General Hospital Update Monday 8/13/01


General Hospital Update Monday 8/13/01

By Christine

Roy and Melissa, still in the woods, are talking to the bear who has invaded their campsite and stolen their candy.  Roy tries to shoo the bear away, but Melissa has a different idea - she wants the candy back. So she tries to swap the chocolate for a banana.  Sweet-talking the bear works.  They get their candy back and the bear walks away, leaving them safe.  Unfortunately, though, the bear takes the keys to the car along with him, stranding the two in the woods.  Ever resourceful, Roy jimmies their car door open without the keys, and hotwires the car so they can get home.  Both agree that they had a wonderful time, in spite of and because of their bear troubles.

When Luke escaped from Taggert’s handcuffs at the auction house on Friday, he made his way to Bobbie’s house, hoping that she would hide him from the law.  Bobbie, trying to absorb what’s going on, becomes alarmed at Luke’s agitated state and really starts to worry when Ruby’s name comes up and Luke doesn’t remember that she is dead.  He goes into a frenzied mourning for her, wailing and flailing about.  This is cut short though by Taggert who knocks on the door looking for Luke.  Luke runs and hides in the next room as Taggert enters.  When asked, Bobbie says that she doesn’t know where Luke is.  “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!” Luke shouts as he pops out from hiding to stand right in front of Taggert just as Bobbie is denying she knows where he is.  Taggert realizes that Luke is off of his rocker (more so than usual) and, with some convincing by Bobbie, decides to cut Luke some slack and let him go.  “Do not push me,” Taggert tells Luke, warning him that next time he won’t be so understanding.  Bobbie, with concern in her voice, asks Luke what’s wrong.  Luke, looking lost, replies that he doesn’t know. He keeps having this waking dream where this woman is calling to him with her hands. At this point Taggert leaves and Tony knocks on the door.  He realizes right away that Helena has poisoned Luke with something, and orders Bobbie to bring Luke to the hospital first thing in the morning. Tony doesn’t look overly optimistic.  In addition, Tony feels really guilty that Luke is sick, because he said that if he hadn’t of helped Helena then Luke wouldn’t be in the sad shape he is in now.  Luke tells Tony not to feel guilty; it wasn’t his fault; he had to do whatever he needed to in order to keep Lucas and everybody else safe, and that nobody blamed him for anything.

“I bid one million dollars, anybody gonna raise?” booms Jax confidently to the crowd at the auction.  “That certainly is one way to make an entrance” comments Alexis, who gives Jax a fond peck on the cheek to greet her friend.  Edward is not as happy to see the long lost millionaire; Jax had just outbid him on a ring that he had wanted to buy for Lila.

Chloe and Stephan are still outside, discussing Stephan’s marriage proposal.  Suddenly an alarm goes off near the stables.  Stephan goes to investigate and Stavros, who has been lurking around and who presumably set the alarm off, approaches Chloe.  He (as Lucien) is charming, flattering Chloe by calling her beautiful and talented.  Then he asks Chloe if she has had time to consider his business proposal; she says she has not.  Lucien comments that the stable alarm is “loud enough to wake the dead” and Chloe agrees.  Chloe queries Lucien about his dealings with Stephan – “how do you know each other?”  Lucien says that they worked together on the Catikos Project.  Lucien leaves Chloe, but before he does he asks her not to mention his name to Stephan – he wants to surprise him himself.  Stephan comes back from fixing the alarm, and without giving Lucien’s presence away asks Stephan how he knows Lucien Kane.  Who?  asked Stephan.  “You know,” says Chloe, “He worked with you on the Catikos Project”.  “Catikos? You must be mistaken - that was my brother’s nickname for me when we were children – loosely translated it means “worthless”… Stephan has other things on his mind, though, so drops this topic to ask Chloe how she feels about his marriage proposal.  She says she has to think about it.

Back at the auction, Ned and Alexis bring Jax up to speed with what’s been going on with Chloe.  Jax says that he hired an investigator who said that she was in good health, but he didn’t know about the whole kidnapping thing with Stephan and felt badly that he wasn’t around to help her, but he had to go look for Brenda.  Ned says “Well, is Brenda alive???” and Jax demures by saying that he doesn’t have time to go into it now, and walks out of the room.

Shot of Skye and AJ commenting on Jax’s arrival – “Who is that?” asks Skye…”Trouble” replies AJ.  Skye is intrigued with Jax and is going to scheme to get to know him somehow.

At the same time, Jax is learning a bit about Skye from Monica: “She makes Tracy look like Mother Theresa!”  Wasting no time, Monica puts her pitch in for Jax to use his voting shares of ELQ stock to help oust Skye from the family business.  Quartermaine fighting ensues, with Alan swearing he will never betray his daughter and Monica retorting that Skye is the reason his daughter (Emily) is in rehab.  Edward makes threats to throw Alan out of the house if he continues to defend Skye, and for once Monica doesn’t say “But it’s MY house!” because she likes what Edward is saying.

Jax decides to end the auction by buying everything himself.  Helena thanks him for his generosity, to which Jax replies that the one thing that he really wanted was not available to him – Alexis’ mother’s necklace.  Alexis, having just walked in the room, wants to know why Jax would be interested in it, and he just smiles.

Elizabeth, Nikolas and Gia were also present at the auction (Nik was the officiator, and Gia presented the items up for sale).  After it was all through, Elizabeth went up to Nikolas to talk to him about Lucky’s kidnapping, saying that it was the safest thing for him, having Lucky kidnapped by Sonny’s men.  Gia interrupts their clandestine talk, because she is a little bit worried that she hasn’t seen Lucky around lately, and was wondering if she should talk to her brother (Taggert) about it.  Elizabeth and Nikolas talk her out of it, but in such an abrupt way that Gia gets annoyed with the two of them.  Gia walks off, commenting that once again Elizabeth can be seen at Nikolas’ side.

Stephan leaves Chloe to her thoughts, and so she is seen alone outside.  “It’s been awhile,” says a voice to Chloe.  She turns, and it is Jax.

Cut to place cards on a table engraved “Jasper Jacks”, a set of keys and the much talked about necklace.  An unidentified woman in a blue dress is seen touching the necklace, letting the glittering stones slide through her fingers.

Teasers for Tomorrow: 

“Perhaps you will be able to assist me” - Stavros to Elton

After Jax says hello, Chloe replies by giving him a huge slap across the face.

“Somebody broke into Emily’s room!” – Alan to the Q’s

“Corinthos is going to die!” – Sorel to Angel

“Only one of us is going to be left standing” – Sonny to his associates