General Hospital Update Monday 7/9/01


General Hospital Update Monday 7/9/01

By Glynis

Stavros is in the lab underground with his mother. He bought a coat and she tells him again that he needs to be more careful. She keeps warning him not to go out and he keeps going out. She is afraid that he is going to be caught by someone that is going to recognize him and they don’t need that happening just yet. She is worried about Nikolas and him saying that he wants to return to the family. Stavros tells her that her grandson is fooling her. She doesn’t know why her grandson would do a thing like that.

Lucky comes outside and finds Nikolas sitting by himself. Lucky has been doing okay with his sessions with Kevin. Lucky thanks Nikolas for helping him with Helena and Lucky feels that he owes his brother.

Laura comes to see Luke in his office and she wants to know why Luke is studying the blueprints of the basement of the hospital. Laura is there because of him hitting Nikolas and she wants to know why he did it. Luke explains why he did what he did to Nikolas and Laura is in full agreement. Luke tells her that Nikolas is a good kid and he acted properly to help them out. Luke reminds her that Cassidines raised Nikolas and he can help them. Laura feels like a shadow is hanging over all of them. Luke has felt that for a long time. It has been cloudy for a long time. She will tell him her nightmares if he shares his. She tells him that he was in her nightmare and he was directing a movie from the 40’s. She was in it and she had a leading man but Luke doesn’t want her to say, he has figured it out for himself. There was a shadow in her dream and it was on the set of the movie. She couldn’t see it but she could feel its presence. Luke was gone and she was all alone. The shadow kept coming towards her and finally she could see who was trying to follow her. It was Stavros. Luke tells her that Stavros was in his dream too. That is strange. What does that mean?

Zander is at the hospital with Ned when Alan arrives and asks Zander if he knows what he has done. Zander knows that he has made many mistakes. Zander knows that he did something wrong. He wants to talk about Emily getting rehab so that they can get her on her feet. Zander tells them that when they send Emily off, he is not to know. That is the most important part of what they are going to do to make her safe. He knows that Sorel is still after him. He is sure that she will be safe and if he doesn’t know where she is, he can’t put her in danger. Alan feels that Zander would have done something like this long ago if he really cared. He didn’t want to go back to what he was which was nothing. The only thing that is worse than not living with Emily is knowing that she is dead, so he will not seek to be with her again. Alan tells Zander that he is not say anymore to Emily. Ned feels that Emily should be with Zander for a little while longer. Zander doesn’t trust the police, only Taggert.

Sonny and Angel are playing a game with the cards. They are using a subtle way to get information from each other without being too intrusive. She reads the cards. He has pain and is going to Carly. She tells him that he is wrong and he is not finished with his wife. There is still something more to happen. He thinks that cards are for suckers. She wants to know how he has a marriage and then is done with it. His marriage was real so he shouldn’t be able to shut off his heart and say that he is finished. She has met his wife and father and he knows nothing about her. He wants to know. She tells him that she had a strong father that always got what he wanted and a strong mother. They all loved each other. She had a happy childhood and wonderful times. It was ideal except for … She doesn’t finish. She gets up to make some tea and he agrees to join her in having some. They go back to the cards and he gets a low card. He tells her that he would like to be in Greece and be on a boat. She was recently in Greece and there is stillness there and it is wrapped in heat…They are listening to the television and hear that Sorel is out and should be considered dangerous. Angel turns off the television but she knows that Sorel is after him. He wants talk more about Greece. She wants to know if he would like to go with her. She has a friend that knows all the spots that they should go in Greece. She wants some time to go by while they look for the man that tried to kill him. She would hate for the next body that they find to be his. He asks her when they can leave.

Sorel finds himself in Sonny’s home with Carly. He just walked in and made himself at home. She thought that is was Sonny when she first heard the door open, but then she realized the real truth, that Sorel had found a way to get in and now she is fearful. She is afraid and he tells her that she has no options. He slams the door telling her that she is not going anywhere. She is panicked but trying hard not to show it. She tells him that she doesn’t know where her husband is. Sorel is sure that Sonny will show up once he knows that Sorel is entertaining her. She tells him that Sonny isn’t coming back. She tells him to go right now. Sorel knows that Sonny cares for her and if he doesn’t then he will have another dead wife and Sorel will have saved him the cost of having a divorce. The bastard is making himself at home and drinking Sonny’s expensive booze. He is really frightening and Carly is trying to hide her fear. Sorel knows that some jobs have to be done yourself. Sorel has to finish the job that he started that night at the cemetery. He did something to Sonny and he should have shanked him a lot sooner than that. Carly sees a big black stick-shaped looking object in the corner. She lunges for it and turns to swing it at Sorel’s head but grabs the object and she is sent flying face down on the couch. He holds the object over her and tells her that now she has really ticked him off. He could kill her if he wants. He already has the death penalty. He takes out his gun and points it at her head. He doesn’t care if she dies or not. He has nothing to lose by killing her twice. At that moment there is knocking at the door. It is the police. "Mrs. Corinthos… It is the police…. Open up!" They are frantically knocking on the door. Carly thinks that maybe this may be her once chance at staying alive. He tries to get her to cooperate with him or he is going to kill her. She tells him that if he kills her now, he is a bigger idiot than she thought. She knows that the place is under surveillance. He doesn’t care. He is going to stay there until Sonny comes through the door or he is made a widower. He pulls her with him over to the phone and he makes a call to an associate. He says where he is and that he is with Carly and she is indeed trouble. While he is talking, Carly sees two, heavy paperweight balls on the desk. She reaches over to them and puts them in her pocket unseen by Sorel while he talks to his associate.

Lucky is with Gia in the livingroom and they are working on techniques to take pictures. He is poised over her on the couch and he pretends that he is taking pictures. He gets her to laugh. Lucky falls on top of Gia on the couch and Nikolas walks in and doesn't find it funny that Lucky is all over Gia on the couch. He tells Lucky to take his hands off his girlfriend. Gia and Lucky look over to Nikolas strangely. Gia explains that she was working with Lucky. Elizabeth shows up and Nikolas tells her that Lucky was getting even with him for seeing his girlfriend naked in the shower. Lucky tells him not to do that. He is in love with Elizabeth and everybody knows that. Lucky tries to get near him, but Nikolas doesn’t let him. Nikolas tells them that Lucky flirts with his girlfriend all the time at the studio. Elizabeth has to wonder if the house is too small for all of them. Nikolas tells Elizabeth and Lucky that they hae to get out by nightfall. Nikolas goes out in front of the house and Lucky comes after him to tell him that if he does this he will be acting just as Luke always said he would. Nikolas gets his bags and leaves the house walking by Nikolas without saying anything. Elizabeth tells Lucky that if anything happens to Lucky as a result of him moving out of the house she will never forgive him. Gia comes out to talk to Nikolas. He doesn’t want to talk about what he has just done. She hates that he would think that she would lie to him about something going on with Nikolas.

Zander is with Emily in her hospital room and he is trying to make her happy. He knows that she had a really big scare with Sorel’s man trying to take off with Zander earlier and he wants her to feel secure that nothing like that is going to happen to her ever again. She gets flowers from him and makes him take the flowers back, all of the flowers but one. A giant pink one. Zander goes out into the hall with the flowers and hears from Alan and Ned that Sorel has skipped again, but an orderly has been found and a picture of the orderly is being sent over for Zander to look at. Sorel is always one step ahead of the law and that is really infuriating. Zander reenters Emily’s room. He tells her that there has been no news about Sorel yet. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry because there are cops all over the place and he is going to be right there for her. He is not going to let anything happen to her ever again. He holds Emily and Alan watches from the door window. Zander gives Emily a gift. She opens it and finds a necklace inside. She thinks that it is beautiful. He puts it around her neck and safely closes the latch. He tells her that he loves her and that she should never forget that no matter where she is. He gets in the bed with her and they just hold each other. They have candles and flowers all over the room to make it romantic.

Helena returns to the lair and tells her son that she just heard Nikolas evicting Lucky from his house. She is overjoyed with that. This must mean something good. Nikolas must really want to come back to the family. He is fighting with the Spencers which are enemies of the Cassidines and that makes Helena deliriously happy. Stavros is not so sure that means anything good for them. Helena has a test that she would like to run on Nikolas to see if he is indeed being loyal to his family or not. Stavros has to smile at that. His mother is thinking afterall. Stavros wondered if his mother was getting a little soft, but this is a good idea. Still, Nikolas is a man now and not a boy. He could very well be working against them and playing a head game to get the Cassidines to fall for a very bad trick.