General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/14/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/14/01

By Christine

Jax approaches Chloe, who is outside the Cassadine estate.  “What happened?” asks Chloe.  “First I need to know that you’re alright” Jax responds.  Chloe slaps him in the face.  After he recovers, Chloe confronts Jax:  “What are you doing here?  I finally got rid of the image of you walking out on me!”  Jax replies that he had to wait until it was “safe” for him to come back; something to do with some dealings with the government in relation to Brenda.  Chloe stares at him, unimpressed with his answer.  She again wants to know what he wants, especially since he had written her that curt “Dear Jane” letter some months back, telling her it was over.  Jax doesn’t know what Chloe is talking about, and offers that Stefan must have forged the letter, because he (Jax) certainly didn’t write it.  Stefan steps in and admits he did write that Dear Jane letter, in the hopes of sparing Chloe undue heartache.  Jax and Stefan fight over what is best for Chloe, who can’t believe they are talking about her like she’s not even there.  Frustrated, she tells Stefan that she never wants to see him again, and walks away from he and Jax.  Sitting alone somewhere on the estate, Chloe is approached again by Lucien, who notices her distress.  Chloe, not in the mood for games, asks Lucien why he said he knew Stefan when Stefan had no idea who he was.

 Skye, AJ, Monica, Edward and Alan are in the Q’s living room, arguing over Skye’s ELQ stock.  Skye comments of Jax:  “Siding with me would be a smart move.”  Edward is incensed at this.  Alan, reacting to the general negativity in the house towards Skye, yells “Stop treating my daughter like a piece of furniture.”  Skye looks at Edward and goads “You gave me that stock and now you can’t take it away.”  AJ, trying to stick up for Skye, remarks:  “I got a second chance; why can’t Skye?”  Edward spits out that they should have thrown him out too.

 Carly races into Bobbie’s living room, carrying a letter.  Both are alarmed by what it says:  “First the kid, then you.  Love, Joseph.” Carly tells Bobbie that Sonny will protect her; Bobbie doesn’t believe that he can and wants Carly to go to Taggert with the letter.  Carly argues that Taggert wouldn’t be able to help because they can’t prove that the letter came from Sorel.  Carly races off again, this time to Sonny’s warehouse.

 Next we see Sorel lying in his hospital bed.  Angel appears, bringing her father flowers.  “You thought I was dead,” says Sorel, looking at the bouquet, “Sorry to disappoint you.”  Angel reminisces about happier times with her dad; she rubs the pearls she is wearing, remembering that Sorel had given them to her on her 16th birthday.  “You still don’t believe I had nothing to do with Donny’s death, do you?” laments Sorel.  “You have to be honest” pleads Angel, to which Sorel replies “You want honest?  Sonny is going to die!”  At this Angel tells Sorel that they can be close again, like father and daughter, if he doesn’t hurt Sonny.  Sorel won’t hear any of it, and asks what kind of daughter sleeps with her father’s sworn enemies?  After he says this, Sorel starts to choke, and pleads with Angel to get a doctor.  Angel just stands there and does nothing while her father struggles to breathe.  A nurse runs in to help Sorel and we see Angel leaving, a tear in her eye.

 Cut to Sonny at the warehouse, telling his lawyer that Sorel is gonna be history.  The lawyer suggests that there are ways to do what he wants to do without getting himself implicated – Sonny says thanks for the advice but looks determined.  Carly bursts into the room, shows Sorel’s threatening letter and demands protection.  Sonny says for Carly to go to her hotel room and lock the door.  Carly wants more protection than that; Sonny says he is handling it, that Michael is safe.  Carly harps at Sonny and he yells at her to leave him alone and he leaves.  In walks AJ, who just happened to be right outside the door and heard the whole thing.  “I want Michael NOW!” yells AJ.  AJ goes on to tell Carly that Emily’s room was broken into, even though Sonny’s men were supposedly looking out for her. AJ points out to Carly: “In case you haven’t noticed, Sonny is lousy at protecting people.” Carly vows to protect Michael herself and storms out.

 Back at the hospital, Melissa is on duty and Roy is hanging out with her.  When a patient gets wheeled into emergency she tells Roy that she has to get back to work.  As Roy is leaving, the patient’s coat falls off his gurney and Melissa picks it up.  Out from the pockets fall pictures of Emily and Michael.  Alarmed, Melissa goes right to Roy who says that these kids are in trouble.  Roy tells Melissa to get some other nurse to take care of this patient; he is too dangerous.  Melissa complies, but when Roy leaves she sneaks into the goon’s room and threatens to fool with the machinery he is hooked up to (I can give you a coronary RIGHT NOW!”) if he doesn’t start talking.  Scared, he doesn’t exactly reveal whom he is working for, but says that this person “Has nothing to lose.”

 The Q’s are still arguing in their living room; they are talking about the break-in at Emily’s rehab.  Although she was moved to a safer place, everyone is still concerned for her.  Zander’s name comes up and Edward places all the blame for Emily’s troubles squarely on Zander’s shoulders.

 Cut to Zander’s hospital room.  A pretty nurse is engaged in conversation with him, and flirts with Zander.  Zander isn’t objecting. When the nurse offers to take him out on a date when he gets better, Zander tells her that he has a girlfriend whom he loves very much.  Nurse leaves.  Later, Alan comes by Zander’s room, ostensibly to see how he is but also to feel Zander out to see if he knows anything about Emily’s break-in.  Zander was clueless, and Alan was not very forthcoming with information for him, but Zander got the idea that something bad might have happened and it involved Sorel.  Alan asks Zander if he has had any visitors lately; he is a little suspicious when Zander mentions the nurse.  Alan leaves, and we see Zander shaking the railing of his bed, seeing if he can move it.  He must have been successful, because the next time we see Zander he is out of bed, hovering over Sorel, gripping some hospital tubing and looking very threatening.

 Meanwhile, Taggert, Roy, Angel, Elton and Stavros all find themselves at Luke’s club.  Roy gives Taggert Sorel’s “Hit List” of people he is going to hurt,  but Taggert doesn’t know what to do with it since no crimes have been committed yet.  Roy, finished with Taggert, goes over to Angel to see if she might be able to stop her father.  Angel replies that she cannot, since Sorel wants to hurt her now too.  She wishes someone would stop him; he is out of control.  Elton, at the bar, is on his cell phone with Laura, who is away on vacation.  He’s at the club because he was looking for Luke, who is nowhere to be found.  Stavros, picking up on the fact that Elton is Laura’s right hand man, eases up to the bar and tries to schmooze Laura’s phone number from him.  Elton, ever savvy, knows this is what Stavros is up to but plays the game without giving anything away, flirting and bantering back and forth with Stavros.  Finally, Elton suggests Stavros call him at Deception tomorrow, and he (Elton) will put Lucien through to Laura’s voicemail.  Stavros leaves.