General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/4/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By Glynis

Zander is with Emily and she tries to stay awake for him. He kisses her face and soon Edward enters and asks Zander if he has a home or what. He has brought flowers for Emily and she is feeling better now. She asks Edward to wish Zander a happy Independence Day. He does and she even wants him to shake hands with Zander. Lila enters too and says that he should shake hands with Zander. That makes Emily very happy. The whole family is there. There is a surprise coming for everyone. Skye says that they are going to bring the 4th of July picnic to her in the hospital since she canít get out to enjoy it with them. Skye leaves to check on things with Reginald and AJ is watching every move that Skye makes. He follows her out of the room and he tells her that Skye sure has mom and dad eating out of her hands. She even has Edward thinking that she is the apple of his eye. He tells her that he knows that she is the one that is responsible for Emily being in the hospital. He knows her little secret. He was in her drawers the day before and he knows that she had a note telling the family that Emily was going to run off with Zander. He assures her that her days of being a Quartermaine are over. She says that the letter doesnít make her responsible for Emilyís accident. He is sure that she was helping Emily take off so that there would be no competition for her.

Roy goes to Melissaís home and knocks on the door. He hears noises like gunshots coming from her home and kicks the door in. He enters and she comes out of the bathroom. He knocks her to the floor and she tells him that he noise that he has heard is 4th of July noises. She wants to get ready. He tells her that she is out of the plans to find out what is going on over at the hospital. Things are too dangerous and he is asking her to back off because he has a bad feeling and he wants to pay attention to that. She gets a bad feeling all the time being a nurse. She canít do anything about those things, but this is something that she can do something about. She doesnít want to do nothing about it and she doesnít want to argue about it either.

Helena is with her son again and she warns him again to stay hidden. There is too much at stake. He doesn't want to listen to her. She wants him to treat her, as he would like his son to treat him. He doesnít like what she is saying and he warns her not to threaten him with his son again. She only realizes that there is too much at stake. He knows that there are no boundaries that he canít cross. Anything is possible.

Nikolas is home looking at pictures. He has one hidden in a book that he owns and he looks at it and hides it again. Gia wakes up and asks him about his dream the night before. Nikolas is worried that he is going to be like his father. Nikolas tells her about his dream of staring in the mirror and seeing his fatherís image staring back. Gia thinks that Luke is making him think these things and she wants him to know that he is the best person that she has ever known. Helena told him that he will always be the son of Stavros. He still isnít free, nothing has changed. Luke and Helena are still at war and he and Lucky are still in the middle. Gia warns him that he canít let his family back into his life. They will destroy him. She reminds him that her family almost let him be put in a mental institution. It hasnít stopped anything though. No matter what he does, Helena and Luke are going to go on hating each other. This isnít his fault. He tried to help Lucky but it didnít work. If he lets the family back into his life it will destroy him and she wants him safe. He holds her and is glad to have her. She knows that he is trying to help his brother, but she chooses him and she doesnít want to lose him. He assures her that he and she will always be together. It is time for her to get ready for the 4th of July celebration. She leaves the room to get ready. He goes to the phone and makes a callÖ He calls Helena while she is speaking with Stavros and he tells her that he would like to talk to her that day. He has been thinking about what she was talking to him about the night before. She would be happy to meet with him. She will meet with him. Nikolas gets off the phone and goes back to the picture that he has hidden in the book. He looks at it and thinks to himself. Nikolas gets dressed and calls for Gia who is ready now. She is wearing a sexy red halter dress, sort of like Marilyn Monroe would wear. They are going to have a romantic day. He really loves her a lot. They leave together.

Helena tells Stavros that Lukeís temper is turning into their greatest aide.

Luke shows up at Lauraís house and she appears. He was worried that she was in trouble. She came up from behind him, from outside the house. She is with Scottie and once Scottie sees Luke he becomes very unhappy. Scottie offers to take her things into the house and he leaves. Luke thinks that he has made a mistake worrying about her. Scottie makes a crack that Luke has been drunk and thought this up all by himself. Laura tells him that she was in Los Angeles. Luke wants to know more about her trip, but she knows that he really doesnít want to do this. Elizabeth shows up and asks if Luke told her yet that he attacked Nikolas the night before and punched him in the face. Luke tells them that he is a lunatic and a psycho and he walks off. Elizabeth fills in the blank for Scottie and Laura. She tells them that Lucky was the one that calmed down everything. Laura is sure that something must have set Luke off. Scottie thinks that Luke is a hot head and that is the only reason why this terrible thing happened. Elizabeth would like to know why Luke would turn everyone against him. Laura and Scottie are alone now and Scottie tells her that Luke was probably drinking and that was probably why he hit Nikolas. Laura is sure that there is more to it. Luke is past all the personal family issues that he has with her and that he must have something else on his mind making him behave the way that he has been.

The family is in Emilyís room at the hospital and Lila thinks that it would be nicer for her to spend the day with her boyfriend instead of themÖ The Quartermaines come out of Emilyís room and tell Skye and AJ that they are going to celebrate the 4th of July without Emily instead. It is still going to be special because it is going to be the first time that they celebrate with Skye as a member of the family.

Luke is back at the service elevator and this time he has some equipment with him. He is about to blow the floor of the elevator open when a serviceman for the hospital confronts him. The man is about to walk off to check on the order to get the elevator repaired as Luke has told him when Roy and Melissa walk up and tell the serviceman that they are there to supervise the work that is going to be done to the elevator. That seems to be okay with the serviceman who walks off. He knows Melissa works there so it must be true what they are saying. Luke resumes his work as the other two watch. Luke tells them that he is trying his best to find out what is going on. Tony arrives and asks what is up. Luke told him that he had his opportunity to cooperate and he didnít do it. Tony threatens them with serious jail time. The hole in the bottom of the elevator is wide and gaping and ready to be investigated. Tony and Luke get into it and Roy and Melissa jump out of the way which actually means that they have to jump into the elevator. They do so together carefully avoiding stepping into the hole. Roy holds her and keeps her from falling in. They both stare into the holeÖ She is okay and Luke goes to sit near the hole. They try to figure out what is going on while Tony watches. He really thinks that they should get out of there before the cleanup crew comes and the police. Tony takes off with Luke following. Melissa doesnít understand him grabbing her. She saw the hole and she was sure that she wasnít going to fall in. He tells her that he didnít want to lose her. He tells her that he had a scary dream and that was why he was acting so freaky! She goes to him and kisses him tenderly. He lets her kiss him and he even kisses her back. This is something new for them and she wishes him a happy 4th of July.

Luke has caught up with Tony and tells him that he knows that he is right that something is going on with the hole. Luke knows that Tony is lying and Luke can see it in his eyes. Luke demands that Tony tell him what he knows. Where does the elevator lead to and what is Helena doing? Tony tells her that he doesnít know. He tells Luke to get out of there before the cops come. He walks off.

The Quartermaines have gotten their own celebration together at the park and everything is great. AJ thinks that they should drink to something, maybe the newest member of their family. He is not drinking at the celebration he was pouring for someone else. Skye is getting the creeps from AJís behaviour. He makes a toast to Skye, who he says is the best sister that Emily could ever have. Ned notices that he is trying to say something else and he questions him on that. AJ doesnít let on that he has a deep dark secret about Skye, he just continues to make snide remarks about her. She is very uncomfortable with that, but what can she do? He brings up that it is funny that Emily found her way on that bus with all that money. They would like to see Zander leave but not Emily. AJ says that he thinks that someone gave Emily a push to leave home. Skye tells him that if he has something to say, he should just say it.

Helena is worried about Luke trying to find out about the place below the hospital. Stavros tells her not to worry. He would never let anyone put her in jail; he would freeze her first. She laughs at his humor. She has been focused on covering and protecting their little secret, but now she thinks that she can bring Nikolas into the fold. She can handle him. She leaves and Stavros says to himself that when it comes to his son, he will leave nothing to chance.

Nikolas and Gia arrive at the park for the 4th of July celebration. Someone comes up to Gia to get her autograph, as she is the famous Face of Deception. She is glad to sign and Nikolas gets out of her way so that she can enjoy her little bit of fame. He walks off to be alone and look at his picture of him and his father. Helena walks up and sees Nikolas. He asks her to tell him about his father.

Gia is done with her fan and walks away from him, she bumps into Stavros and she realizes that she has met him before. He tells her that it must be fate, them bumping into each other again like this.

Zander and Emily spent their day together. He is sitting on her bed and she sees that he is carrying at gun in his pants. She panics at that and asks him about it.