General Hospital Update Monday 7/2/01


General Hospital Update Monday 7/2/01

By Glynis

Laura and Scottie are kissing in their suite. She loves every minute of the time that they spend together. He had just given her a romantic time of making movies dressed as old-time stars and now he has taken her to the room. He tells her that they could have a time like this everyday. She still isnít ready for a commitment to him. Scottie fears that she isnít ready because of Luke again. He knows what it must have been like to have to sign the divorce papers. She is hesitating and he thinks that it is because of either Luke or him. Maybe she isnít sure where this is headed. She assures him that his ideas are not valid. It is more of the life that she had with Luke. She had to get used to the idea of being divorced and now this. In Scottieís own way he understands. He is not going to push her but when she realizes that he is crazy for her and that he is ready to go, he will be there for her. She is like a gift that fell into his lap from no where. This is great. They are in Hollywood and they are having cheese and crackers. He hasnít been happier. He thinks that they should do something wonderful. He takes her over to a bag that he brought with them. They look at the pictures of them dressed as movie stars. Her favorite costume was when she was dressed for Casablanca, but he liked her dressed like Cleopatra. She liked him dressed as Marc Anthony. They laugh at the fun that they had.

Melissa and Roy are stuck in an elevator in the hospital. They have been taken down from the basement level and they donít know what they are to expect when the door finally opens. This is spooky beyond words. They will not be rescued because of where they are. Roy is sure of that. Roy decides to lift Melissa up so that she can push on the opening of the elevator roof. She gets it open and then she screams. Roy brings her back down and inquires as to what is wrong. She tells him that she saw a rat up there on the elevator. The elevator starts to move again. They brace themselves for what is to come.

Emily is in the hospital and she has just moved her feet after having thought that she was crippled. Alan wants to do a few simple tests while they have the chance. She has feeling in her feet and all laugh in the room. Everything is going to be great. They are going to have her back to normal. She is going to have a full recovery. Skye enters the room and Emily is glad to see her. She tells that she can feel her feet and everything is going to be fine. Skye wants to know why there are guards outside the door. That question is ignored and Monica moves to a question that she has had on her mind. She found a lot of money in Emilyís backpack and she wants to know where that money came fromÖ

Sorel is talking to his henchman. He has been unable to find Sonny and they are going to have to look harder for him. He has to be somewhere and someone has to be helping him. Sorel demands that he be found. He will settle for nothing less.

Sonny is with Angel in her house. She is covered with mud. Sonny helped her out and has been cleaning her up. He was able to help her but she is sure that she would have been okay anyway. He continues to wipe her clean. She likes that he is helping her. They look into each otherís eyes. He brings her some water and she starts cleaning herself up. They are smiling and happy to be with each other. She decides to go and have a shower. She thanks him again for picking her up out of the mud. She walks off and he stands alone thinking to himself. There is a lot to consider. He goes to the phone and dials a number. He talks to Benny and tells him that Mike knows where he is but he is to be given no more information. Benny wants him to return, but Sonny canít do that right now. He will phone again as soon as he gets a chance.

Lucky is with Elizabeth and Kevin and he is upset that his father refuses to stop his vendetta with the CassadinesÖ Helena is off in a corner telling Nikolas that he will never be able to get through to the Spencers.  Nikolas tells her that he will continue to be a friend and brother to Lucky. Helena wishes him no harmÖ At another part of the restaurant, Stavros is watching Luke who is momentarily alone. Stavros hates him with a passion and wishes him dead. Luke is not aware yet that Stavros is alive and will soon find out. Gia enters and finds Luke sitting there alone. She asks Luke what his problem is. She tells him to wake up and face reality. The boys are brothers and they want to work together. She finds him twisted and stupid for not being able to see what is in front of him. She thinks that he should be thanking Nikolas for trying to help. If he does try to hurt Nikolas again, Luke is going to find out that she is not someone that should be toyed with. Luke laughs at her but finds her charming and beautiful. She walks off, annoyed at his reactionÖ Helena is trying to convince Nikolas to return to his rightful place in the family when Gia returns and convinces him to leave her and her proposals. Nikolas agrees with her that they should leaveÖ Lucky is telling Kevin that he is sure that his brainwashing episodes are over. Kevin is sure that Lucky should stay home and concentrate on straightening out his life. Elizabeth is there for him. Lucky thinks back to the times when he was on the run and these were great times. He remembers being in Vancouver and smelling the fresh air. He remembers the coffee and the routine that he had. His parents were great then. They would take an hour off in the afternoon and go hiking. No matter how weird his parents are, Elizabeth reminds him that they love him. He feels that they are using their love for an excuse. He thinks that now things are going to get a lot worse before they get betterÖ Helena is alone now and she turns to get up from her chair when she sees Stavros before her. She is shocked. He keeps turning up in places where he shouldnít. She asks him what he is doing, but he only smiles at her. He wants to know what she was talking to Nikolas about. She tells him that Nikolas is almost ready to return to the family. Stavros wants his son to speak to him. Helena reminds him again that he should wait so that they can have everything that they want. Stavros almost killed Luke that night. He wants to talk to Laura. He would like to speak to her as well.

AJ arrives at the hospital and finds Sonnyís men there waiting to talk to him about Michaelís paternity. Sonny is demanding AJís cooperation with leaving Michael with Carly. If he doesnít cooperate, he will have to suffer the consequences.

Angel returns in a satin robe to talk to Sonny some more and she has questions. He doesnít know why she cares what he does or doesnít do. She raises his shirt from the back and she touches his wound. He likes the feeling but is afraid of it at the same time. She seemed to want to say something but it doesnít matter now. She finds him attractive and it would be easy toÖ but they are both too smart to take what is too easy. They understand each other and will not take advantage of each other. She wants him to stay until he is ready to go. She takes a drink from him and he pours himself another.  They decide to have a toast. "To mud in my eye." They clink glasses. She is not like any of the women that he has even known. He couldnít sleep before because of noises in his head, but now he hears nothing but quiet.

AJ arrives at the hospital as Emily decides to tell her family that she was going to run away. She says that she got the money that they found on her because she stole the money. She will apologize later for it. Alan and Monica and AJ leave the room, but AJ stays and hears Skye asking Emily why she didnít tell the truth. Why she didnít say that Skye was the one that gave them the money. Skye tells them that she didnít give the note to Emilyís parents. She is going to go but she will be back the next day. She leaves the room and meets her father in the hall. Alan wants to know why Skye is so upset. She says that she is just happy that Emily is going to be okay. She really cares for Emily and Alan in turn cares for Skye. He takes her in his arms. AJ watches everything from a distance. Alan is sure that she is going to fit nicely into the family. He walks off. AJ walks up and tells Skye that he likes watching her acting skills mature. He wants to talk about Emily admitting to ripping her off. Skye tells him that Emily is her sister and that she is grateful that she is okay.

Helena and Stavros are at the elevator and they hear the elevator moving on its own. Stavros hides and Helena is standing there when the elevator door opens and Melissa and Roy are found inside. They say that they were in the elevator looking for a private place to be alone. They walk off together as if they were lovers. Helena is feeling very suspicious about them. Stavros comes out of hiding and demands to know who they were.

Gia comes outside the house and finds Nikolas sitting by himself. She tells him that he should come inside soon. She goes in and there is some whistling. Nikolas follows the whistling and finds Luke hiding in the bushes. They are happy that their plan is going as they wanted. Nikolas searches the outside of the house to make sure that no one is around to see them talking. Once he is sure that they are alone, he returns to Luke who looks happy as a pig in mud. Luke is very pleased with Nikolasí acting skills. They have to forget that they are on the same side to make this plan really work. Luke thinks that he takes a good punch. Luke gets a call and has to go right away.

Emily is so relieved that she is going to be okay. She will need therapy but she will be okay. The guard knocks and tells her that he is going on break and would like to bring her something if she needs it. She needs nothing and he leaves. Zander goes back to kissing his girlfriend. The guard leaves and goes to his phone. He calls Sorel and tells him that he canít get near the kids because there are so many people coming and going. Sorel tells him to stay on the job so that he can get both the kids in the end.

AJ is rummaging through Skyeís drawers and discovers evidence that tells him that Skye was in on Emily getting her money all the time. He finds that to be typical. He takes the evidence and puts it in his pocket.

Helena is in the elevator with her son and they discuss the pushy little nurse. She tells Stavros that Roy is Lukeís best friend. Stavros is not worried; he knows what has to be done.

Roy and Melissa are telling Luke what happened to them in the elevator. They donít know exactly where they were. They know that the elevator must belong to Helena. What was she doing?