General Hospital Update Thursday 8/9/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/9/01

by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke goes to the charity auction. His Inner Luke tells him to go in and make a big scene. Luke puts on his sunglasses at Inner Luke's command. A guard comes out and asks if he's there for the auction. He asks if his "dear friend" Helena is there.

Stavros finds Helena watching Nikolas chat closely with Gia. They wonder if Nikolas really left her for the family. Stavros jokes about whether Helena is watching "Dynasty". "I used to love that show, is that still on?" he asks. Helena thinks that Nikolas is really still in love with Elizabeth, and he was only trying to help poor Gia through their breakup. Stavros thinks that Nikolas is in love with Gia. He tells Helena that he's Gia's date at the auction. She is aghast.

Carly wonders if she can really trust Skye. She tells Skye how she can't really trust anyone, not even her mother. Skye goes to leave and tells Carly to make sure to hold on to her son so he won't wake up to be a Quartermaine like Skye did. Carly stops her and asks her about her experiences. Skye tells her the sob story about being adopted and how she was treated by both the Chandlers and the Quartermaines. Skye can relate to her tales of Woe. Skye wants revenge on the Quarermaines, especially A.J. Carly tells Skye to give the Q's Hell, but she says she'll fight A.J on her own. Skye is about to walk out when A.J. shows up and barges in. He pretends that he just found out where Carly lives. Skye tells him that she's on Carly's side and will testify about his "drunken behavior" in court. Skye and A.J put on a bickering show for Carly. Skye tells Carly that A.J was "ripped" last night. Carly tells A.J to leave. She asks Skye if she'd really testify for her. Carly then says that court will be a waste of time and there must be a better way to fight A.J. Skye agrees and says she will be in touch. Carly thanks Skye for her help. Outside, A.J catches Skye and they confer about their plot.

Sonny tells Angel that he knows she's Sorel's daughter. He attacks her verbally. He doesn't trust anything she's done, including save his life. He thinks she was working for Sorel. She swears she wasn't. Angel's voice quivers as she tells how she saw Sorel attack Sonny and had to rescue him, even though she wasn't able to help her husband Donny. Sonny asks why she didn't tell him who she was. She says she knew he would have tried to leave, and it would have killed him. And then afterwards, she didn't want to lose him. Sonny says he knew that she knew Sorel, by the way she acted when he mentioned Sorel's name. He wants all the details of her relationship with Sorel. She tells him the story, how she loved her father and he was good to her and proud of her. But as she got older, she learned about his business and learned "the price". She didn't want Sonny to be hurt like that so that's why she helped him. Sonny can't believe she cares for him and he doesn't quite know who or what to believe because of Carly's lies. He asks Angel why Carly was there last night. He persists in wondering what her motive was for letting Carly spend the night. Angel says she was just helping a desperate woman and trying to protect him. But she also wanted to know about Carly and why she betrayed Sonny. She asks him to explain it to her. He says Carly always lies about everything. Angel says, "everyone lies". He understand what Carly says but Angel wonders if he's forgiven Carly. Angel says she's learned that she will pick Sonny if she has to choose between him and Sorel. He goes outside.

Melissa and Roy try to put up a tent, but not very successfully. She looks forward to roasting marshmallows on the fire. Neither one has matches, though. Roy starts a fire somehow by hotwiring his car. They sit in front of the fire and eat candy bars. Melissa grows sad when she is reminded of Leo. Roy makes her enjoy herself and tells her to let go of her pain, or she won't start living again. Melissa says Roy is carrying around a lot of his past, too. Later, she tells Roy that she met this "healer" named Patricia on the bus and she knew that Melissa was in pain immediately. Patricia said if you write things down that bother you, then you can let go of them. Roy is doubtful but tries it. They both write, then they burn the paper in the fire. They hold hands as the paper burns.

Nikolas tells Gia that he did love her, but not in the fairy-tale way that she meant. She doesn't believe that he did love her at all. Elizabeth arrives so Gia accuses her of being Nikolas' latest bed partner. She calls them both liars. Gia calls Liz a bunch of horrible names and then gets a package from "Lucien". A note says that he had to go out of town on business but he left her a diamond necklace. She insults Nikolas some more and then leaves. Liz thanks Nikolas for his help; she knows this is hard on him. They hug.

Stavros laughs at Helena's shock. She knows now that he won't be Gia's date. They argue about Nikolas. Stavros plans to prove that Nikolas' returning to the family is an act, but first he wants to deal with Stefan.

Taggert questions Alexis at the auction about the necklace. He asks why she tried to steal the necklace. Ned comes up and reminds him that she was testing the alarm system for him. Taggert doesn't believe it. Alexis is not happy to get Ned's help. His feelings are hurt.

The auction starts. Helena hosts it, with Gia's help. She makes a short speech but it is interrupted by Luke, who starts clapping loudly. He says she should tell them about the "medical breakthrough" that her "research has produced". Helena tries to ignore him. Luke keeps on talking about the labs and research. Mac tries to get him out. Luke is holding a bottle and toasts to the Cassadines. Helena says he can stay.

Scott bids on the first item, a painting that he thinks Laura will like. Luke keeps being obnoxious. Scott tries to attack him. Taggert and Mac keep the peace. Luke insults Laura and Felicia, who aren't there. Alexis tries to help Luke be reasonable, but he just makes lewd remarks to her. Then he goes back to insulting Scott. Taggert wants to arrest him. Liz asks Luke to let her help him, for Lucky's sake. Luke tells Taggert to arrest Helena for what she's doing to Elizabeth. Nikolas tries to get rid of Luke but he says that the Cassadines won't be happy to find out that Nikolas is a spy and on the side of their enemies. "He will bring you down", he tells a surprised Helena, as he smiles wickedly. Stavros, hidden, smiles as if to say, "Aha!"