General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/15/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/15/01

By Christine

Jax and Stefan are outside the Cassadine estate, arguing over Chloe.  Alexis appears and tries to end the squabbling by telling the two that they are not each other’s enemy, Helena is the real enemy.  Jax then accuses Stefan of (among other things) stalking Chloe, and at this Stefan walks off in a huff.  When Stefan is gone, Alexis reminds Jax that he really no longer has a say in Chloe’s life…”unless, of course, you have come home to win her back?”  Jax replies that he will not win her back; he realized while looking for Brenda (whom he never did find) that what he and Brenda had was strong - so much stronger than what he and Chloe had – that he just had to let it go.  Jax promises to fill Alexis in on everything he’s been up to soon, “But right now I have a few fires to put out first.” And he leaves.

 Chloe and Stavros are elsewhere on the estate.  Stavros, as Lucien, explains that the reason Stefan did not acknowledge knowing him was because their business dealings went very sour towards the end, and so he probably wanted to forget he ever knew of Lucien.  Chloe, still thinking about Jax, changes the subject and asks Lucien if he would ever let a woman go whom he loved; Lucien replies “Not even death can keep me from the woman I choose.”

 Melissa is on duty at the hospital; she is in Sorel’s soldier’s room, the thug in emergency who had pictures of Emily, Carly and Michael in his pockets.  In order to keep him from communicating with Sorel or anyone else, she puts drugs in his IV and he goes to sleep.  Melissa, satisfied he won’t cause any trouble, exits, and bumps into Carly.  She asks Carly if she and Michael are all right and Carly, alarmed, asks “Why do you ask? Is it about Sorel?”  Melissa replies:  “Sorel is gonna be long dead before your son ever has to hear his name.”

 Back in Sorel’s room, Zander is poised to strangle him with some blue hospital tubing.  Sonny sees this and stops him; Alan also subdues Zander.  Zander, clearly in pain (he shouldn’t be out of bed) is brought back to his room.  Alan, in order to make sure that Zander doesn’t try this stunt again, rigs his hospital equipment so that an alarm will go off if Zander tries to get out of bed.  As he is leaving, Alan comments to Sonny that he sees no difference between Sorel and Sonny; they are just the same.  Sonny turns his attention to Zander.  He chastises Zander for trying to kill Sorel, because what if he succeeded?  Then he would be in it for murder and that would be stupid.  He said not to try it again, because now the cops know he is strong enough to leave his bed and he would be a suspect now if Sorel were killed.  “You gave away your advantage and made the enemy stronger – you weren’t thinking…I consider you a friend; Sorel is mine to deal with.”  He goes on to say that the only reason Sorel was after Zander, Carly, Emily and Michael was because he wanted Sonny to “pay attention” to him, and Sonny states here that “It’s about time that I did.”

 Cut to a shot of Jax, at home, holding Alexis’ mother’s necklace in his hands.  He calls out “Christina?”

 Back at the hospital, Carly runs into Mike, who was there because he had burned his hand somehow and was waiting to see a doctor.  He tries to convince Carly to do what Sonny wants and go to her hotel room and lock the door, but Carly insists upon first calling Leticia to make sure that Michael is all right.  Still in a nervous state, she spills all her change on the floor.  When we pan to see the mess, we also see AJ, lurking behind a corner listening to everything Carly has been saying.

 Roy and Angel are sitting at a table in Luke’s club; she is clearly nervous, dropping things.  Angel tells Roy that she has had some good times with her father; he wasn’t always this bad a man.  Roy commiserates and says that he is sorry for Angel’s loss.  Angel, a bit confused, tells Roy that Donny has been dead for years now.  Roy says no, I mean the loss of your father.

 Alan, meanwhile, goes back to Sorel’s room.  He wants Sorel to know that he should not feel safe just because he is in a hospital:  “You should have stayed in prison…there you were safe, here you are not…you crossed the line…you need mercy and I have none…my child will never spend another night in danger, ever…” Alan leaves and Melissa walks in.  “I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced” smiles Melissa, and Sorel, clueless, smiles back.  Then Melissa’s expression turns dark as she says:  “You killed my brother Leo.” Sorel, worried by what Melissa might do, tries to talk but can’t because he is hooked up to tubing.  Melissa unhooks him and he gurgles a bit before beginning to choke.  “You have no idea how much I hate you” Melissa whispers.  “I can’t breathe!” Sorel pleads.  Melissa informs Sorel that she just turned off his respirator, and that is why he is choking.  “You are suffocating, just like my brother Leo did.  How does it feel????”  At this point Melissa has a fit of conscious and repeats “Do No Harm” over and over again, like she is trying to convince herself of it.  She puts the respirator back on just as Monica walks in.

 Monica clearly sees that something is up, and orders Melissa to not only get out of the room but also to never come back.  “Yes, doctor.” and Melissa leaves.  Now it is Monica’s turn to threaten Sorel.  “You must be thrilled Emily is in a wheelchair with a broken back,” Monica tells a prostrate Sorel, “There is something to be said for a victim who can’t run away…”

 The scene is being set for Sorel’s murder.  It is the dead of night at the hospital. An ominous Italian opera looms and crescendos in the background as the various suspects all appear to be making their way towards Sorel’s room.  After Monica’s threat, we see:

 AJ sneaking through corridors

Carly running up dark, deserted hospital stairs, in a frenzy

Roy putting on surgical gloves

Melissa putting on gloves (separate from Roy, in the ladies’ bathroom, angst-ridden)

Alan studying Sorel’s chart, deep in thought

A henchman of Sonny’s (they secretly communicated at the hospital earlier) making his way to a storage closet to disguise himself in hospital gear

Zander undoing the alarm system rigged to his bed and getting up, undetected

Angel ripping her pearls violently off her neck and letting them scatter aimlessly to the ground


The last scene is a montage of dripping coffee, a poured cocktail, an IV, then a faucet leaking.  Cut to Sorel’s room where, through the killer’s eyes, we see Sorel, desperately trying to reach his call button for help.  The scene ends as we see a vase of flowers shatter dramatically to the ground.

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