General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/24/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/24/01

By Suzanne

Helena and Stavros watch over an unconscious Luke in Laura's bedroom. They gloat and ponder what to do with him. Stavros prepares to hit him over the head but Helena points out that Luke will haunt the place and Laura will build a shrine to Luke, etc. so they decide to carry out Helena's original plan to make Luke suffer before he dies, using Lucky. Luke awakens and nurses a bump on the head. Felicia comes in because he called her and holds an ice pack to his head. They work on figuring out what's going on. He wants to find out where the gravel and sand came from at GH. Felicia is determined to find out who owns the piece of jewelry she found. She kisses Luke passionately and leaves. Thinking about his weird dreams, Luke gets an idea and rushes out. He goes to the roof of GH and finds the sand and gravel. Then he notices a small storage unit and tries to break in. Frustrated, he kicks it, which opens a secret door.

Nikolas sadly plays his saxophone. Alexis arrives at Nikolas' with her injured arm in a sling. They catch up a bit. He is packing and explains that he's moving out and Gia already has left. She doesn't buy his act but he refuses to back off from it. He insists that Gia will be fine and get on with her life. He tears up a picture of the two of them together. Stefan arrives and also wants to know what's wrong with Nikolas. Nikolas accuses the two of them of plotting against him, but they deny it and wonder why he's acting so paranoid. He rants and raves about how Stefan treated him growing up, including that Stefan didn't want him to play the saxophone. He says that Stefan claimed to always protect him but he knows that Stefan only wanted his money. It is his inheritance and he will destroy it, he says, before he will let Stefan have any of it. He calls them names like Helena would use and says that Stefan has always lived in Stavros' shadow. They wonder what Helena has done to him and warn him away from her, but he denies that anything has happened to him. He orders them out. Stefan tells Alexis that he is going to see Nikolas' brother. Alexis warns Nikolas that whatever has been done to him or whatever game he's playing, he'd better knock it off right now.

Lucky and Elizabeth arrive at Gia's session with the press and wonder why she's so late. Finally she arrives, decked out to the nines in a different look and acting falsely cheery. Lucky wants to shield her from the press but she insists on answering their questions. They only want to know about her relationship and plans with Nikolas. She tries to talk about Deception but it doesn't work. Finally she tells them that she broke up with Nikolas and that all he was interested in was his family's money. Stefan hears her comments about the Cassadines and their money. Lucky manages to rush her out before the press can bother her any more. She breaks down sobbing outside and Lucky comes up so she cries on his shoulder. Liz watches them and then leaves. Lucky comforts Gia. She talks about how much in love she is with Nikolas and how she can't believe what happened to him. Lucky assures her it's not her fault, that Nikolas has changed and he's not worth her tears any more. Stefan comes in and expresses his sympathy. She tells him off and leaves.

Liz goes to Nikolas' place and tells her what happened with Gia and the press. He is upset about Gia. She tells him how grateful she is for what he's doing for Lucky. They hug and in walks Gia, of course.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned demands that Skye admit that she wanted Emily out of town. Alan and Edward don't want to hear it and A.J. tries to help her out, but Ned insists. Skye has no choice but to admit that she did want the affection that they gave to Emily, but she says she never did anything to help Emily leave town. Alan and Edward buy her act. Ned swears to Alan that he will prove his claim.

At the hospital, Alan visits Zander and tells him how well Emily is doing at rehab. Zander is glad to hear it and makes sure that Alan didn't tell her about his being shot. Alan tells him to concentrate on his own recovery. Ned comes in and pretends that Skye told them about how she helped Emily and Zander get on the bus to leave town. Alan keeps mum, playing along. Zander unwittingly spills the beans that Skye convinced them to leave and gave them money. Alan looks grim. Ned wonders why they didn't leave a note so everyone wouldn't worry. Zander, puzzled, says that they did leave a note with Skye.

A.J. applauds Skye's act and tells her that he really does like her. She is annoyed that he is blackmailing her with the letter from Emily. When he asks her what progress she's made with Carly, she says that they made a connection. To show that he does like his new sister, he tears up the note from Emily. She is touched and thinks that maybe now she can have a real chance with her new family.