General Hospital Update Thursday 8/02/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/2/01

by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia goes to Luke's and sees that his mail is piled up outside. She hears music inside and knocks, yelling, then lets 
herself inside with her lockpicks. She sees LUcky sitting on a couch, looking at pictures of Luke and him; he is fairly 
unresponsive. Finally, he tells her that Luke is "gone" and "not coming back". Lucky says he was looking for a picture of 
him, Luke, and Laura when they were all together. Felicia asks him if Luke left. She's trying to get answers but he's not 
making a lot of sense. When she presses him for something, anything, he suddenly blurts out, "take the king to protect the 
queen", so she quizzes him about it. He doesn't know what it meant. He yells at her to leave, so she does. Lucky keeps 
looking at the album, then he looks as if he remembers something and sits down. He starts to cry. He looks like he's 
falling apart. The phone rings so he answers it.

Helena is pouring herself a drink when Elizabeth barges in and demands to know where Nikolas and Lucky are. Helena only 
cares about Nikolas, but Liz only cares about Lucky. Liz demands answers. They argue. Helena denies programming Lucky. 
She says if she wanted to do that, "it would be for some grand purpose". Liz grabs Helena as she turns away, so Helena grabs 
her arm back. Liz looks frightened. She wants to know what Helena meant by the grand purpose. Felicia comes in and tells 
Liz that Lucky is at Luke's and she should go there now. Helena tries to brush her off but Felicia asks her what "take the 
king to protect the queen" means. She wants to know where she took Luke. Helena laughs and wonders what it is about Luke 
that makes women crazy. She insults Felicia. Felicia keeps grilling her. Helena says if she went after Lucky, it would be 
"a strategy move". Helena says that either Luke has found the ice princess and has flown off to celebrate, or "he's lying 
dead drunk in an alley near the docks". Felicia tells her this isn't over and rushes off.

Alexis goes into the room where the necklace and other jewelry is. We hear that she is remembering her mother talk to her, 
probably the last time she heard her voice. She goes to the case where the necklace is and remembers her mother's death. 
She suddenly grabs the necklace. Alarms go off and two guards rush in to grab her. "It's mine!" she yells. Ned comes in, 
too, and looks like he can't believe what he's seeing. Ned tells them that he's the hospital trustee assigned to oversee the 
auction and that they should let her go. He says that Alexis is his friend and lies that she was testing the security for 
him. They believe his story when he knows the people in charge. Ned asks her what's going on. They go on the roof and he 
asks her again what happened. Alexis can't really explain. He keeps pressing her for answers and she has no answer. He 
wonders why she didn't just buy it and she asks, "Why should I buy something that Helena stole from me?" Ned is trying to 
get her to reveal that she witnessed her mother's death by Helena's hand, which he overheard yesterday, but she's not 
interested in sharing him. He keeps at her, asking her leading questions, but she won't tell him. He pledges to help her if 
she just opens up to him, but she can't. So he just hugs her and asks her to try again, but she still can't. He says he 
thinks it has something to do with the necklace. She can't so he asks if this has anything to do with her and Sonny hugging 
each other this afternoon. "Does he know something about this that you won't tell me?" he asks. She denies it. He wonders 
if she's so deep into Sonny's world that she is committing crimes now. She gets more upset and says she can't or won't 
explain this to him and she rushes out. Ned looks perplexed. He tells the guards to reset the alarm on the case. After 
they leave, someone dressed all in black climbs in the window using a grappling hook.

Sonny is in his penthouse and notices the baby garment again. He picks it up and looks thoughtful. Johnny shows Angel in. 
She wants to know if Carly is pregnant. He is a little stunned by her forthrightness. He tells her that Carly hasn't found 
out for sure. She knows it's personal but she shares that she felt "a connection" with him and, if he isn't getting back 
with his wife, then she wants to pursue their relationship. But if Carly is pregnant, that changes everything. He agrees 
that if Carly's pregnant, he will give it all he can. He asks her if she and her husband wanted children and she says they 
did but once she knew that he had pissed off Sorel, she knew they would only be at risk. He says people in this business 
shouldn't have children. Later, one of Sorel's lieutenants goes to Sonny's penthouse and asks if there's anything he can do 
to help him. Sorel's organization is falling apart. Sonny says he'll think about it and asks what he knows about a guy 
named Donny Ellis that used to work for Sorel (Angel's husband).

Bobbie asks Carly if Lucas is alright. Carly babbles on about Bobbie's birthday, telling her the dinner plans and the 
presents she's gotten from Lucas, her, et al. Bobbie asks her if she's pregnant. Carly says the test isn't always accurate 
(so basically it says she not, but she refuses to believe it). When Carly says that she's missed her last two periods, 
Bobbie points out all the stress she's been under. She goes on to say how dangerous Sonny is for her and her family. Carly 
petulantly wants to know why Bobbie doesn't want her to be happy and calls her a pessimist. They bicker back and forth. 
Bobbie points out what happened to Lily and her baby; she's worried about Carly's future. Carly tells her to accept that she 
loves Sonny. She won't accept that she's not pregnant and suddenly accuses Bobbie of tampering with her home pregnancy test. 
Bobbie looks at her like she's crazy (because she's not being very rational). Bobbie points out that the box was sealed and 
anyway, why would she lie to her about her pregnancy? Carly rushes off, saying she's going to get a doctor to confirm her 
pregnancy. Bobbie agrees that's a good idea. 

Bobbie phones Luke's and gets Lucky. She wants to talk to Luke but he says, "He's not here". She says, "I need him" and he 
says, "I do, too", his voice breaking. He hangs up and cries some more as he looks at Luke's jacket. He remembers injecting 
LUke and the betrayed look on LUke's face. He remembers LUke falling. He says, "I'm so sorry...Dad. I'm so sorry" and 
cries some more, hugging LUke's jacket to himself. Outside, we see Luke's body slumped near a garbage dumpster.

Elizabeth knocks and eventually Lucky answers. She hugs him, grateful that he's allright. He looks spacey. She asks how he 
is and where he's been. He tries the silent treatment on her but she wants some answers. She reminds him that she's safe. 
She asks if his dad knows he's there but he replies, "I can't protect you". She says Helena mentioned some grand purpose, 
but he tells her to stay away from Helena. She begs him to go far away with her. He says he can't. He asks her to prove 
her love by leaving. She won't do that because they love each other. He can't assure her that everything is going to be 
okay. She says that no matter what horrible thing happens, they can get through it together. He kisses her hand and says he 
loves her and that she's "so beautiful". She reminds him that he promised they would grow old together, etc. He laughs and 
says she's stubborn. They hug but he says "everything has changed". She tells him that's Helena's programming talking. He 
says it's not Helena; it's over and he can't marry her.

Carly looks at babies in the hospital and tells a nurse that she knows she's pregnant, but she's there to take a test to find 
out for sure. As she turns, Carly literally runs into Angel. They chat. Carly tells Angel that she and her husband are 
working through their problems and that she's expecting. Angel hides her pain and congratulates Carly. Carly apologizes 
again about how she showed up at her house. Angel tells her to forget about it. Carly says, "friends?" and they shake 
hands. Sonny comes up behind Angel and Carly introduces them. Sonny smiles like he's caught.

Felicia searches through the alleys near the dock for Luke and finally finds him.