General Hospital Update Thursday 6/28/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/28/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Angel tells Sonny that she wants him to stay. Sonny cooks for her and complains that she should use fresh herbs, not bottled ones. She explains that rabbits ate them, so he says she should get a better fence, or a dog. She points out that he had made her think that he didn't know his way around the kitchen. He smiles with those dimples and hedges. She is glad to see him smile, but it doesn't last long. Angel helps Sonny cut up some celery. He shows her how to cut it faster; in doing so, they are very close and he is touching her hands. It's an intimate moment. He suggests she pour the wine while he finishes the celery. She sees the wedding ring that he left on the porch. She is learning more about him. They each say that there are things that the other doesn't know about each of them. Later, Sonny picks up the ring and puts it in his pocket, while Angel watches. There is a storm brewing outside. Angel says that "they say a storm makes everything more powerful, heightens the senses". There is a big crack of thunder and they are brought closer together. Sonny looks a little scared and unsure of what the circumstances might lead them to.

Bobbie tries to convince Carly that she should divorce Sonny. Carly reminds her that she, Carly, sold out Sonny. Mike tells Bobbie to stay out of it and that things could get much worse. Mike talks about how Sonny feels about betrayal. Bobbie thinks that Sonny should have stuck to his wedding vows. Mike mentions that Sonny needs some time and it doesn't matter where he is or who he's with. Bobbie catches that last part and jumps to the conclusion that Sonny is with "another woman", which of course Carly hears. Mike tries to downplay what he saw. Carly asks him to swear that there is no one else. Mike swears that he hasn't seen Sonny since the day he left, so that mollifies her. Bobbie tries to get Carly to "face reality". Carly is unmovable so Bobbie bids them goodbye. Carly tells Mike that she hasn't lost Sonny and that Sonny loves her. Who is she trying to convince, though? Then Carly collapses and cries, saying that everyone's gone. She asks Mike to stay the night to keep her company, and he agrees. She watches the lightening and rain outside.

Gia can't believe that Lucky and Liz haven't made any wedding plans yet. Lucky says she should back off and that they didn't want anything fancy. Gia uses her PR skills and her celebrity modeling to get the manager of the Grill to let them use it for their wedding.

Nikolas offers to go back to being a Cassadine so that he can spy on them for Luke and the others. Luke doesn't know why Helena and Stefan would believe Nikolas. Nikolas says he has a plan to make it work--pretend to hate Luke so they believe him. Luke laughs. He doesn't want to trust Nikolas; he says that Nikolas is too "green" to convince Helena of anything. Luke points out that Nikolas has no motive that will convince Stefan and Helena. Nikolas says that he will tell them that he wants the money. Luke says that might work but he can't help Nikolas. He points out that Nikolas is supposed to be protecting Lucky and that isn't working, either. They argue. Nikolas tells Luke how much he loves Lucky. Luke tells him that he's not responsible; it's about him and Helena, and he and Lucky are "only pawns in the game". Nikolas says he can't leave the board until Lucky does. He talks about how scary it is to see Lucky programmed. Their argument grows heated and Nikolas storms out. Just then, Helena is walking back and wonders what's going on. Helena asks Luke what he did to Nikolas. "Not nearly enough" Luke says, but that will change. He realizes now that Nikoals is just as bad as the rest of them. He grabs her face and says he's changing the game. He whispers, "Now it's Lucky for Nikolas" and then he kisses her roughly and leaves.

Chloe makes a deal with Stavros, who is distracted by Lucky's entrance. He turns on the charm and tells her that it's been too long since he's been with such a beautiful woman. She wonders where he's been so he says he's been in a "colder climate". When she asks him about being in Port Charles, he mentions some acquaintances he has in town, including Stefan. She can't believe the amazing coincidence. Stavros says that and Stefan have common business enemies. She asks him if he knew Stavros. He smiles and says, "Quite well". Chloe would like to get some information about Stavros from "a different perspective" so he can help Stefan. Stavros says that Stavros was just "misunderstood" and describes himself in glowing terms. Chloe realizes it's late and rushes off.

Stavros overhears Gia telling the Grill manager that she is "extremely close" to Nikolas. The manager tells Gia that she's "a little too pushy" and brushes her off. Lucky and Liz tells her that it's okay, but Gia's not done yet. She keeps trying. Stavros comes up and asks her if she's the Face of Deception and says that he's seen her pictures. He flatters her. Lucky sees Nikolas and calls him over; Gia brushes by Stavros to go greet Nikolas. Stavros' eyes sparkle with feeling. Gia turns to excuse herself but Stavros is already gone. Nikolas sees Stavros and asks if it's really him. Nikolas can't believe it. After Stavros tells him that he's proud, Nikolas tells him that he promises he will do whatever it takes to be just like him. Obviously this is Stavros' daydream. Stavros seems overcome with emotion. Luke walks in and punches Nikolas, to the shock of all of them.

At a restaurant, Laura and Scott plan their excursion in southern California. They talk about a trip they took to California before and they want to do similar stuff. Scott presents Laura with a purple parasol. She remembers that he gave her one last time, too. He shows her a photographer that he hired to follow them and take pictures (kinda creepy!). She is touched that Scott went to so much trouble. Scott gives Laura another present, too. It's a souvenir, a fake HOllywood star with her name on it. She laughs and they leave. Next we see them walking around a Hollywood set. He says they're going to shoot a movie. She doesn't believe him. He keeps telling her that she's going to star in his movie.