General Hospital Update Friday 8/03/01


General Hospital Update Friday 8/3/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia finds Luke's pulse and gets out her cell phone to call for an ambulance, but he wakes up and tells her to call it off. LUke is very woozy and thinks he's hung over from a big drunk. Felicia can't believe it. She says that she and Lucky thought Helena had him. Luke puts a hand to his neck and says, "I'll bet he did..." He convinces her that he went on a drunken spree. He looks at her and then grabs her and kisses her. She is not pleased and pushes him off. Luke turns into a complete jerk. He tells Felicia that he only wants her physically. "It's just sex, you know?" and makes light of the espionage stuff and their feelings for each other. Felicia thinks at first that he's just trying to push her away to protect her, but he convinces her otherwise. Luke tells her that she hasn't been any help in their capers. He's not interested in hearing what she says about Helena. "I said a whole lot of things you wanted to hear. The truth is, you're useless". Felicia gets very hurt and upset. "Why are you talking like such a pig?" she asks in disgust. "Oink, oink", he replies. Felicia calls him a bastard and slaps him, hard. He falls back down. Then we see something very strange. Luke steps out of himself and splits in two. Apparently the drug Lucky injected him with is really messing up his head so that he sees himself this way and the good side of him keeps trying to convince the Nasty Luke that he should stop saying these things to Felicia and tell her that he's been poisoned, so she can help him. But the Nasty Luke ignores the Good Luke. It's pretty fun to watch Tony Geary play the dual role and all the funny comments both Lukes make. Even though we don't want to see him self-destruct with Felicia. Felicia almost guesses that Helena drugged him but she gets sidetracked by the Nasty Luke's ramblings. Good Luke yells at himself "tell her before it's too late!" But Nasty Luke keeps on insulting Felicia and twisting the truth. Good Luke keeps trying to talk to her but of course she can't hear him. Felicia gathers her things so she can leave. Good Luke yells at himself to stop her, and finally Good Luke says, "Wait". Good Luke tries to keep at him. Nasty Luke says, "Don't go" and apologizes for hurting her. He asks her if they can leave there and go back to his place. She is willing to straighten things out. But then he switches back to Nasty Luke and further insults her with lewd suggestions. He makes things worse by saying he is great at pretending and says "I love you and only you" so that she knows he is telling her that he has been lying to her all along. She is very annoyed and wants to him him. Just then Mac comes by and hears what Luke's spewing, but she tells him not to hit Luke. "Give me one good reason why not," Mac says. Felicia kicks Luke hard and he falls back down. "Good enough?" she says and Mac agrees. They leave. Good Luke knows that he deserved that but he's not happy that Felicia is leaving. "You're playing right into Helena's hands!" he shouts. Luke sits there, stunned.

Elizabeth can't figure out why Lucky wants to call off the wedding. She says he can't leave ,"not now" and tells her to stay way from him. He has to push her away to keep her safe from him, he tells her. Liz says she's not afraid of him, she trusts him with her life. He says that's a mistake. When she mentions Luke in passing, he says, "No. Don't talk about my father". He gets angry and says she doesn't know. She is confused. He yells at her, frustrated, and tells her to get away from him while she still can. She wants to fight this but he says he can't. She asks him to tell her what to do, so they can fight it. He says, "I've already done it". She asks what he did. He has such a sad expression on his face. He says, "I don't know" but he has a feeling....he looks broken. She keeps at him but he tells her that their love is not going to stop things from happening. He opens the door for her and ask her to "please, please walk away from me. Because I would rather jump off that roof than hurt you". Tears fill her eyes and she quietly says "allright, if you wanted to scare me, you did. I get it. I'll leave" and she does. Lucky looks upset and crying, too, after she leaves, with his scrambled brains.

Luke babbles to himself as he goes back to his place (we only see Nasty Luke at first). He opens the door and sees Lucky standing there. Lucky is shocked to see him.

Carly introduces Sonny and Angel. Carly babbles on during the awkward silence. Sonny takes Carly aside and asks what Angel said to her. She is perplexed as he quizzes her. She explains about the accident and how she went to her house. Sonny's intense stare makes her suspicious so he changes his attitude. He asks her if she had the pregnancy test yet. She says she was just on her way to the doctor now. He wonders why she didn't take a home pregnancy test. She says they're not always accurate and says that Bobbie agreed she should go to a doctor, anyway. Carly says she needs prenatal care anyway and she goes to her appointment. Sonny asks Angel what the Hell she was doing. She wants to know why she was questioning Carly. She says she's not a stalker, she just ran into Carly. She doesn't want to be "Carly's new best friend", either. She congratulates him on his "fatherhood". He looks annoyed. He tells her that Carly hasn't found out for sure yet. Elizabeth comes up to talk to Sonny so Angel leaves.

Inside the doctor's office, Carly looks hopeful as her bloodwork goes to the lab. The doctor returns and tells her that she's definitely not pregnant. Carly won't believe it. The doctor doesn't understand her angry reaction. Carly rushes out, wondering what she'll tell Sonny.

Elizabeth begs Sonny to help Lucky. He says he can't get involved with Lucky. He reminds her that Luke blamed him when Lucky disappeared. He will be showing Luke disrespect if he intervenes with his son. She says that no one knows where LUke is and Helena may have him, too. Sonny tells her that he can't do this to Luke. Liz says, "If Lucky were drowning, would you stand there on the shore and let him sink out of respect for his father?" Sonny points out that it won't necessarily work anyway. She keeps begging him but he says he can't do it. Liz's words are heart-breaking and they clearly touch Sonny, but he still refuses. She leaves. Sonny looks at the babies through the window and smiles. Carly comes up behind him. They look at the babies for a second. She turns away, upset, and he asks her about the test results.

Angel goes in to see Sorel. He is awake and writes on a paper one word: TRAITOR. She frowns at him.

Helena looks at the jewelry and things she is auctioning off, especially Alexis' necklace. She tells Nikolas that everything is as it should be. Alexis, Stefan, and Taggert enter. Alexis has a court order to stop Helena from selling the necklace. She says that only Stefan, the trustee of the Cassadine estate, is authorized to sell items from the estate. Helena is unimpressed and unhappy. Taggert questions them about who owns the necklace. Helena threatens Alexis, and Alexis goes after her, so they restrain her. Taggert is fed up with the "dueling Cassadines". Nikolas tells Helena to give her the necklace, but Helena refuses. Alexis insists that Taggert enforce the court order. They all take turns arguing. Taggert gets more annoyed and tells them all to shut up. He orders a guard to shut off the alarm system.

We see the masked figure again creep into the room and steal the necklace (guess he was there previously to assess the security?). The figure sneaks in and steals the necklace while the Cassadines and Taggert bicker outside. He/she gets out just before Taggert tells the guard to shut off the alarm. Helena warns Taggert that if he goes in there, he will lose his badge. Taggert tells her to get off her high horse. "I'm not one of your flunkies. You can't hurt me". Ooh, famous last words! He goes inside. The Cassadines keep bickering. Taggert tells them the necklace is missing.

The thief goes to his/her office and takes out the necklace to examine it. The light is turned on and the mask is taken off. It's Jax! He smiles.