General Hospital Update Thursday 7/5/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/5/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Emily asks Zander why he has a gun.  He just wants to protect her.  He mentions something about seeing blood, zones out.  She asks him where he went and guesses that maybe someone in his family got shot, but he covers and says that he should just forget his family.

Outside, Sorel's man gets a call from.  Sorel wants the kids dead today.  The man asks why the rush so Sorel gets angry and tells him to take care of Emily and Zander, and he will take care of Sonny.  The other guard wants to get home to his family, so Sorel's man offers to clock him out.  There's only a half hour left on their shift, so the guard takes him up on it.  The man goes into Emily and Zander's room and pulls a gun.  They look at him, horrified.

Carly chats with Michael on the phone and gets more upset that Sonny is gone.  She is very over-emotional and jumpy.  When Mike comes in, she thinks he is Sonny at first.  She tells him that she wants to find Sonny NOW.  She wants to hire a private detective.  He points out that's a bad idea.  Alexis comes in and agrees.  Mike leaves.   Alexis invites Carly out to the 4th of July festivities in the park, to take her mind off Sonny.

Angel tells Sonny she's an expert fisherman so they get the fishing gear out and try to hook worms.  She asks him who showed him how to do it and he gets a faraway look in his eyes.  She stabs her finger so he realizes she has never been fishing.  She looks sheepish and tells him that the gear came with the house.  Mike visits Angel and asks to see Sonny.   At first she pretends not to know what he means but then Sonny comes out and asks him what he wants.  Angel leaves them alone.  Mike tries to talk Sonny into coming back so that Carly doesn't explode.  Sonny is very quiet, as usual.  Mike reminds him of the time they went fishing when Sonny was a kid.  He points out that they got over their betrayal problem, so why can't Sonny try to get along with Carly, since she loves him?  

Nikolas asks Helena about his father and keeps playing his game to make her think that he's a confused kid who might want to get back with his family.

Stavros wanders around the park, making trouble.  First he bumps into Gia and flirts shamelessly with her.  Gia is preparing to introduce the band She-Daisy for the park festivities and handing out photos of herself to promote Deception.  Gia tells him that she has a boyfriend named Nikolas and chats about the Cassadines.  Stavros pretends he's heard of them and introduces himself as Lucian Kane.  Gia seems kind of taken with him despite herself.

Gia and Nikolas meet up briefly.  He tells her that he was chatting with Helena.  She wonders why but he tells her that it's okay.

A the park, A.J. tells the other Quartermaines (and Chloe) that he knows who gave Emily the money to run away, making Skye squirm.  He never gets around to telling them who it is.  Carly and Alexis run into the Q family picnic.  Carly and A.J. get into a horrible argument about Michael, etc.  Insults fly back and forth while the others try to stop them from ruining the holiday.  A.J. gets more shots at Carly, who is very vulnerable right now, by saying Sonny must have dumped her like the other men in her life, because she doesn't deserve love.  She gets upset and leaves.  Alan suggests to A.J. that he work something out with Carly about Michael's custody, rather than fighting with her.  A.J. gets a better idea and goes to Carly to make a deal.  Alexis and Ned also exchange some heated words about Michael and Sonny.

Stavros tells Helena, after Nikolas has left, that Nikolas is manipulating her.  She wonders why he thinks that; is it because all Cassadines lie?  He suggests she keep watch on him because he is a true Cassadine.  He notices Carly fighting with A.J. and says she has "passion".  She tells him that Carly is another Spencer, Bobbie's daughter, Luke's niece.  This makes him even more interested.  He accidentally-on-purpose runs into Carly.  She snaps at him because she's very upset about the fight with A.J.  He offers his help but she keeps being rude.  He offers to take her home and she asks, "home or to bed?" and he says that's up to her.

She-Daisy performs at the park; everyone watches, ho-hum.