General Hospital Update Thursday 7/12/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/12/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

 Helena explains that she was using Lucky to do some dirty work. Stavros thinks that she didnít use good judgment doing that. Stavros only wants his son to work with him. Stavros will make him return to the family. Helena explains that was why she chose Lucky to be the instrument of his fatherís destruction. That is why she has summoned him there. 

Laura is talking to Nikolas and trying to make him see that he is playing a dangerous game messing with Helena. Nikolas is sure that he is Luckyís best hope. He is already involved and Helena did this to Lucky because of him. Laura canít accept this. Luke does. Laura feels that going back to Helena is the wrong thing for Nikolas to do in this case. This is not for him to fix. There is no better solution, but Laura thinks that something will come up. The people that are hurting Lucky are hurting him and Nikolas is going to stop that. Laura canít trade one son for another. Helena will not stop if she thinks that she is being threatened. Nikolas knows that Helena is going to stop and he canít stand by and watch that happen. She is so proud of him and she hugs him to enforce that. He loves his mother too. She is still against this and she canít think how she would feel if something happened to him. Helena is outside sneaking around for information and peeking through the window. Nikolas suddenly changes up his attitude. He tells Laura that he was right to kick Laura out of the house. Helena canít believe her ears. 

Luke talks to Felicia and wants to know why she is trying to help him again. She is not going to travel around the world with him and her girls are in summer camp and they are safe. She tells him that she had a dream and that is why she has to help. She doesnít think that she is being completely altruistic. He wants to know about her dream, but she jokes about it. They are searching Helenaís things and Felicia tells Luke about her dream. In it they broke the code and everything got better for a while. Luke likes the dream. He was walking on water and that means sex. Felicia thinks that she has found something. It is the manifest for all the shipments. They have done it! Luke knows some of the chemicals in the report and there is a ban on some of them. These drugs are deadly and used sometimes in chemical warfare.

 Sorel is still with Carly in her house and she tells him that she isnít as wonderful as she tries to appear to him. Sorel is offering her everything that she wants, but Carly will not budge. She loves Sonny and she will love him until the day that she dies. She tells him to shoot her because she will never be with him. He threatens her son. Alexis comes to the door to see Sorel and he opens the door and drags her into the room. Sorel finds this situation to be very interesting indeed. Alexis stands before Sorel and glares at him holding a gun on her. He knows that Alexis wants to see him die in an electric chair and he wants the same for her. She did her job and he is not worried about going to the chair a second time. Sorel figures from what they are saying that Sonny is not dead. He wants them to save him some time and tell him where Sonny is right now. He walks right up to Alexis with his gun. He knows that Alexis likes the man but she might not be willing to die for him. She says that she doesnít know where Sonny is. Carly tells him to leave her alone. Alexis quit working for Sonny and she is out of it. Sorel tells them that Sonny has an hour to crawl out of the hole that he is in or one of those ladies are going to die. He looks at his watch to start counting the time. He warns them that they have to save their neck. He is sure that as time goes on, they are going to remember where Sonny is. He wants to have his own Survivor game. He canít wait to see how this turns out. The phone ringsÖ

 AJ gets brought to see Sonny. Sonny tells him that there is not going to be a custody position for him. Sonny thinks that AJ is the one that torched his warehouse. AJ would have to go to jail. AJ is willing to go to court to get his son. Sonny tells him that Michael is his son and not Sonnyís. Sonny tells him that Michael will see AJ when he is old enough to decide that. Sonny reminds AJ that he was the one that killed his son when Carly fell down the stairs and Sonny will see him dead before he lets Michael go with him. AJ tells him that he was with Carly earlier and she convinced AJ that Sonny was dead. AJ tells Sonny that it was a nice trick running an ad in the paper that he was dead. Sonny learns that Carly really thinks that he is dead and that surprises him. AJ said that she was acting desperate and she begged him to stay with her. AJ found that funny considering that she hates AJ desperately. Sonny is beginning to see the light and thinks that he finally has an answer to a question that he has been thinking about.

 Zander is walking by the docks and feeling terrible after having to just give Emily up. Lucky walks up and finds him. Lucky can see that there is something wrong. He is sure that something has happened to Emily. Zander tells him that Emily is fine and has been sent to a therapy clinic. Lucky says that he thinks that is great, but Zander has to wonder why he hasnít even been able to go and see Emily and say hello. Lucky has been through a lot and hasnít made the time to go and see Emily. Lucky knows that Zander was the one that screwed up and that is why Emily has to go away. Lucky loves pointing the finger but he doesnít know what it is to suffer and go to jail for every little thing. Not when his brother is a millionaire and he is able to pull strings. Zander feels like hitting somebody. Lucky is willing to fight if he wants, but Zander knows that Emily would hate it if they fought so Zander is not going to do that. He is going to better for her and if he was in the past, she would still be there. He shouldnítí be taking his feelings out on Lucky and he apologizes. The two guys sit on a park bench. He knows that the kids tried to make things easier for him and he appreciates that. Zander wants Lucky to tell Elizabeth about Emily having to leave and Lucky agrees to that. Emily was trying to be positive and she believes that everything is going to be okay. Physical therapy is going to be tough for her. Lucky sees that Zander is carrying a gun. He doesnít have to do that anymore because Emily is safe now. Lucky thinks that things can get out of control if he is carrying a gun. Lucky feels like his head is going to split wide open because of all this crap. Someone has to put a stop to all this crap. Emily doesnít want Zander to end up like Jason. Lucky seconds that. Jason is the only other big jerk that Lucky knows. Zander holds the gun out and knows that there is something inside Jason that makes him pull that trigger. Jason doesnít feel anything when he shoots. Zander would like to know what he thinks when he pulls that trigger. Lucky tells him that this is his life and that he can do what he wants with it. Zander has been thinking things through. He is not even sure that he could shoot this gun. The gun belongs to Sonny and he might even get him in trouble. Zander is going to get rid of the gun. He doesnít want to return it because someone may use it. Zander wants the gun gone and he throws it into the water. Sonny calls CarlyÖ. She hears his voice. He says, "Itís meÖ"