General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/3/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/3/01

By Glynis

Luke is with Roy and Melissa and he is restless. They are at the service elevator trying to find out what Helena has been doing in the basement of the hospital. Luke decides to wait for Helena there and he gets a chair and sets it down to sit and wait.

Laura is with Scottie telling him how much fun she has been having with him since they came to Hollywood. He wants to give her something that she can hold on to. He kisses her. He is going to leave but he doesn’t want to. He has been in love with her for a long time. She watches him go.

Gia and Nikolas are in bed and Nikolas is thinking about Luke and Lucky. She wants him to think about her. He admits that he does that anyway. She feels that Luke should hate her for what her father did. His father is gone and now Nikolas is free.

Stefan is at home in his room and he looks fit to be tied. He is ruffled around the edges and he goes to get a picture of Chloe to look at. He has been drinking and he puts the picture on a table so that he can look at it and he starts getting undressed.

Helena shows up when Stavros doesn’t expect her and he doesn’t like her showing up like that at all. He wishes that he could remember being dead. He wonders if he watched over his son and his wife. He is holding a flower that he got in a flower shop. It is a red rose but not the right colour of the roses that were in Laura’s hair. She was cool and still like she was frozen. Helena doesn’t like that kind of talk about Laura. He knew that some day Laura would love him. He begins to pull at the petals of the flower…"She loves me…She loves me not." He remembers how he lost Laura and now it is going to be his turn to watch while he takes Laura away. He thinks that Luke is a fool who depends on his friends. Stavros feels that he has to defend himself against Luke. Stavros wonders where Nikolas is. Helena explains that he is home and that he has dreadful taste in women. Stavros was with Nikolas in his sleep and he never left his son and never will.

Luke is dreaming. The dream starts: Luke is sitting in a chair and Laura walks up to him. He tells her that he is going to bust through the elevator floor. She laughs with him. He always does things the hard way. She takes his hand and leads him to the elevator. She tells him that there is already a hole in the floor. He looks down and sure enough, there is a hole in the floor. He wants to know where the hole leads. She tells him to follow it and find out…. What ever is down there is running our lives. She tells him that we run our lives. He turns back to talk to her, but she is gone. He decides to jump into the hole anyway. She asks him what took him so long. He is surprised at her. He is worried that he may need rescuing. She can’t go any further with him, they are divorced now. Everything is in motion; she is going on with her life. He begs her not to go into the dark. She hops over a ledge and he watches her walk away giggling. A man walks by him with a red rose. He demands to now who the man is. The man is. He doesn’t answer but runs away from Luke…. Luke follows the man and finds him. He tells him that he will not get away this time. Luke finds a coffin and walks over to it and opens the lid. It is he lying in the coffin. He shouts out, "You don’t get me! I get you first" He walks away from the coffin and suddenly rose petals fall one by one on the dead body. Luke is still walking and he ends up in a maze. He is lost and he hears Laura’s voice. She tells him to take her hands and she will take care of him. He shouts for her to stay with him and never leave him. The dream is over and Luke suddenly awakes. He is siting in his chair and he can’t believe the whopper of a dream that he has just had…

Stefan is dreaming and he dreams that he is with a girl and his brother comes in. They are children and the brother steals his boat and stomps on it. The brother tells him that he will take whatever he wants from Stefan. They are children in this scene. The brother leaves and now Stefan is an adult. Alexis appears and so does Chloe. He stares at Chloe. Alexis tells him to be strong and to have faith in himself. Chloe walks up to him as Alexis leaves. He tells Chloe that he loves her. She can help him because she can be the one thing that Stavros can’t have forever. Chloe and Stefan kiss and then they move to the bed knocking over the flowers in the flower vase. Stefan walks into his bedroom and finds that the man making love to Chloe is not he, but Stavros. Stavros turns and laughs at him. The dream is over and Stefan wakens. He sees that the flower vase with the flowers beside the bed is toppled over onto the floor….

Scottie is dreaming. He is in a movie with Laura and they are doing a love scene. Luke is the director and he shouts, "Cut!" He doesn’t believe for a second that he loves Laura. Laura looks out to the audience and sees that someone is there. She is afraid. She doesn’t know who is out there, but she is afraid of him. That isn’t in the script that is for real. Luke is acting in a scene with Laura. He works with Laura and Scottie jumps in and stops the scene. Laura turns to the audience and asks the two men in her life, "Who will save us from him?" Luke tells her that he already suggested that no one was there. Laura tells her men that the man out there never left.

Felicia is dreaming: Luke is crossing a bridge and some James Bond music goes on. Felicia shows up and she is dressed in a snazzy, shiny jumpsuit. She has something for him. They pull the disc out of the water and she has cracked the code. She has freed Lucky. He grabs her face and tells her that he loves her. He wants her for the rest of his life. He loves her even more than he loved Laura. He kisses her and he turns his head to see a red rose at the end of the bridge. He knows that he must have that rose for himself. He offers to go and get it. He goes to the flower and walks on water to get it. She begs him to come back, but he doesn’t he just keeps going and going and going and going….

Melissa is screaming: Roy and Melissa are in Chicago, but still helping Luke in Port Charles. It is funny how they can be in two places at once. The amazing thing is why they left Chicago. They don’t discuss that any further. Melissa wants him to play her favorite song and Roy does just that. The music takes care of itself and Roy rises to dance with Melissa. She makes him feel good. She wants him to tell her that. He goes to kiss her and she stops him. She sees some roses in the room and wonders where they came from. She doesn’t really care and she asks him to kiss her. Roy turns into Stavros and she suddenly finds herself trying to fight him off as he pushes himself on her.

Roy is dreaming: Melissa gets trapped in the service elevator and falls to her death. He is there and he tries to stop her from running into the elevator, but that doesn’t work. He watches helplessly as she enters the elevator and the door shuts and then the elevator plunges her to her death. He finds her finally on her back dead with blood coming from her mouth. "NO!" He shouts…. The dream is over and he wakes covered in sweat trying to remember that what he just saw in his mind was a dream…

Gia is dreaming: He is in bed with Gia and she loses her pillow. When she leans over to get it, Nikolas disappears and Helena appears. She has Nikolas naked and tied up. Gia shows Helena her ring and warns her to let Nikolas go. Batman music starts. Helena releases Nikolas and he goes running to Gia. Helena runs off. Gia and Nikolas get back in bed and a man appears holding a red rose. She has no powers against him. Nikolas then disappears from the bed…

Nikolas is dreaming: he is dressed in royal garb and he is with Helena. She wants him to come back to the family. She gives him something to drink. She tells him that he is his father’s son and he has always been. Gia and Laura run up and tell Nikolas to stop drinking. It is poison. Gia asks Nikolas nicely, to come with her. He doesn’t want to do that. Laura reminds him that he is still her son. Nikolas only cares that he is Stavros’ son. Gia tries to show Nikolas that he is the man that she loves. She takes him to a mirror and shows him his likeness. It is the face of Stavros that he sees. The mirror speaks to him, "My son." He dream is over and he wakes to find Gia sleeping safely beside him. He snuggles up to her and tries to have a peaceful sleep has she has managed to find.

Laura is dreaming: She is dancing with Luke to a slow song and she is wearing a pink flowing gown with feathers. They look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. They twirl and twirl as they dance and she is very happy. They seem to be dancing in front of Wyndhams. She is now wearing a wedding gown and she has red roses in her hair. She is still dancing with Luke. Luke tells her that she can go back to an old love. A voice bellows out, "You certainly can!" Luke disappears. Laura calls for him, "Luke! Luke!" He is not there, but she sees red roses in the distance and she shivers in fear of them. Laura wakes from her dream and is terrified from it. What did it mean? She looks at the foot of her bed and she sees a vase with some red roses there. That terrifies her. She can’t be still dreaming. What is going on?