General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/11/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/11/01

By Glynis

Alexis asks Mike if Sonny is okay. Alexis got the impression that Mike was inferring that Sonny was with another woman. Mike tells her that Sonny is not like that and would never do anything like that. Mike tells her that if he knew something he wouldnít tell anyone about it. He is not exactly saying that he doesnít know where Sonny is anymore, he is saying that he is loyal to his son and wonít reveal his presence if it might in anyway hurt him. Alexis wouldnít put Sonny in any type of jeopardy and Mike should know that. She wants him to trust her because Sonny does. She needs to know where he is for a slew of reasons. She cries about Sonny and she wants to help. She is starting to sound like more than an attorney does. She has gotten to know Sonny more than an attorney does and she likes him as a person. Mike is suspicious of Alexisí feelings for Sonny. She asks him if he thinks that she has a death wish. Mike hadnít thought about this before and smiles into Alexisí face as he considers it. She denies that she has any sexual or romantic ideas about Sonny. She thought that he would know better. Where did he get this idea? She is sure that Sonny is not with any other women. Sonny doesn't take marriage lightly and that is what makes him so interested. If another woman were to get into his life, She wouldnít be bothered at all. She would be happy for him. As his attorney she thinks that it would be great. She really has to go now. Mike thinks that he is on to something.

 Angel is having a special moment with Sonny. They just hugged and she just asked him to come away with her to Greece. He is not biting. There are people that depend on him and he just canít leave and disappear like that. She isnít asking him to rearrange his priorities. He doesnítí have to stay if he doesnít want to. She wants a week on the beach with him having the same peace that they have been sharing there in her house. She will understand if he wants to come back. She tells him to leave with her and whatever he is worried about can wait. There is nothing that can be done right now anyway. He moves away from her not sure what is going on. He has obligations and he canít ignore them anymore. As long as he is married, he is going to be responsible for his wife. She has to understand that he canít go to Greece until he is sure that everyone is safe. She wonders if he will ever come back there. There is a car horn and it is the cab for Sonny to go. He tells her to take care of herself. He tells her that he will be careful. She hopes that god will bless him. He walks out and Angel watches him leave through the window. 

Zander and Emily are saying there good-byes and Edward and Alan are outside the door talking abut how much Zander has put Emily in danger. She has to go to rehab with her spinal injury. Skye comes up and joins the family. Edward says that he is going to give her five more minutes and then he is going to go in the room and stop their good-byes. 

Inside the hospital room, Zander is explaining that she has to go at least until Sorel is caught. If Sorel finds Zander with her, he is going to take out his wrath on her. He is trying to save her and wants her to cooperate. She is going to be with someone to have the desire to walk again. Zander tells her that he will come to her as soon as Sorel is caught. Emily has a bad feeling about this and she begs Zander to come with her. He reminds her that they are connected and they have been right from the start. He always knew how to find her no matter where she is. This time he will not be looking for her. He wants her to be safe and she will. Emily will not get better anytime soon. She is going to need him there with her. He will not put her in danger ever again. This isnít his fault but he wants her to live and he wants her to walk. She will be hurting without him because she will miss him too much. They are feeling the same things now. He looks at the necklace he gave her and told her that it is magical. When she looks at it, she may feel discouraged, but she is to tune everyone out. Every night when she closes her eyes she is to think of him, because that is what he will be doing, thinking of her and dreaming of them together. She asks him to promise her something. The minute that she gets home she wants him to take her dancing. He makes her that promise and he kisses her. 

Sorel is with Carly on his way out when AJ arrives pounding on the door. Sorel gets his gun and holds it to Carlyís head. AJ threatens to call the Family Court Judge and Carly canít stand that, she shouts out to AJ, "Hold on AJ, just wait." Sorel tells her that she has just made a terrible mistake. She tells AJ that he will be right there. AJ tells her that he is going to the police. Sorel tells her that she will behave and answer the door properly. She is to get rid of AJ as soon as possible or she will be very, very sorry. If she doesnít cooperate, he will kill her mother. He will make her very sorry for going against his wishes. He takes her over to the door and she opens it while Sorel holds the gun to her body. He asks her what took her so long and she tells him that she needs help. That gets his attention for a moment and Sorel braces himself for what he might have to do if she doesnít do as she was told. AJ wants to know what con she is running right now. She tells him that she canít take anymore right now. She tells him that Sonny is dead and if he were alive, he would be there. AJ doesnít believe her. He shows her the newspaper announcing that he himself is dead. AJ feels that Sonny is the one that created this fiasco of a newspaper. He reads that article to her and he thinks that Sonny canít be alive or this wouldnít have happened. He reads how custody was suggested for Carly and Sonny. Carly tells him that must have been someone that works for him because Sonny is dead. AJ knows that Sonnyís people would do anything that he tells them. She tells him that what the court thinks of him is his own fault. AJ tells her that he is going to get custody no matter what. He is not intimidated and he will not let them get custody of his son. AJ turns to walk away and she grabs him by his jacket tail and drags him back to her. AJ is shocked by her actions and so is Sorel who has lost his hold on her and waits to see what she does next. His gun is still raised and ready for fire. AJ thinks that she has snapped like a twig. AJ walks away from her again. She follows him to the elevator and AJ doesnít stop this time. Sorel stays behind her at the elevator and holds her while AJ leaves. He brings her back to the apartment and he closes the door. She tells him that he stinks of death. She tells him that he knows nothing about love or honor. She tells him that he is a pig and she will rip his eyeballs out before she lets him kill Sonny. 

Sonnyís men are together and they are talking. They are becoming concerned about his whereabouts. Johnny decides to track Sonny down to find out where he is. He leaves the office and Sonny walks out of a room from the back. He is welcomed back by the guys that he works with and he is fully dressed and ready for action. His first question is about Sorel and where he is. There has been no word on Sorel. Alexis hasnít heard anything either. Vine spoke to Alexis the night before. AJ was given a message that morning. They set up a newspaper article so that AJ would know how things would turn out if he doesnít lay off Carly. Sonny thinks that is stupid. Sonny wants Sorel found and is tired of the cops not doing anything. Now he has to figure out where Johnny is. He leaves the office. 

Angel is alone in her house now that Sonny is gone and she goes to her picture album to see the old memories that she had buried so long ago with her husbandís corpse. She flips through her wedding album. She remembers what Sonny said. She has lived the life that Sonny is living now. She goes to the fireplace and builds herself a fire, slowly but surely. One by one she throws her wedding pictures into the fire. She is crying as she does it but she continues knowing that she has to push this part of her life away. Some of the pictures even have Sorel in them. He was someone that attended her wedding, an important guest. 

Alexis goes to the docks and finds Sonny there. He is just calmly standing around looking at the water. He is all right and so Alexis starts in on him. He should have called his attorney. He thought that she wasnít going to be his attorney again so that was why he didnítí make a point of calling her. She was worried about him and he should have thought about that. She wonders what it took for him to walk out on his life. He avoids that question and asks her what has been happening since he left town. He tells her that he is sorry for Öwhatever. She wants more details, but he refuses to give her any. She tells him not to do that again. She tells him that Zander stole his gun and she tried to get it from him but she couldnít. He is in the hospital with Emily because they thought that they should get out of town. They got on a bus and some things that were not very nice happened after that. There was an accident and Emily ended up with fractured vertebrae. Sonny knows now that he was away too long, and that was why Emily was hurt. He feels responsible once again for the damaged lives of others. He finds out about AJ and Sonny tells him to shut AJ down. Alexis has been spending time with Carly and she would like to tell Sonny how she has been doing. 

The Quartermaines come into Emilyís room and Edward tells her that everything that he did was motivated by love. He has been misinterpreted. She loves her grandfather too. Edward would like to say more, but Alan warns him to quit while he is ahead. Ned comes to her next. Emily hopes that Ned will help Zander understand Edward. Ned will try. Zander is sure that he can look out for himself, but Emily knows better. Skye comes in and Alan leaves to talk with the pilot. Monica will see her later. Skye would like to have a talk with her sister alone. Zander and Ned leave the room. Skye is glad that she will be safe. Skye knows that it is hard, but Zander really wants her to take care of herself. Skye promises to look out for Zander and give him anything that he needs. Emily doesnít want her to feel like any of this is her fault. She tried to help. Skye confesses that she was jealous of Emily since everyone adored her so much. She is genuine and kind and she is special. Skye is lucky to have her for a sister and Emily feels the same way. Alan arrives with Monica. They have to get going. She wants another moment with Zander. Zander enters and kneels at her feet. He kisses her hands and then her lips. He tells her that he loves her and she says the same. The minute that Sorel is captured, he is going to find out where she is and he is going to be there. He kisses her lips and he gets behind her to push her out of the room. He tells her to remember the heart on the necklace. He takes her into the hall where her father takes over and her family stands around her. They are all teary-eyed and smiling. Her family walks her down the hall with Zander behind and then Zander stops walking and turns the other way to cry on his own. 

Mike arrives and hears Sonnyís men talking about Sorel. There is fear that he might try to hurt Carly. Mike hears this and demands to know more.

 Sorel is still with Carly and he sees that Carly cares more for Sonnyís life than her own. He thinks that she should change her allegiance in his direction. He is sure that things could work out for them.