General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/26/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/26/01

By Suzanne

Gia and Lucky do a photo shoot on the wharf while Laura watches approvingly. Nikolas comes 
over and kisses Gia, messing up their shoot momentarily. Lucky and Nikolas jokingly fight 
about it. Lucky continues shooting her. Scott walks up and greets Laura. Nikolas keeps 
watching Gia. Scott tells Laura she's a genius. Alexis comes up and tells Laura she's 
doing great, too. But, Alexis asks Laura if she will reconsider letting Carly reap the 
benefits of Gia's success, since she discovered her. Scott argues on Laura's behalf; Alexis 
says that since Scott is representing A.J. in his suit to get custody of Michael, he can't 
represent Laura, too. Alexis points out that Sonny drew up the contract when he thought 
Carly had left town for good. Scott argues. Alexis says she feels sorry for Carly, who is 
always messing things up and is now losing her husband and maybe her son. Laura looks 
sympathetic, too. Scott points out that Sonny wanted Laura to have the company and knows 
that Carly will stab her in the back, too. Alexis and Scott start arguing about A.J. and 
Carly's fight over Michael. Laura says she thinks that Sonny fully intended for her to have 
the company. Alexis says okay and leaves. Scott suggests that Laura think about fun, 
romance, etc. She is unsure about leaving Lucky but he says he'll be fine. Scott teases 

Gia asks Nikolas what he thought about the photo shoot. Nikolas compliments her and they 
hug. Lucky takes pictures of both of them together. Laura makes sure Nikolas will be 
around Lucky so she can take off with Scott for one day. Gia goes to get changed. Nikolas 
phones to check on Emily and finds out there is no change. Lucky thanks Nikolas for 
visiting so he could keep an eye on him. Nikolas gets hit over the head and collapses. 
Helena stands there with two of her thugs.

Carly confronts Angel. Angel doesn't want to deal with her. Carly wants to settle things 
and barges her way into Angel's place. Sonny hides inside. Carly and Angel argue. Carly 
suggests that Angel is running a scam. Carly pulls out $5000 and offers Angel to settle out 
of court. She threatens her with Sonny's name. Angel tells Carly that she will have her 
lawyer drop the charges and then get an estimate on her car damage from the insurance 
company, and let Carly know. Carly insists that she call him now, but Angel says he's gone 
for the day. As usual, Carly is a pushy bitch. Angel wants to know why she's there. Carly 
says she somehow feels that Angel has taken something from her and she wants it back. Angel 
tells Carly she isn't trying to threaten her and offers her some lemonade. Carly is 
suspicious but thanks her. Carly says she is sorry for taking her life out on Angel. She 
explains that her life has been falling apart lately. Carly says she doesn't have a license 
because her best friend was killed in an auto accident; and her chauffeur quit so she was 
trying to "call his bluff" but she hit Angel instead. She says her name can't appear on a 
court record or her ex will use it to try to take away her son. She also says her husband 
may be gone for a long time and she's not her best without him. While Sonny listens, she 
says Sonny is everything to her and she's not sure she can make it without him. Carly 
notices the nice house and asks if she's been married. Then she prattles on about Sonny and 
how they work so well together. Angel phones and finds out that it was the parking lot 
attendant who filed the claim; she told her insurance guy not to pursue it. Outside, Mike 
finds Sonny's wedding ring. Carly thanks Angel for her help. Carly introduces Angel and 
Mike. Mike tells Carly that he's figured out where Sonny is.

Luke tells Roy that this boat off the wharf is owned by Helena, and it's very suspicious. 
They talk about what they've found so far. Luke says he had that weird dream again, he was 
chasing someone, but he couldn't see who. It was very creepy. Luke quizzes the harbor 
master, trying to steal his papers that say what the boats are. Roy fakes a heart attack to 
distract him so Luke can look at the papers, then Roy throws the guy in the water. Roy and 
Luke take off.

Chloe decides to leave Windemere but Stefan begs her to stay. He points out that he helped 
Laura escape Stavros so she could go back to LUke and he also says he will not lose Nikolas, 
who he will always think of as his son. Stavros listens from behind the wall, practically 
snarling when he hears Stefan boast about his betrayals. Stefan convincingly asks her help 
to protect Nikolas. Stavros flexes some wire that looks like he might use to choke Stefan. 
Stefan asks Chloe if he can put 5 million dollars in her name, for Nikolas. He wants her to 
channel these funds to Nikolas without his name being mentioned. Chloe says she'll think 
about it. Stavros shakes his head in amazement at Stefan's manipulations. Chloe tells 
Stefan that it's admirable how he wants to provide for Nikolas without him knowing. Stefan 
says he knows he has a long way to go before he can become the kind of man that Nikolas or 
she deserves. Stavros smirks while Stefan pours it on. Stefan then talks about Stavros, 
comparing himself to his brother and how unscrupulous he was. He says he was glad when he 
heard Stavros was dead, even though he's not proud of that. Stefan says he wouldn't have 
dropped the charges against Lucky if it weren't for her "encouragement". She says she will 
help him with the trust fund but she can't be his conscious, "You'll have to develop one of 
those on your own" she says. He takes her hands and thanks her. She looks uncomfortable. 
He tries to kiss his hands but she jerks them away. Chloe leaves just as Alexis arrives. 
Alexis chides him for bugging Chloe again. She reminds him how his obsession with Laura 
went. He said that was different because he was competing against Stavros, even after he 
died. Stavros looks like he's come to a conclusion as he rushes out of the secret hallway.

Melissa tells Bobbie how impressed she was with her in the ER the other day during the whole 
crisis. Bobbie returns the compliment. Melissa tells Bobbie that she found Carly outside 
during the nurse's ball, when Bobbie was busy in the ER, and that she listened and comforted 
her while Carly let out her tale of woe. She says that Carly is really upset about her 
marriage and possibly losing custody of her son. Melissa feels Carly is right "on the 
edge". Bobbie wonders why she's just now telling her. Melissa says that she knows Carly 
needs Bobbie, not her. Bobbie thanks her but in a very bitchy and insulting way. Luke and 
Roy come up and tell Bobbie about some information they found. Meaningful glances are 
exchanged all around. Melissa excuses herself. Luke quizzes Bobbie about the Cassadine 
shipping logs, which have many deliveries to General Hospital. Roy heads for room 86 to 
check it out because it was listed on the logs. Bobbie goes over the logs and says that the 
equipment listed there is mostly high-tech equipment that would go to a research lab, not 
GH. She also checks the computer and it says that none of the items ever arrived there. 
They try to figure out where it went. Luke tries to convince Bobbie to give Roy another 
chance but she says it's over. She says that none of them are the same people they were 
back then. She says that she wants a man that would have sent Melissa packing the first day 
she showed up. Luke praises her on her resolve. They keep searching in the computer for 
the equipment. Bobbie reaches a security blackout screen so he thinks they found something. 
She asks if he's heard from Sonny. Luke says he hasn't but he knows Sonny has property in 
the islands. She is worried about Carly. The computer screen comes back so they keep 

Roy is breaking into the room just as Melissa comes up behind him with a flashlight. He