General Hospital Update Friday 7/6/01


General Hospital Update Friday 7/6/01

By Glynis

Ned is getting on Alexisí back about her helping Carly keep her son from AJ. He has to wonder where her priorities lie. He thinks that she would do anything for Sonny. He knows that she knows that Sonny is probably guilty of everything that he gets accused of. She isnít so sure about that. She seems to be a little further gone than he thought. She finds him judgmental and contradicting. Sonny can get her to do anything,he point out. He thinks that their problems may be about her and Sonny and not her and him. There are things that Alexis likes about Sonny and there are things that she doesnít like about him. Ned is trying to say again that he thinks that she chose her career over him again. Alexis tells him that this conversation is over. She leaves to go look for Carly.

AJ tells Skye that she is going to help him get his son. He threatens to tell the family about the note that she was holding for Emily. She tells him that she doesnít care. AJ notices that Skye looks at Alan as if she is starving. She tries to blow him off. He knows that she cares about being accepted into the family. She doesnít like him asking her to help him. He says that he is concerned about the child, but he isnít a ping-pong ball to be tossed back and forth. AJ thinks that she doesnít know anything about Carly. He tells her that Carly passed Michael off as Jasonís son for a year and still, AJ married her. She was still busy tramping around with his brother. Then when she was finished with him, she moved on to Sonny. AJ needs to show his son that he loves him and would do whatever it takes to make his son happy. AJ has a shelf full of development books that he can use to help him raise his son. He imagines himself sitting on the floor and telling him how proud he is to have him for a son. Sonny will have to kill him to stop him from getting his son back. AJ doesnít want his son to turn out like Skye. He is determined to prevent that. His son may hate him for being a drunk or a loser, but it wonít be because he dropped out of Michaelís life. Skye supposes that she should be interested because Michael is her nephew. Skye has been there, so she is willing to help AJ.

Sorelís guard comes into Emilyís room after sending the other guard home. He is holding a gun on Emily and Zander. Zander guesses that this guard works for Sorel. The buzzer for the hospital room on hanging on the side of the bed. Emily tries to reach the buzzer without being seen. The guard wants Zander to move to the door, real slow. He sees Emily reaching for the buzzer and that makes him upset. Now they have a problem. He points the gun towards Emily. Zander tries to calm the gunman down. He tells the man that Emily will not do anything with the call button. Emily begs the guard not to take Zander away. Zander assures her that nothing bad is going to happen and that he will be fine. The guard takes Zander out of the room and once outside, Zander turns and tries to fight the guard. He grabs his arm and tries to get the gun out of his hand. Emily is in the room trying to get to her side table. Ned walks up and helps Zander out. He orders someone to go and get the police. They get the guard under control ,and a cop walks up and handcuffs the guard. Alan soon comes and is outraged that Emily was almost hurt, and that she fell out of her bed. She is going to be fine. There hasnít been any serious damage. Zander waits outside. Emily thanks him for everything. Zander meets Ned outside and he tells him again what happened. Ned asks if the gunman would have been there if Zander hadnít have been. Ned knows that Zander had a gun and he doesn't find that to be right either. Zanders says he canít leave her. Nothing in his life was real until Emily appeared to him. He came back to Canada just to see her. Emily matters to him. She means something to him and this is the reason why. If he wasnít there and something happened to her, he would kick himself if he werenít there for her. Ned trusts Emily and he believes in her, but he will not let Emily get shot at again. What is the answer? How do they keep Emily safe? Zander decides that he wants Emily to be kept as far away from his as possible.

Sorel is being advised to get out of town. The henchman is willing to take care of Sonny for Sorel, but Sorel wants to take care of Sonny himself. Sonny stripped him of everything and Sorel wants to make sure that Sonny is really dead this time; he wants to be there to spit on his body.

Mike talks to Sonny. He is trying to make him see that Carly loves him and will not take a chance at losing him again. Sonny thinks that she doesnít know what she is doing. He canít trust her anymore. Mike asks if he still loves his wife. Sonny doesnít answer. Mike is sure that it isnít over with him and Carly. Sonny wonít let himself love Carly anymore. He feels that he made the mistake of trusting her, he would get hurt and destroyed. Mike knows that Carly thought that she was doing a good thing. When everything goes up in flames, Sonny points out, she is always sorry. He wonít go there again. Mike wants to know about the woman that he is staying with now. How does Sonny know that he can trust her? Sonny explains what kind of help Angel has been to him. Sonny doesnít want to see Carly, and Mike has to respect that. Mike will not tell Carly where he is, but he says that Sonny should think about coming home. Mike doesnít agree but he will do as Sonny tells him to. Sonny goes into the house and looks at some pictures that Angel has put away. Angel comes down and asks him what the Hell he thinks he is doing. She respected his privacy and she would appreciate him doing the same for her. Sonny tells her that he is a little curious about her. She is curious about him as well. Sonny doesnít seem to be on good terms with his father, and he tells her that is complicated. She can tell that his father wants him to go home. She can also tell that Sonny said no because he is still there with her. They are going to play a game of truth. The high card has to tell the truth. Sonny turns over some cards and hers is lower. He asks her what her favorite food is. She loves Strawberry Creams. She loses again. How old are you? Over 21. He deals again and she loses. Brothers or sisters? One of each. She loses again. What is your favorite place in the whole world? Right hereÖright now. She gets another deck of cards and this time Sonny loses. Are you through with your wife? she asks.

Stavros meets up with Carly in the park and he thinks that the Quartermaines didnít treat her very well. He tells her that he saw how she was being treated earlier and he sympathized with her. He tells her that knowing who she is matters. She canít stand to be alone one more night without Sonny. Stavros grabs her and tells her that she doesnít have to be alone anymore. He pulls her to him and kisses her like a wild man. She doesnít exactly fight him off. She pushes him off and slaps his face. What the hell part of Ďback offí doesnít he understand, she snaps? Stavros tells her that she is stupid for propositioning men in the dark. Helena is nearby and hears Stavros talking to Carly. Alexis walks up and finds Carly alone but knows that a man was just there. She tells Carly that they should go because it is creepy there. 

Carly and Alexis arrive home to the penthouse, and Alexis tells her that she is making terrible waves with the Quartermaines. It wouldnít hurt her to try to get along with the people that are trying to steal her child from her, she points out, instead of constantly fighting with them. She really needs to smarten up and stop shooting herself in the foot. Carly doesnít get along with anyone and she fights with everyone. Carly tells her that Sonny is the only reason why Alexis is there at all. She doesnít consider Alexis a friend at all.  Alexis retorts that it is times like this when she has to wonder why she puts up with Carlyís crap at all. Alexis tells Carly that she has a lot of faults. In fact, she names all of them, and Carly doesnít flinch one bit under the assessment. Carly orders her from the room, and Alexis leaves, gladly. She doesnít need this. She has better things to do than stand around being insulted by this little brat. Carly looks at pictures of her and Sonny, and she knows that she has to talk to Alexis again right away. She opens the door and Mike is standing there. 

Carly can see that something has happened by the look on Mikeís face. He says that he was just checking up on her, as he should. She tells him that her son keeps asking when Sonny is going to take him fishing. Sonny is the only one that can fix this. Mike is sure that Sonny is going to fix everything. He is the only one that has the evidence on A.J.'s arson so she doesnít know what to do. There is more than just custody at stake. Michael asks for Sonny all the time and she lies to him every single time. Sonny needs time to be alone, Mike says. He knows that Sonny is coming back because he is not like Mike. Sonnyís whole life is about not making the same mistakes that Mike did. Sonny will never abandon her and her son. He will make sure that she is provided for. She wants to have her family back, she insists, and she needs to find a way to fix this. The ball is in Sonnyís court. Carly is terrible at waiting. Mike will help in any way that he can. He is not perfect, but he knows that Carly loves his son and that makes him love her. Carly loves Mike, even though he is the reason that Sonny is screwed up in the first place. Sonny must need her; she has to believe that. He tells her to call if she needs anything. Mike leaves. Where is Sonny? Carly gets a call and runs for it, but it is the wrong number. She remembers Sonny telling her that he was wrong to bring her there. She made him believe that they were a family. She stole something from him that night.

Sorel finds out that Harry, the fake guard, has been arrested. Sorel is talking to a man that he has stationed in the hospital. Sorel is good and mad this time. He is going to take care of this on his own.

Taggert breaks into Sorelís room and finds Sorelís man there, unconscious, and nothing else. Sorel has already moved on and Taggert has lost him again

Carly hears the front door and goes running to it, thinking that it is Sonny. She soon finds out that it isnít Sonny at all, but Sorel. She almost falls over at the sight of him. He tells her, "NoÖItís meÖ"