General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/01/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Carly carries a box into the penthouse, which is in disarray and being renovated. Sonny 
grabs the box from her and tells her she shouldn't be there, it's too dangerous. She just 
wanted to sort through some of Michael's old clothes, she explains. She smiles, happy at 
his apparent concern for her and the baby. He asks her if she took the pregnancy test. 
Carly avoids the question by finding baby clothes meant for their baby that died. He asks 
again about the test; she says that she will take it this afternoon. She plans to use the 
test as a birthday present for Bobbie. He lectures her again about eating right. Sonny 
takes the box and they leave.

At the Brownstone, Carly chats to her fetus and puts up signs for Bobbie's surprise party. 
The main sign says, "Happy Birthday Grandma" (Uh-oh, now we know where this is going...) 
Carly takes out the pregnancy test and goes to take it. There is a knock on the door so she 
hides it. It's Skye. Carly is surprised to see her. She asks her if she's really A.J.'s 
sister and suspiciously asks what Skye is after. Skye tells her that she should know that 
A.J. is meeting with his lawyer for a "secret maneuver". Carly informs her that A.J. can't 
touch her because she's pregnant and she's getting back with her husband.

Bobbie visits Zander and thanks him for saving Carly's life. He says that Carly was brave 
and saved his life, too, by throwing coffee in Sorel's face. He also credits Sonny but 
Bobbie says that "Sonny created the situation". He still owes Sonny, he maintains, but he 
starts coughing. Bobbie mentions the patient across the hall (Sorel) so Zander wonders who 
that is.

Melissa tells Sorel's guard that she needs to check on him, so he lets her in the room. She 
visits the still-unconscious Sorel and whispers, "You killed my brother". Roy sees her in 
there and, flashing his FBI badge, rushes in to prevent whatever mistake she plans to make. 
Melissa says she's trying to see Sorel like a real human being, like a patient, but she 
can't. "I want him dead!" she hisses. Roy tries to get her to leave. She keeps getting 
upset and yelling at Sorel. Tony comes in and wants to know what's going on. He tells the 
guard that Roy is not an FBI agent and that he and Melissa are not allowed in that room. 
They argue with him but Tony points out that she walked out of OR and that she has exhibited 
a lot of unprofessional behavior. Bobbie comes up and hears what he says. Roy wants 
Melissa to let him handle it, but she insists that she will. Bobbie asks Roy what happened.
Meanwhile, Zander pulls out his tubes and tries to get out of bed. Roy tells Bobbie that 
Sorel killed Melissa's brother. He also wishes Bobbie a happy birthday. She says, "Would 
it be nice to never have to bother with Sorel again" and he agrees. Zander keeps trying to 
get out of bed. Later when we we see him, he has fallen on the floor, still struggling to 
get up, and someone is yelling for help. They put him back in bed. Roy watches, concerned. 
Amy tells Zander that he'd better stay in bed or she will give him more pain medication. 
Zander doesn't want to see Roy; he bitches to Roy about how he betrayed Sonny. Roy tells 
him that it is a lot more complicated than that, but Zander doesn't want to hear it. Roy 
insists that Zander should stay away from Sorel, especially for Emily's sake, and he 
describes how horrible it would be for his loved ones if he went to jail or died.

Ned chats with Edward about Skye. Edward thinks they can pay Skye off to get rid of her, 
because of what she did to Emily (like he thinks Adam Chandler did). A.J. is both amazed 
and amused at Edward's lack of family loyalty. Skye and Alan come in and inform Edward that 
she's staying for good, not only in the house but in ELQ. Edward and Ned object. Ned calls 
it right, that Skye cried crocodile tears and played on Alan's sympathy. As Edward vows to 
get rid of Skye, Lila comes in and tells Edward to knock it off. What Skye did was wrong, 
she says, but everyone else in the family has done worse, so she is welcome to stay. A.J. 
congratulates Skye on getting Lila on her side. Ned tells Skye that no matter what anyone 
says, she's on her way out. He intends to start by proving that she acquired her ELQ stock 
for fraudulent purposes. He adds that he has an excellent lawyer. Edward tells Skye that 
she could have been a good part of the family but she's messed up. She warns him not to 
mess with her or come between her and her father. He tells her that she's picked the wrong 
man to cross. A.J. admiringly wishes Skye had been around when he was growing up. She 
tells him that Carly has been "handled".

Alexis looks at her mother's necklace and remembers her singing Alexis to sleep. She closes 
her eyes for a minute, but one of Helena's men comes up and surprises her. Helena comes in 
and accuses her of "breaking and entering" and says she must have a death wish--like her 
mother. They bicker. Alexis says it belonged to her mother, not to Helena. Helena 
describes killing Kristen (Alexis' mother). Alexis steps forward and gets in Helena's face. 
She tells Helena that she's been waiting to take her down and she will pay for killing her 
mother. Helena says she doesn't know why she's let her live after Mikkos' death and warns 
her to be careful. She orders Alexis shown out.

Alexis goes to her penthouse and struggles with her keys because of the broken wrist. Sonny 
sees her and wonders if she needs help. Alexis is upset and babbles on. He asks her what's 
wrong. She tells him, "I need to borrow two of your best men for something dangerous and 
criminal". Sonny sits down and tries to calm her down. Alexis babbles on about how she 
needs two of his guys to break into Helena's yacht to steal the necklace. Sonny points out 
that since Helena knows she tried to steal it, she would send the cops to search for it, and 
she would get caught. He says she's the best lawyer he ever had so he won't risk it. She 
feels guilty for wanted to steal something and she realizes now why Sonny does some of the 
stuff he does. She says the legal system won't stop real evil, like Helena and Sorel. She 
apologizes for "being such a self-righteous fool". She begs him to help her steal it. He 
is touched but says he can't. He says that he will pay whatever it costs to get it back for 
her. She asks him if his stepfather had beaten his mother to death and then taken 
everything she owned, would he pay to get his mother's necklace back? "Helena slit my 
mother's throat," she says tearfully. Ned arrives in time to hear this exchange and watches 
SOnny hug Alexis in comfort. Sonny is horrified that Alexis had to witness her mother's 
death and then live with Helena afterwards. Sonny alludes to killing Deke, which Ned hears 
and then leaves. Alexis says that she didn't remember until she was older what Helena did. 
Alexis won't let Sonny buy the necklace back. Sonny assures her that he won't let Helena 
touch her. Alexis knows that Sonny is one of the few people that can understand her 
situation. Sonny goes into the penthouse and picks up the baby outfit that Carly found 
earlier. He is quiet and somber, and holds it against his face, clearly affected by seeing 

Tony takes Melissa to see Alan so that she can be reprimanded. She explains that Sorel 
killed her brother Leo, so she had to leave the OR when she found out it was Sorel in there. 
Tony asks why she visited Sorel's room, so she says she just wanted to see the man who 
killed her brother. She explains about her brother going to prison and being killed. 
Bobbie is about to knock but stops and hears Melissa's heart-wrenching story. Just as Alan 
is saying that there are three serious infractions, Bobbie comes in and says if that 
includes the missing test results, that was her fault, not Melissa's. She explains that she 
deliberately misfiled the test results to make her look bad. Tony doesn't believe it, but 
Bobbie says that she let her personal problems with Melissa get in the way of her 
professionalism. They thank her and she leaves. Later, Melissa thanks Bobbie personally. 
Bobbie is still very cool to her and says she wanted to set the record straight, and 
Melissa's personal life is none of her business. Amy and the other nurses give Bobbie a 
cupcake with a candle and wish her happy birthday while Melissa watches, looking like she 
feels left out. Melissa tells Roy that she's been suspended from the ICU but Bobbie saved 
her job. She is still upset about Sorel being there and decides to take a long run. Roy 
tells Bobbie that what she did was great. Bobbie says she did it for herself. Roy tells 
her she's "stubborn" and she leaves.

A.J. tells his lawyer that he's working on a new angle. Skye tells A.J. about Carly being 
pregnant again and that she's reuniting with Sonny. A.J. is disappointed.

Bobbie comes in and laughs when she sees the decoations. Carly comes in with an unreadable 
expression on her face.