General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/27/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/27/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned tells Zander that they all have to keep covering (i.e. pretending to Emily that 
everything is fine, even though they are all worried about her and about Sorel). Liz comes 
by to visit Em. Ned suggests Zander get some rest. He won't. Ned tries to make Zander see 
that Emily might be paralyzed for life. Ned asks what he would do if that happened. Zander 
says it wouldn't change the way he feels about her. He explains how he had nothing when he 
met Emily and she gave him a life. Ned doesn't know if he can trust him to stick around. 
Zander tells him how much he loves Em. Alexis comes up in the middle of their conversation. 
Ned is finally starting to understand how much Zander loves Emily. Alexis says that's nice 
to hear. 

There is local news coverage so I missed some stuff here...Ned and Alexis get into an 
argument about Stefan and Chloe. Even though Alexis basically agrees that Stefan should 
stay away from Chloe, she thinks Ned is a little too worried about Stefan. She thinks that 
Stefan might be genuinely trying to change. Ned doesn't buy it. Alexis feels that maybe 
Ned lumps her in with Stefan as a Cassadine, too.

Liz gives Em a gift package of stuff for her. She shares that she and Lucky picked a 
wedding date. Em is thrilled. She tells Liz she snapped at a nurse. They joke around and 
then Liz asks Em to be her maid of honor. Emily happily agrees.

Lucky tries to wake Nikolas up but he's "out cold". Helena tells him that she would never 
hurt her grandson. Lucky goes toward Helena but she holds out a big piece of crystal, which 
stops him in his tracks. Nikolas starts to wake up but his vision is blurry. Helena says 
the fun is just beginning. Helena says, "no one can realize that you are still my friend" 
and that Lucky must "appear hostile" to her. Nikolas hears this but then faints again. 
Helena leaves. Lucky helps Nikolas up. Lucky thinks that a tripod fell over and hit 
Nikolas on the head. Nikolas says he's lying. Nikolas tells Lucky that Helena was here and 
hit him on the head. Lucky doesn't believe it, even when Nikolas tells him that Helena told 
him to remember it differently. Gia comes up and wants to know if Lucky hurt Nikolas. 
Nikolas covers, using Lucky's story. Liz comes up and fills them in about Emily. Nikolas 
suggests lunch. Gia doesn't want to go but Nikolas says he has to go do something so he 
wants Gia and Liz to take Lucky to the Grille, around a lot of other people, where he'll be 

Stavros says to Chloe in the elevator, "Aren't you Chloe Morgan, the designer?" and 
explains he's an investor in town on business. He says he'd like to run some ideas by her. 
She is intrigued. They chat. Stavros tries to be charming. They make plans to meet later.

Bobbie and Luke continue to look in the computer for information on the missing equipment 
that Helena had delivered to GH. Luke gets a weird chill when Stavros walks by. He leaves 
to go find Roy; he ends up getting into an elevator with a morgue attendant who has a dead 
body on a cart. Luke looks at the toe tag and it says "Luke Spencer". That freaks him out; 
he looks at the guy but doesn't know him. Outside the elevator, Stavros chuckles at the 
little prank he played. Luke walks by Stefan on his way to the room where Roy is. Luke 
thinks Stefan played the prank, but Stefan has no idea what he's talking about.

Roy explains to Melissa that there is more trouble coming and Lucky has already experienced 
some of it. Roy just wants to look around the storage room and asks her to look the other 
way. He starts back on the lock. Melissa frets. He opens it and they go inside. He shuts 
the door and things are kinda cozy. He looks around with a flashlight. Melissa realizes it 
has to do with Helena and pieces together some clues. She insists on helping him but he 
just wants her to go away. They argue. Luke walks in and Roy almost hits him over the head 
in defense. Melissa tells him that she will be their "eyes and ears in the hospital". Luke 
is skeptical. He tells her to mind her own business and get out. Roy agrees. Melissa 
tells them that Helena won't suspect her like she would Bobbie so she wouldn't be in as much 
danger as Bobbie would. Luke doesn't trust her and says maybe she's working for Helena. 
Roy tells him he's off-base. Melissa has a grudge against Helena because of what she did to 
a child, and for the slide with the virus that she stole. Melissa tells them that she is 
"not backing down". Roy sides with her. Luke tries to be obsinate but Roy tells Melissa 
about the equipment that was supposed to come into the hospital. Melissa says she hasn't 
seen the stuff but if she finds any of it, she will let them know. Roy and Melissa leave 
the room. Nikolas comes charging in to talk to Luke. He tells them that Helena has Lucky 

Mike stands there quietly while Carly questions him frantically about where Sonny is. He 
looks at Angel, who looks nervous. Sonny paces inside, wondering what he will do. Mike 
tells Carly that Sonny is "safe, somewhere where he can sort things out" and he will take 
her to someplace that Sonny might go. Carly's annoyed that he said he knew where Sonny was 
and then backed off. Mike, knowing Sonny's there, tells Angel that Carly's been upset since 
Sonny left. He says that they just want Sonny home and to be okay. Angel excuses herself, 
having gotten the message. Carly keeps quizzing Mike. Angel comes back out. Carly tells 
her that she shouldn't think Sonny is a monster just because he's a mobster. She tells her 
that he is strong, decent, and he cares about people. Mike puts the ring back; he and Carly 
leave. Sonny comes out, looking affected by their words. Angel goes to make dinner but he 
stops her, wondering why she doesn't care about what happened here. She says she'll listen 
if he wants. She says, "Carly loves you very much, doesn't she?" Sonny says Carly thinks 
she loves him but the proof is in what she does, not what she says. Angel tries to be 
sympathetic. Sonny says Carly couldn't live in his world even though she thought she could. 
He shares that he loves Michael like his own son. Angel says he wants to forgive her. 
Sonny doesn't know how he could live with someone he couldn't trust. He says, "It's 
impossible for any woman to accept what I do. In the end, how I live destroys the people 
around me. Even love isn't enough". Sonny packs so Angel asks where he's going.

Mike and Carly go back to the penthouse. Carly rants and raves about not finding Sonny. 
She wonders how she will explain it to Michael. She wants to write Sonny a letter telling 
him how she feels. Mike tries to talk her out of getting upset. She still wonders why he 
said he knew where Sonny is. Mike says he only knows that Sonny needs time alone and 
chasing after him won't work. Bobbie walks in just when Carly is wondering how she'll get 
Sonny back and tells her to "file for divorce".

Ned finally convinces Zander to get something to eat and clean up. Stefan comes by and 
tells them that security in the hospital should be better now. Chloe comes out and Stefan 
asks how Em is. Chloe is upset about seeing her there. Stefan offers his help and leaves. 
Ned can't believe Chloe is cozying up with Stefan again. He suggests that she meet some new 
men. Chloe tells him to mind his own business, gently, and leaves. She sees Stefan again 
and he asks her how to dinner but she declines for now. Stavros comes up and introduces 
himself as Lucien Kane. Chloe says she'll call him but he invites her to dinner. He is 
pushy but charming. Finally she agrees and chooses the Port Charles Grill.

Zander returns to Emily's bedside and sits next to her, watching her sleep. She awakens and 
he tells her that he'll never leave her side.