General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/8/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas chats with Taggert about the necklace theft. Nikolas says there's no way that Helena and Stefan worked together to steal it. Gia comes up, jokes in a hopeful way that Nikolas is being arrested. Nikolas asks her why she's there. Gia says someone phoned Deception and asked for her to appear at the auction. Nikolas says "not any more" and leaves. Gia tells Taggert not to worry, she's just there professionally. Taggert tells her to be careful, that Nikolas is "bad news", then he leaves. When Nikolas returns, Gia is surprised that he really didn't know she would be there. Helena comes in and says she requested her. She threatens to sue Deception if Gia doesn't stay. Helena says she thought having a local celebrity would add "panache" to the auction. Nikolas disagrees and says Gia is "too flashy" and "inexperienced". Gia shoots back angrily that he didn't think she was in bed. She wants to stay. Nikolas can't object without looking suspicious. A little later, Nikolas finds Gia looking at the auction items. He tells her a story behind one of the pieces. It's a tragic love story that hits a little too close to home, so she cries. He says, "You shouldn't do this". She asks what he cares and turns. He goes to her as Helena watches via the security camera. She wonders what he's doing. Gia keeps insulting his family. She throws their breakup into his face, saying he never loved her. 

Melissa visits Sorel, sneaking past the cop guard (that guy is terrible!). She looks at his chart. Roy catches her and reminds her that she'll be fired if she's caught by Tony or the guard. Roy takes Melissa out of the room. She can't help it, she says, she keeps seeing her dead brother, Leo. Roy tells her that he's taking her somewhere. He won't take no for an answer so she'd better meet him outside when he brings his car around. Roy runs out of gas on his outing with Melissa, so they had to walk miles to find a gas station, Norm's. Then they see it's closed. Rather than walk 10 miles to the next one, Roy breaks in. They plan to take gas and snacks, leave money and go. Roy looks for a pump key as Melissa gathers water and food. A man comes in with a big board to threaten them with, since they broke in. Melissa looks at the pictures and stuff on the bulletin board and guesses he's Woody, Norm's fishing buddy. She pretends she's Norm's niece. Roy looks at them, amazed as they hug. Melissa puts on a great show, introducing Roy as her husband "Brad", an insurance salesman. Woody falls for it and goes out to fill their gas tank. Roy asks her what she's doing, and how. Melissa shows him the pictures and postcards on the bulletin board, where she got the information. Woody returns and says he'll give them a ride to their car. He insists on taking their picture for Norm. Roy is reluctant but Melissa says fine. She kisses Roy for the picture, turning his head at the last minute so they won't be recognized in the picture. When Roy and Melissa finally get to the place in the woods he picked out, Melissa is ecstatic about its beauty. He's taking them camping and asks her to start the fire. They learn that neither of them has ever been camping before (both thought the other had). There are no instructions for setting up the tent.

Sonny tells someone on the phone that he wants to know if Sorel's condition changes. Mike comes by, at Sonny's request. Sonny tells him that Carly lied, there is no baby. Mikes says Carly is good for him. Sonny says no way, it's not gonna happen. Mike angrily asks if it's because of Angel. Sonny says Angel has nothing to do with it and it's none of Mike's business. Mike tells Sonny how much Carly loves him and points out how much he loves her. Sonny tries to cut the conversation short. Mike asks exasperatedly if Sonny never lied, never made a mistake, never betrayed anyone...did he never make a decision based on his feelings for someone and it turned out to hurt them, or worse (like Lily). "Get off your high horse" Mike tells him, and also tells him to admit he's like the rest of them. He asks what Sonny knows about Angel, anyway. Sonny says he knows all he needs to know, and he leaves.

Carly dreams that Sonny awakens her, smiling, looking for her. She apologizes for not telling him about the baby. He understands and wants her back, and wants to make a new baby. They kiss. She wakes up with a start when Angel drops a pot. Carly shares her dream. She remarks on her name being Angel, saying that Sonny mentioned the angel she gave him, in her dream. Angel's head turns to that same angel, which Sonny left there. She hides it from Carly. Carly thanks her for letting her stay. Carly says she never made it back to the guest room last night; she feel asleep on the couch. But she complains that the nature noises outside kept her awake. She's a city person, she explains, and so is Sonny. Carly asks Angel about her life, whether she was married, etc. Angel just says she was married and her husband was "killed". Carly goes back to talking about Sonny. She really thought she was pregnant. She knows Sonny wants a baby, too, even though he won't admit it. Angel says she met someone recently. Carly tells her to "go for it". She pledges to get Sonny back. Angel goes to call Carly a cab while Carly gets ready. Sonny shows up and peeks in the door. Angel tells Sonny quickly that Carly's there, so he'd better leave. He hisses to get rid of Carly and he leaves. Carly comes out. She tells Angel again to go after her guy. Angel agrees. Carly goes out on the porch to wait for her cab. Sonny lurks around the corner. Carly tells Angel she'll check into a hotel and call her son. She tells Angel that she's "easy to be with". Angel, touched, thanks her. Carly says she's been really nice to her and she won't forget that. Carly leaves. Later, Sonny returns and tells Angel he's had time to think. He wants to know what angle she's playing with Carly. Shocked, she swears "nothing". He tells her, "Save it!" He knows now who she is, he says.

A.J. wants to talk to Skye about their plan to get Michael back from Carly. Skye tells him she's excited about going to the auction with Alan. Monica comes back early from a trip and tells Skye that she must leave. A.J. figures Ned must have contacted her. Alan comes in and says no. Monica says he can leave, too. Alan says, "The Hell I will". Monica and Alan argue about it. He says she will have to divorce him to get rid of him and Skye, and he won't make it easy. Ned gloats that Skye will be gone soon. She tells Ned to watch it or she'll move him to the top of her "hit list". Ned jokes that Skye doesn't know how to play the Quartermaine games. Monica asks Alan how he can forgive Skye for what she did to Emily. He can love them both. Monica tells them all that Alan is moving into the west wing with Skye, and she is going to act as if Skye left. Monica chats to A.J. about Emily's long, slow, recovery and how horrible it all is, in front of Skye, ignoring her, to make her feel bad. Skye is annoyed and wonders how long this will go on. Skye gets a call from Carly to see her about A.J., much to his delight. Skye visits Carly. Carly wants to take Skye up on her offer to keep Michael away from A.J. Skye promises sweetly to help.

Alan and Taggert meet in Sorel's room. Both are wearing tuxes, on their way to the auction. Alan tells him that Sorel is ready to be moved to the prison hospital. Taggert says they're not ready for him yet. They argue about Sorel. Taggert get paged and leaves. Alan tells Sorel that somehow, he doesn't know how yet, but he is "gone".