General Hospital Update Friday 6/29/01


General Hospital Update Friday 6/29/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

The lights go out at Angel's house. Sonny seems suspicious. Angel goes to check it out and lights some candles, puts on romantic music. Sonny admires her. She tells him that she was "pampered" growing up but now she likes doing things for herself. He thinks she likes the control. She says it makes her feel "free". She asks him the difference. They both say that it costs them (his control, her freedom). Angel talks about how beautiful it is there in the spring. She checks something outside. He hears her yell and goes running. Angel slipped in the mud and is sitting in the garden, her beautiful white dress ruined and mud on her face. He helps her up and wipes mud off her face. Sonny leads her inside so he can help her clean the mudd out of her eye and clean off. He goes to find something for her. She is concerned about if he opened his stitches, but he's fine. He wipes off her face and tells her she looks "silly".

Scott still tries to convince Laura that they were making a "big movie". Lights come on and there are two directors chairs. Laura hugs him happily. They kiss. They are making their own "Gone with the Wind" with Laura as Scarlett and Scott doing a pretty good Clark Gable imitation. They are wearing the costumes and everything. She asks why he's so good to her and he says, "Because quite frankly, Scarlett, I DO give a damn". Then they play keystone cops and end up kissing again. Next they are playing Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Scott has trouble drawing his sword and they have to keep redoing the scene. Then they do Casablanca but Scott asks Laura how she wants the movie to end. They kiss and then walk off together. Laura and Scott go back to their hotel room that has a beautiful view of HOllywood. She thanks him for an amazing day. He tells her that they have a chance to finish what they started long ago and have a happy ending. He tells her that he loves her and that he always has. They kiss.

Melissa seems some suspicious men moving some boxes around. She was asking what's in them but they say they don't know. They look kind of dangerous. The boxes say "STX" on the side. Melissa tells Roy that she found something. She asks him about the letters STX and tells him about the late-night delivery she saw. Roy is annoyed at how she's risking her life but says she'll check it out. Melissa jokes about being his "moll" and puts on a funny voice. They talk about their previous life together for a second, when she helped him out. They go to the freight elevator together. The boxes are gone. Melissa wants to help Roy look but he keeps trying to dissuade her from risking her life with the Cassadines. They go up in the freight elevator to see what else they can find. The elevator stops suddenly; they are stuck between floors. Roy can't call out with his cell phone. Melissa kicks herself for not telling anyone that they were going there. They look for ways to get out and wonder if someone might come by to get them out. They laugh at the situation, which reminds her of a previous experience they had in Chicago. They recall that last time it happened, they passed the time making love. She wonders how they will pass it this time. She realizes that is the past. They start yelling to get help. The elevator starts going again. But this time it goes down--below the basement. They wonder where they're going.

Luke starts a fight with Nikolas. Lucky tries to intervene. Luke yells at Nikolas that he's been working with Helena all along. Nikolas gets clued in to the game Luke's playing while Stavros watches from afar. Lucky stands up for Nikolas, saying he would never do that. Helena comes in and wonders what the commotion is about. Luke and Nikolas are both bleeding from the mouth. Kevin is there and helping keep them apart. Luke keeps trying to get Nikolas to admit that he's been working with Helena. Helena defends Nikolas. Luke's plan is working. He and Nikolas keep arguing. Nikolas tells them that he doesn't want to be a Cassadine but he can't be a Spencer with Luke acting this way. Lucky takes Luke outside to get air. Gia phones Taggert but Liz tells her not to go through with it. They bicker. Liz convinces Gia that Nikolas wouldn't want that, so she hangs up.

Outside, Luke has a cigar. Lucky tells him that he wants him to stop hurting his brother. Luke says he's his enemy. Lucky kicks a chair and tells Luke off. He tells him that if Luke can't accept Nikolas, he might lose Lucky. Liz comes out just in time to hear the argument. She puts her two cents in, trying to keep the peace. Luke keeps up the act. Lucky storms off. Liz begs Luke not to do this. After she leaves, Luke looks upset. Stavros hovers nearby with his piano wire in his hands, ready to choke Luke.

Kevin asks Nikolas if he did anything to provoke Luke but Nikolas denies it. Nikolas says it was a mistake to try to deny that he is a Cassadine. Helena comes up so Gia says, "Take your voodoo somewhere else, granny, okay?" LOL Nikolas asks Gia to leave them alone. Helena asks Nikolas what he wants to do. After some hedging, he tells her how much he hates Luke. She points out that if he really feels that he doesn't belong anywhere, then maybe he should become a Cassadine again.

Zander watches the storm and then flies to Emily's bed as she wakes up, scared by the storm. She tells him her dream, where he is handing her a pixie stick and then they were on the bus turned into the nightmare of their bus accident. She's thirsty so he gets her some water. She freaks out when she realizes that she can't move her legs. He tries to get her to calm down but it doesn't work. She wants to know what he knows, but he doesn't want to tell her anything. Monica and Alan rush in so she wants to know why she can't feel her legs and if the swelling in her back is really the problem. Alan honestly tells her that they don't know when the paralysis will last. Monica says it's too early to tell, and Zander agrees. Alan tells her not to dwell on it and just get better. Zander helps her forget by painting a picture of fun times they had and what they will have in the future. He asks her to close her eyes and he reminds her of her prom. Suddenly Emily moves her leg and they are all amazed. She thanks Zander but he says she did it on her own.