General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/7/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/7/01

By Suzanne

Sonny tells Carly it's over but she insists on having it out (in the middle of the hospital and in front of Angel!). Sonny tells her not to do this here. Carly notices Angel and wonders why she's there. She tells her to stay away from Sorel's room because he's dangerous. She says, "I know, but thanks". Sonny asks her to excuse them so she goes into Sorel's room. She picks up the piece of paper that says "traitor" and says they'll keep it between themselves.

Sonny yells at Carly for lying to him, trying to work him. She claims she didn't lie, she just hadn't told him the truth yet (typical Carly logic!). They argue some more. She keeps trying to get him back but he's not interested. "Don't give up on me!" she pleads. "I already have" he replies. She shrieks at him and then runs into Sorel's room, where she rips his respirator's plug from the wall. She turns to Sonny and says, "Now do you believe I love you?" as Sorel gasps for air. Sonny asks her what she's doing. Tony and Bobbie throw them out and plug it back in. Awww, too bad! Bobbie checks on Sorel and tells him, "YOu may not be so lucky next time". Tony asks what happened and yells at the cop guard for letting Sonny and Carly in. Sonny says they heard the alarm and ran in. The guard doesn't know what happened. Tony asks who unplugged the respirator, so Angel says she did. She claims she tripped on the cord. Tony doesn't believe it and advises Angel to stay away from Sonny and Carly. Sonny praises the cop for his work. Bobbie says Sorel is fine. She doesn't want to know what happened. Bobbie offers her a ride home but Carly scoffs. Sonny goes to leave but Carly tries to stop him. He tells her to stay away from him. She asks what she'll tell Michael. They keep arguing. Sonny yells at her for not thinking of Michael when she tries to kill Sorel. He tells her it doesn't matter whether he loves her or not, his life is too dangerous for a child. He repeats that it's over. Carly leaves. Bobbie tells Sonny that it doesn't matter what he says to her. She talks about B.J.'s death and say she won't lose Michael or Carly. Sonny can't say much. She asks why he can't let Carly go. They have a long chat about Carly. Sonny tells her politely that what's between him and Carly is their business. She says it's her concern when her daughter gets hurt. She points out that refusing to forgive Carly is a way of holding on. If he really wants to get rid of her, he'll forgive her and move on.

Carly runs into Angel at the elevator. Angel asks her if she can help her and Carly jokingly asks if she can stay at her place. Angel asks if she can help her call anyone, or a cab, then Carly fixates on her nice house by the lake and suggests it for real. Angel is astounded but finally has to agree to let her stay for one night. They go to Angel's place. Angel goes to bed, leaving Carly to think.

Elizabeth finds Lucky and can't believe he's tied up. He urges her to leave before Helena's goons come back. One comes in and Liz tells him he wasn't supposed to tie Lucky up. Lucky asks, "You did this?" incredulously and she says she did. The guard goes outside and Liz cuts his ropes off. Lucky chuckles at what she did. She says that she didn't take it well when he decided not to marry her. He wants to know where they are. She doesn't know because they drove so fast but she says that Helena will never find him there. He is touched by all the trouble she went to and they hug. When he says that she can't do it alone, she says "someone is helping me" but she won't tell him who. She just says "this person has sacrified a lot". Meaning Nikolas. Lucky says he hopes it's not Luke because he's acting weird and he doesn't think they can trust him. Liz says it's not him but they will beat Helena. Lucky says he thinks he did something bad, but he's not sure what it is. He asks what if Helena did something to his mind? Liz says that if he acts up, the guys outside will stop him. They kiss and she leaves, after they say "I love you" to each other.

Gia goes to Nikolas' place and lets herself in, and picks up her mail. She sees the ripped picture of them that he ripped in front of Alexis. NIkolas comes home and sees her. They make small talk. He doesn't come there often, either, he says. They chat about horses. He asks if she's allright. She says she's enjoying the Port Charles Hotel. She gives him backrent but he doesn't want it. He is there to pick up his tux so he can host the auction. He is acting like his old self. She tells him she's seeing someone, an older man who's rich. He asks who it is so she asks, "What do you care?" He just wants her to be careful. He continues to question her about where she met him. They bicker. Nikolas looks for the picture of himself with Stavros, then finds it. Gia doesn't see it, of course, but asks him if he really wants to be his father's son. He asks if she wants to see the picture of his father, but she doesn't. They end up teasing each other and get very close together, and almost kiss. Just then, Elizabeth comes in so he backs off. Gia leaves. Nikolas looks haunted. He wants to tell Gia the truth but Elizabeth says they can't risk it. He says he has a bad feeling about her boyfriend. 

Luke grabs Helena and says, "You got something that belogns to me. Where's Lucky?" Helena wonders what difference it makes now. Good Luke tells him to stay focused. Helena laughs, knowing his mind is "turning to jelly". Good Luke tells Nasty Luke to kiss her, so he does. Helena seems to enjoy it. Luke tries to seduce her a bit. He wraps her scarf around her neck and asks where Lucky is again. Nasty Luke has trouble staying on task because of kissing Helena. Stavros comes in and says, "Mother!" in a disgusted voice. He tells Luke to take his hands off her scarf, so Luke does. Stavros can't believe what Helena is doing when she's supposed to be making Luke suffer. She throws back in his face that he's romancing Gia. Luke sinks back onto the couch. Stavros says he's only trying to find out if Nikolas' return to the family is real. Luke babbles Nikolas' name, which raises Stavros' suspicions. Good Luke tells Nasty Luke to shut up so he doesn't give anything away. Stavros goes over to him and demands to know why he said Nikolas' name. Helena asks him not to hurt Luke. He swears he will give him over to her when he's done for whatever purpose. Good Luke urges him to fight but he can't. Stavros asks him if Nikolas is coming back to the Cassadines. Good Luke tells him to lie. Nasty Luke says, "I'm gonna tell you the truth". LUke tells him he knows Nikolas better than he does. He lists a bunch of horrible names and qualities and says that's what Nikolas is. Stavros laughs and says that "It's truly a pleasure to watch you lose your mind". Nasty Luke seems to lose it more. Good Luke says, "It's going to be a long night".

Gia phones Stavros and invites him to be her date at the auction. He gleefully accepts.

Stefan visits Chloe. She can tell something is bothering him. He says he's been living in darkness for a long time. "I'm beginning to see how much I need the light". Stefan thanks Chloe for forgiving him for the island. She asks him what happened. He said that Nikolas was the hope of his family, that he would end their terrible legacy. He says that Nikolas has returned to the family but he seems to be losing himself. "That wonderful young man I knew is gone", he says. Stefan wonders if he did something to Nikolas to make him turn out this way. Chloe uses his words from his journals back at him. She urges him to remember his boyhood and how he was, to deal with Nikolas. Stefan doesn't think he has it in him anymore. "Find him, Stefan", she says. Stefan strokes her face adn they kiss. They keep kissing.