General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/10/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/10/01

By Glynis

Emily is with Zander in the hospital room and she was dreaming. They were running through a forest holding hands and you could see wildflowers and there was water running and it was running faster and faster. She is at peace and glad to find Zander sitting on her bed first thing when she wakes up. Alan and Monica arrive and ask how she feels. She is doing okay. They ask Zander if he has told her yet. Emily can tell that something is up. Zander was supposed to tell her something and he didnít do it yet. She turns to Zander and asks him directly what it is that he hasnít told her yet. Zander tried to prolong the hurt as long as he could, but he supposes that now he is going to have to come clean with her and tell her that she is going to have to leave town and he will not be coming with her. He is not even to know where she is being taken so that he will not be able to follow her and be with her. He would rather have her alive and away from him than with him and dead. His parents start off by telling her that what is going on is a good thing. Alan and Monica decide to leave the room so that Zander can tell her the news. Outside the room, Alan and Monica, discuss Zander telling Emily the truth. Inside the room Emily demands to know the truth. He tells her that her parents found this incredible place where Emily can go and get better. She will be safe there and the place is out in the country. The place sounds like the place in her dreams. She wants to know when they are leaving. He tells her that she is leaving right away and he canít leave with her because Sonny has this job lined up for Zander and he is going to start it right away. The job will be for a long time and Zander doesnít know when he will be able to join her. She can tell that Zander is doing this to protect her. Zander has to do this for her. Alan and Monica hear Emily shouting from inside the room and they know that she has gotten the news finally. They go into the room and Emily says that she is not going anywhere. Zander tells her that this was his idea and it is the only way to make her safe. She loves him and he loves her and that is why this has to happen. Monica knows that Zander only wants her safe. She is not going to forget about Zander and that will never be it. She would like to think that her family is the ones responsible for what is happening to her, but Zander assures her otherwise. She is sure that he will not be able to stay away from her. He tells her that he wonít know where she is and if she calls he will not take her calls. Alan tells her that once she gets better, there is going to be no reason why she wonít be able to return.

Skye and AJ talk and she canít believe that he thought that she would want Emily hurt. She did help Emily try to escape her family, but she didnít do anything else to see her hurt. AJ doesnít think that, but he thinks that she wanted Emily gone. He reads the paper and finds that he is the headline of the day. He is immediately angry with Skye and thinks that she is responsible for what he is reading. He finds a headline that says, "AJ Quartermaine dies", and beside it is a picture of him. She reads the article and finds out that there is a sentence saying that Sonny and Carly Corinthos should raise Michael. Ned arrives and wants to know what is going on. Ned knows that Skye has something to do with Emily leaving town from the way that AJ was jabbing at Skye at the 4th of July celebration. Skye denies that and so does AJ. She leaves and Ned starts in on AJ. AJ denies that he has anything going on with Skye. Ned is sure that AJ is up to something. AJ thinks that Nedís life isnít exactly all that great so he shouldnít be talking about others. He leaves and Skye returns with a plan about Michael. Skye says that the first thing that he should do is give up on his son. He doesnít agree with that. That would be giving Carly what she wants. Skye thinks that he should allow Carly to fall into her false sense of security and then he should act. AJ is not buying and tells her, "To hell with thatÖ"

Sonny finds Angel awake and working in the house. She had been up since 5 that morning. He has changed his mind and is not going to go with her to Greece. Something is different about him and he is really suspicious today. He has been thinking that finding Angel and her saving his life has been a little too convenient and he wants to know more about her. He has a bad feeling and he is going to pay attention to it. There is something else that is going on in his mind. He finds the whole setup ridiculous there. The houseÖ The gardenÖAngelÖWalking around like some sort of saint. He canít shake the feeling that he is missing something there. He is thinking that the feeling that he is having is about her. Why does she want him to go to Greece with her? She is worried that Sorel is going to get to him. He asks her if Sorel has gotten to her. She wants to help him and she wouldnít have anything to do with a man like Sorel. Sonny demands to know what her connection to Sorel is and he wants to know right now. She tells him that if he wants to know the truth then she will tell him the truth. Sorel killed her husband. His name was Tawny Ellis and he worked for Sorel. He was too fast and he made a mistake. He got caught trying to cut in on Sorelís action. That was 5 years ago. Sonny is afraid that he is being set up. He wonders if she is her revenge on Sorel. She doesnít care about Sorelís business or any of it. The law will see to it that Sorel will get what he deserves. Sorel is supposed to die and he will. She has paid enough and she wishes that she never saw Sorel. It is too late for revenge and she doesnít want what happened to her husband to happen to Sonny. There has been too much hate and betrayal. What she has with Sonny is like nothing that she has had before. She just wants to go and leave. Sonny canít leave because Sorel might take his anger out on other people that he knows. Angel doesnít want Sorel to kill another person that she cares for. She hugs him and Sonny is uncomfortable but lets her hug him anyway.

Sorel is still at Sonnyís house waiting for him to arrive. Carly is standing over him with the big heavy balls from the desk in her hands. He warns her that he is watching her and if Sonny doesnít come soon, it is going to be her neck. She is standing before him and she inches over to him closer and closer and she tries to get close enough to him to hit him effectively with the heavy balls and knock that bastard out. He is tired. He is going to fall asleep soon, she can tell. His big thick head is slowly falling to the side and his beady little eyes are starting to close. She gets even closer to him. She is about to hit him in the face with the ball when the phone starts ringing. He picks it up and there is no news about Sonny yet. Sorel has been up all night waiting for Sonny to show up. Maybe he doesnít care. He believes that Sonny was a family man and a man of honor. She finds out that he was married once and she is shocked to hear that. He doesnít want to talk about that. She wants to know something from him. Didnít his wife ever do anything that couldnít forgive her for? He tells her that his wife is dead. She is sorry. He looks at her and can tell that she has something in her hand and he demands to see it. She shows him the little stone ball and he takes it from her. He doesnít believe at all that she was sorry that his dead wife is gone. Letís see how sorry she is going to be when Sonny learns that he has another dead wife. She is worth nothing to him alive that is for sure. She canít believe that he thought that she was going to make her escape with a paperweight. She asks him if he has children. That makes him very angry. His life is no concern of hers. She is sure that he is afraid of what he might say. Sorel tells her that his wife was everything and she held everything together. When she died, his children turned on him and deserted him. All he had was business and power, but he was still never as good as Sonny was. She tries to show him that he is ready to kill the most important person in her life. She starts to cry. She was wondering why Sonny isnít coming back. She cries. She thinks that he has already killed Sonny and that he is dead. She is playing a game on Sorel and she can only hope that Sorel will believe her. She didnít want to see the truth. Sorel says that he didnít kill him. Carly says that she is sure that he did it and he got what he wanted. Now he is on top. She tells him that he is wasting his time there. Sorel wants proof, but there is no proof. A husband and wife are connected and if Sonny were alive, he would come so that how she is sure that he is dead. Sorel makes another call and confirms that Sonny is nowhere to be found. Sorel has to plan his next move. Maybe she is right. Maybe Sonny is dead. Carly congratulates him and tells him to shoot her because he doesnít care. He tells her that she isnít worth it anymore and he is going to get out of there. Carly has won. She tells him that he didnítí even have the courage to look her in the eye. He has to figure out what he is going to do with her. She tells him that there is nothing more that he can do. Sorel is leaving but before he gets to the door, AJ is banging on it threatening to kick it in.

Ned comes to see Zander and Emily and the needs to talk to them desperately. He tries to give her another perspective on the whole thing and then he leaves. She doesnít know what to do. Zander tries to get Emily to move her feet for him. She canít move her feet and that is why she has to go. He wants her to think about all the things that she used to do before she got hurt. She thinks he sees her as horrible and pathetic. She hated to see him in lock up and now he is bailing on her. He tells her to shut up. They are both crying. She was the only perfect thing that he ever knew. He knew that if they were going to kill him, he would be okay. He would close his eyes and he would think of her. She would think that he was worth something. He wasnít brave or strong until she changed him and he doesnít want to go back to what he was before. He never cared about anything and he would be that way if he didnít let her go. She wants to know why he grabbed her at the Rave. She wants to know if that was spontaneous. What does he know right now that is all she wants to hear. He couldnít let her go without him. They both cry together and he hugs her and kisses her.

Alexis goes to the diner to get some coffee and she drops her purse. Mike helps her to pick up her things and he offers to help. She takes him aside and sits him down with her. She wants to know if Sonny is all right. Mike tries to fake that he knows anything. She tells him that she needs to speak with him. She is handling Carlyís case because she thinks that she can help. Mike spills the beans while talking to her and she wants to know more of what he knows.