General Hospital Update Monday 8/6/01


General Hospital Update Monday 8/6/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia and Mac are back at her place. She's angry about all the things Luke said, and mad at herself for falling for him. She can't understand why everyone else saw him the way he was except her. Mac tries to make her feel better. She thanks him for his help. She calls Luke all sorts of names and then looks hurt. He tells her to stop beating herself up. She thought Luke had something everyone else missed. She says Lucky was acting weird today. He asks, "Has Spencer ever shown even the slightest interest in either one of your children?" and she says no. She feels kind of uncomfortable talking to him about Luke. She wants to get her head on straight and think about things. They chat for awhile about the good old days and then she talks about Luke again. Mac asks her what she's going to do about it. Felicia decides to go to Texas to visit her grandmother. Mac thinks it's a good idea. She says she'll go find cheap airfares on the internet. Mac tells her that Luke didn't deserve her, and then he leaves. She is touched.

Lucky can't believe Luke is walking in. He runs to him and grabs him tight. Good Luke appears and tries to get Luke to act human. Nasty Luke pushes him away and wonders why he's there. He doesn't talk rationally. He tells Lucky to scram. Good Luke tells him he's blowing it big time so Nasty Luke yells at him to shut up. Lucky wonders who he's talking to. Luke notices the photo albums and wonders what's up. Lucky tells him that he was looking for a picture of them all in Canada. He tells LUke, "I thought you were dead" and Nasty Luke replies, "Better luck next time". Good Luke says, "You know that wasn't his fault, tell him!" Luke tells Lucky that he went to a party last night and then starts yelling at him. Lucky wonders what's wrong with him. Nasty Luke says, "I need a drink" and Good Luke replies, "YOu need to stop acting like a jerk". Nasty Luke tells Lucky, "I'd offer you a snort but you'd probably stay". Lucky asks, "Dad, does Helena have us both now?" Nasty Luke pretends he doesn't know any Helenas. Lucky and Good Luke try to get him to remember. Lucky says Luke said she scrambled his brains. He didn't believe it, but Luke was right. He starts to remember the other day when Helena and Stavros had them both. "I think I did something to you. I think I hurt you." Lucky begs him to help him. Luke ignores him and puts on a record. Good Luke pleads with him to pay attention to his son. Nasty Luke says some more mean things to Lucky. "Stop it!" yells Good Luke. Lucky says he sent Liz away so Nasty Luke says it was a good move. Lucky says he needs help; "I need my dad". Finally Luke hugs him and says, "I hear ya, Cowboy. It's okay, son. I'm here. I'm back". Then Luke starts to get sick and fall. He tells Lucky to go get help. Before he can, three goons in black come in. Two of them grab Lucky and take him out. One of them pushes Luke down and tells him to stay out of it. Good Luke yells at Lucky to fight back and yells at Nasty Luke "You filthy bastard!" Luke tries to go after them but he is too sick. He falls to the couch and says, "I really got into some bad stuff".

Taggert quizzes the Cassadines about the necklace. They all accuse each other of stealing it and Taggert gets more fed up. It's almost like the Cassadines have become the Quartermaines! The new Bickersons. Taggerts threatens to drag them all into jail and says this room is a crime scene. Helena says, "Alexis, when will you learn not to provoke me?" and tells Stefan she regrets the day he learned to swim. She leaves. Stefan asks Alexis if she took the necklace. She says she didn't. Stefan wonders why Helena would drag it out now after all these years. Alexis shows him her mother's ring that she's wearing. She talks about her mother in detail, reminiscing. Stefan remembers once seeing her mom at the opera. He asks if she's sure this is the same necklace. She's sure and says that she used to play with it around the house, along with all her things. Stefan is amazed and says, "she must have been extraordinary". It's a sweet conversation. Alexis tells him that she should have tried to help her mother when Helena killed her. Stefan says that she was just a child and Helena would have killed her, too. Alexis went to her afterwards, she says, but all she could see is the necklace, covered in blood. Alexis asks him, "How much more are we going to let Helena take?" Stefan says no, they won't let her win. Maybe she already has, she muses. Alexis goes to her jewelry box and tkaes the necklace out of a secret compartment. She looks at it lovingly.

Meanwhile, Jax examines the necklace and smiles. Which is the real necklace?

Luke awakens and starts yelling at himself again. Nasty Luke keeps drinking straight from the bottle. Good Luke yells at him to stop drinking because he's pushing the poison further into his system. Nasty Luke yells at him to shut up as he crawls around, looking for more alcohol. Good Luke tries to figure out why Helena didn't kill him outright. Helena arrives, pleased to see him lying on the floor. Good Luke keeps trying to get himself to grab Helena by the neck, but he's not able. Nasty Luke doesn't even know who Helena is and offers to pour her a drink. Helena tells him that from now on the world will only see a drunken, crass, miserable excuse of a man. Good Luke yells at her, to no avail. Helena and Luke sit on the couch and flirt. Helena tells him that he'll be losing "annoying habits" such as love for his family, etc. "Every good thing in your soul will shrivel up and die", she tells him. Helena goes to leave and Good Luke wants himself to stop her. Helena tells him that he was a "formidable opponent" and that he was "a lovely partner in our little dance". He puts on music so they can dance. She says wistfully, "We might have been something quite extraordinary" and they hold each other close. Good Luke keeps yelling. She tells him, "Very very soon, the old Luke will be gone". He grabs her and tells her, "I ain't gone yet, baby". She smiles.

Meanwhile, Lucky sits tied to a chair. He tries yelling for help. Someone comes in and he says, "You".

Carly tells Sonny that the doctor had an emergency, implying that she doesn't know yet if she's pregnant. They go back to looking at the babies in the nursery. Carly talks to Sonny about the future; what if they have a girl? He doesn't want to speculate. He asks if she mentioned to Michael about the baby but she says no, she doesn't want to get his hopes up. Carly tells Sonny that Michael misses him. When Carly talks about them getting back together, Sonny tells her that she's getting ahead of herslef. "Do you think a baby is going to make me forget you?" he asks. They bicker.

Bobbie talks to Carly's doctor and finds out that she's not pregnant. Bobbie goes up to Carly and Sonny while they are arguing and says to Carly, "But there is no baby, and you know it". Carly tells her to stay out of it. Sonny is shocked to find out that Carly took a home pregnancy test and lied about not getting the doctor's results. Carly says she was going to tell him when she saw him looking at the babies. She knows how hard it was on him when they lost theirs and she was trying to find a way to tell him. He says, "You were selling me on the idea of a baby so I'd have one with you." He tells her to get away and he stalks off. Carly, hysterical, yells at Bobbie. Bobbie tries to make her see reason. Carly yells at her and insults her. Bobbie points out how dangerous Sonny is again. Carly says really mean things to her (it's like she has Nasty Carly, LOL, but is there a Good Carly?). Bobbie gets pissed and tells Carly that "this conversation is over". Carly says, "You can't keep a man, so is that why you don't want me to have one?" Bobbie still tries to reach out to her. Carly says, "I don't have a mother" and walks away.

Angel yells at Sorel that she's not afraid and he's the traitor, not her. "I respected you, cared for you, I loved you, and then you killed my husband", she says. She tells him that he won't get Sonny, but hopefully she will. She tells him that she rescued Sonny after Sorel left him to bleed to death. Sorel looks annoyed. She tells him that she burnt every picture of him and that he has no honor, no respect. He rubs in his face that she will be with Sonny and he will soon be dead. Then she throws his piece of paper at him and leaves in a huff. Sonny is outside waiting. She tells him that their connection is broken. "I told him that I want you", she says. Just then, Carly comes running up after Sonny. He looks at both of his loves.