General Hospital Update Monday 7/16/01


General Hospital Update Monday 7/16/01

By Glynis

Helena meets with her grandson and she tells him that he has to get rid of Gia. He refuses to do that. She understands his reticence because Gia is a nice girl but she is not suitable for the arm of a Cassadine. Nikolas has no intention of getting rid of Gia. She is sorry o hear that because if he is serious about his family, then Gia will have to go. He refuses. He tells her that she should be proud of him because he is finally acting like his father. If his father didnít defy her, he wouldnít be standing before her now. Nikolas tells her that he will do whatever he wants. Helena tells him that he will do as she says, if he wants to return to his family. He will end his relationship with that girl. She walks off and Gia comes outside to find out what that meeting with Helena was all about. She wonders if she even wants to know what it was about. He tells her that his grandmother told him to get rid of Gia. He doesnít tell her the whole story. Gia feels that he should just send her away next time. She has to learn that Gia is important in his life. He hugs her and tells her that she is very important to him and there is no one else like her. She wants to know why he kicked Lucky out for coming on to her. She wants to know the real story. He doesnít want to talk about that. She wants to help because she knows that something is wrong. She doesnít want to be shut out. He is trying not to shut her out. He wants to just relax. She finally complies with his wishes. They lie on the couch together and hold each other. She talks about their lives together and he feels that there is more that they have to experience together. He really loves her and she knows that. It is kind of scary. She needs him and canít imagine her life without him. This thing that he doesnít want to tell her is bad. He only wants to be with her. She never thought that she could believe in love but he has changed all of that. He can open his heart and give everything. They kiss.


Luke talks to Tony and tells him that Helena has been making strange purchases and it is all going to General Hospital and it doesnít show up in the hospital supplies. Tony denies that he knows anything about what Luke is talking about. Luke thinks that Lucasí illness is connected to this. Tony showed up with the antidote for his sonís illness. Luke wants to know what Tony got this medicine to save his sonís life. What does Helena want? Tony tells him that Helena wants nothing from him. Luke knows that this is the beginning and there is more bacteria on the lose and Tony knows more about it. Luke has Tony in his office and he is not going to let Tony go until he knows what Tony knows. What is up with those mysterious shipments that disappear into nowhere? What is with that elevator? Tony says that he doesnít have an explanation. Luke wants to know again about the miracle cure. Tony said that he got the cure for his son from Dr. Hopkins. Tony tells him that he would sacrifice his life to save Lucas, Bobbie, Laura or even Luke. Luke figures that this is about the children and that was how Helena got him to do whatever it is that he did. Luke knows that Helena would kill his son in a minute. The miracle cure is the whole key to this. Helena must have forced him to do something that he didnít want to do. What kind of horror is Helena about to unleash? Luke tells Tony that Helena is not going to keep any bargain with him. She doesnít care about him or his family. She is going to use whatever she has whenever she needs to. Tony canít tell him anything. Luke needs to know that he is on the right path. The second that she is unhappy, she will kill all of the Spencer's. Tony tells him that he is looking in the right direction and to keep looking. The elevator was a look in the right direction. Luke took the elevator apart and came up with nothing. Tony tells him to keep looking. Luke asks if the thing that Helena is doing is global. Tony is just a guy that wants to keep his family safe. He tells Luke to go for it. Luke wants something to on. He canít keep fumbling through this maze. Tony asks him if he said ĎmazeíÖ. He tells Luke that he may be a lot closer than he thinks if he thinks about what they spoke about this night. He rushes out.


Laura arrives home and there is a storm outside. Stavros is behind the door, but she doesnít see him lurking about. The lights are not working and she doesnít know what to do. She gets a flashlight and shines it through the room but sees nothing. She moves to the stairs and goes to the door to look outside. She can see that someone is there. It is Stefan and he worries because all the lights are out. She tells him that someone is in the house and he is let in. She runs to him and hugs him. He finds no one there. The lights are back on and she feels much better. He questions her as to what this is all about. She remembers that she didnít leave her photo album where she found it and when she picked up the album, a picture fell out. She is sure that Helena is behind this to make her remember Stavros. Stavros is on the stairs watching the whole scene take place. Stefan tells her that Stavros is dead and that he is never coming back. Stefan offers to check the basement and make sure that no one is there. Laura suddenly realizes that she doesnít know why he is there. He tells her that he is there to make amends but he didnít expect her to take him at his word. He has widened the gap between them over the years. They have a bond between them that no one can break. Stefan is not his biological father but Nikolas will always be his son. She is worried about Helena trying to press her advantage. Helena would like nothing more than to turn Nikolas into a clone of Stavros. Stefan is trying to find out what Helena is up to and will tell Laura what he finds out. She didnít expect him to be so nice to her. He is trying to be nice because he has another chance at love and he doesnít want to lose that. Stavros smiles at that. She tells him that she had a dream about Stavros. Stefan had a dream like that too. Stefan offers to take her to a hotel, but she will not be scared out of her own home. Stefan leaves and she locks the door behind him. She looks out the window and in a flash of lightening she thinks that she sees Stavros, but when she looks again, he is gone.


Mike comes to angelís house and bangs on the door looking for Sonny. Angel opens the door and Angel tells him that Sonny is gone and he never got back. He is worried that Sonny is in danger and he goes to call the police, but Angel stops him. This is Sonnyís battle and she will not allow him to call the police. She cares and that is why she will not let Mike bring in the police. She would like to intervene, but getting involved is the last thing that Sonny wants. She is surprised that he doesnít understand his son yet. Mike understands that Sonnyís life is at stake. She feels that he is not to make that judgment. Mike asks her, "Who the hell are you?"


Sonny arrives at his house and finds Sorel there with Alexis and Carly and Zander on the floor. Sonny doesnít have a gun and Sorel opens his jacket to find explosives taped to his body. Sonny told him that the next time, the bomb would be for real. He warned him that he wasnít going to play with him again. Sorel doesnít believe that the bomb is real. Sonny tries to make Sorel believe that the bomb is real and he opens up his jacket further to show him what he has inside. It certainly looks real. Sonny wants Sorel to tell the hostages to go so that they can settle their business between themselves. Sorel is really sweating now. Sorel will not let the hostages go because he wants to let Carly see the death of her husband. She thinks that her husband is so great well Sorel is going to show her that he is nothing but a punk and that he never really cared for her in the first place. Sonny has his hand on the button to blow the bomb and everyone there to smithereens and is sure that Sorel will not be able to shoot all of them before he pushes the button. Sonny tells Carly, Zander and Alexis to leave and Sorel sees that there is little that he can do to control the situation. Sorel still thinks that he is the one in charge. Sorel tells him that he can be the first to die or the last. Sonny tells Carly to help the others so that they can get out. Sorel finally agrees that they should go and he shouts at them. Carly will not leave and Alexis takes Zander out. Sonny shouts at Carly to leave and after she does, Sonny closes the door behind them and walks right up to Sorel with his finger on the button. It is just he and Sorel now, just like he wanted. Sonny tells him to put the gun down and Sonny will take his hand off the button and they can settle this between themselves. Sorel is sure that Sonny doesnít want to die. Sonny asks him if he believes in the afterlife. Sorel thinks that is hogwash. Sonny believes that is where he is going to get his peace finally. Sorel has tortured a lot of people and one day he is going to go to a place where he will never feel that pain anymore. Sorel is starting to believe that Sonny isnít afraid to die. He is still going to call Sonnyís bluff. Sonny thinks that if Sorel puts the gun down he can go to jail for a few years and finally die anyway. Sonny would rather blow him away now. Sonny wants him to decide what he wants to do now.


Alexis takes Zander and Carly to her apartment and Carly decides that she is not going to let Sonny do this. She goes bursting into the apartment and Alexis follows her. Sonny tells Sonny that he doesnít have to do this and that he should come with her right now. Sonny tells her that if she wants him to trust her anymore, she will do as he tells her and leave right away. Thunder breaks and everyone gets jumpy and Alexis drags Carly out of the apartment again. The door closes and the two are alone again. Sonny tells Sorel that he has not honor and would kill children and women. Sorel feels that Sonny was the one that pushed him to the things that he did. Sonny has to be the big shot with his puffed up self-importance. He humiliated Sorel again. Sonny feels that he was right. Sonny tells him that he is too stupid to live. Sorel came there to even the score. Sonny thinks that he should save the taxpayers money by having him go right now. Sonny tells him that he isnít worth keeping in this world. Sorel will go but he will take Sonny with him. He levels his gun at Sonnyís head and Sonny raises his hand with the button in it.

Angel is alone again and she goes to her cards and finds the she has chosen the death card. She prays for Sonny to God.

Carly and Alexis return to her apartment and Zander is shot and thinks that he is going to die. Someone enters to ask what happened and at that moment, there is an explosion and Carly and Alexis fall over.