused, doesn’t understand why Angel should care anything about Sorel.  She finds out soon afterwards, though, when Taggert mentions to her that Angel was Sorel’s daughter.  Livid, Carly chases Angel down in the hospital and screams “You are Sorel’s daughter??? What kind of sick games are you playing with me???”

 Cut to Sonny, who is now in Jax’s living room, pouring himself a drink.  Making himself comfortable, he hears the door open – in walks Jax.  Without skipping a beat, a smiling Jax says:  “I’m not surprised to see you.”  Sonny:  “Well, I guess you got an answer then…let’s hear it, candy man…”

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