General Hospital Update Monday 6/25/01


General Hospital Update Monday 6/25/01

By Suzanne

Gia brings Nikolas to a restaurant; he just wants to spend some romantic time with her. She hints that they are about to become a big famous rockstar-supermodel couple. He says no way. She reminds him how the crowd cheered for him at the Nurse's Ball. He has no interest in being a singer. She points out the good points of being a rock star, including that it would really irk his relatives. He doesn't buy it and reminds her that he's not ruled by what his family thinks. But, he admires her relentlessness. Her contact Johnny Miguchi from ABC arrives. Johnny explains that he is assembling the members for the new band for the ABC show "Making the Band". He met Gia and she suggested that Nikolas would be good for the singer position. Gia is scheduled to appear on the show, too. Johnny says he would like to audition Nikolas. Nikolas says he's not interested in a singing career but Johnny asks him to take his card in case he changes his mind. Johnny leaves. Gia and Nikolas kiss.

Stefan walks in and sees them, smiles, and walks away to give them privacy. He meets Chloe at the bar. She doesn't know why she agreed to meet him. He hems and haws, uncomfortable. He tells her he's not used to being wrong. They agree that he's arrogant, cold and ruthless, but he says he would like to change. He asks for her help in this. She doesn't quite get what he's asking. He says he wants to be the kind of person that someone like her could love. She is suspicious of his motives, naturally, and wonders what he's up to. He says that they once shared something and he hopes that this shows that there is hope for him. He says she's "kind and decent" so he wants her help to be that kind of person. Stefan points out how great Nikolas and Gia are together and he says that he tried to destroy them. Chloe says she can't help him; he just has to do become a better person. She advises him to consider other people's feelings and think about how he's messed up in the past. He plays on her feelings by pointing out that Helena hates him and loved his brother. He says he "hardened his heart" because of that and it's cost him everything. Chloe says she'll think about it. Stefan goes to say hi to Nikolas.

Stefan compliments Gia. Nikolas thanks him for dropping the charges against Lucky. Stefan says they look "happy together" and wishes them a "good evening". Nikolas returns to the bar and Chloe. She tells him there's "hope" for him. He asks her if she can go to Windemere with him to discuss it more privately. He smiles and they leave. Gia is amazed at how "smooth" and polite Stefan was. Nikolas isn't sure; he thinks maybe Stefan really has regrets.

Emily awakens and finds Zander sitting by her bedside. She thinks he should go home and rest. He won't leave her side. She asks about Sorel. He tells her to stop worrying about him and concentrate on getting better. Ned comes in with a flower; Emily is half-asleep. Ned is sporting a beard and mustache, which she admires, along with the flower. He asks how she is. Ned asks for a moment alone with her but Zander won't leave. Alan and Monica come in. Alan glares at Zander. Monica admires the flower. Ned asks Alan about Emily's real condition. Alan tells her that she has fluid in her spinal cord; they had hoped it would have gone down by now. They are taking things "one day at a time". A.J. visits Em, too. Outside, Ned asks Zander why he's so jumpy; is he guarding Emily from Sorel? Zander explains that Sorel sent someone after Emily. Ned cautions him not to do anything stupid. Zander intends to do what he can. Ned realizes Zander is "armed" and says he can end up in prison. Zander won't leave Emily unprotected. Just then he sees Sorel's man and takes off running after him, but he loses him. Ned asks what if Sorel only wants him. Zander says that Sorel doesn't work that way. Ned understands but offers his help. Ned says he can hire some armed guards, but Zander won't leave her. Alan wants to call security but Ned insists they have a talk. Ned tells them that they have to stop harrassing Zander. They don't understand why.

Zander keeps watching over Emily closely.

Sorel yells at his lackey that he can't believe Zander's luck. He vows to kill Zander, not only to make an example of him, but so that Sonny will come out of hiding. Later, Sorel's guy comes back and Sorel yells at him for not getting Zander and Emily. He plans to find Sonny through Carly.

Carly calls Benny on the phone and yells at him but he hangs up on her. A.J. walks in and hands her a court order that says she'd better tell him where Michael is. He says if she doesn't follow it, she could lose custody. She says she'd die before she'd let him near her son and she swings her arm to hit him, but he stops it. They argue violently. Alexis walks in, wondering what the fuss is about. Carly shows her the document. Alexis says that Carly has sole custody so she has the right to do what she wants with Michael. Carly and A.J. keep arguing. A.J. leaves, saying he'll see them in court. Alexis tells her to calm down. Carly begs Alexis to nail A.J. for her. Alexis agrees to help, for Sonny and Michael's sakes. Carly worries about where Sonny is and why she can't find him. Alexis suggests she give up trying for now. Alexis says she'll do her best but she suggests she not provoke A.J. or anyone else. As Alexis leaves, Carly gets a summons. She is being sued by Angel for driving without a license. Carly rants and raves. Alexis points out that she doesn't have a license so she shouldn't have been driving. Alexis questions her about the fender bender. Carly keeps ranting about Angel, which Alexis ignores. Carly thanks Alexis for her help and Alexis leaves, just as Mike is entering. Carly asks Mike to drive her somewhere RIGHT NOW!

Helena asks Stavros to do things her way and take things slowly, but he says he doesn't hae to listen to her because he's the prince. He plans to reclaim what's his. She pretends to be deferential. He wants to know how the Spencers turned his son against him and let them get close to him. She replies, "Your miserable, younger brother". Helena says that since Stefan was so obsessed with Laura, he didn't do his job with Nikolas. She explains that Stefan betrayed him by messing around with Laura on the island, and there in Port Charles, and that he even tried to claim Nikolas as his son. Stavros is livid and says, "Then Stefan dies, too". When she brings up Alexis, he says that she is "insignificant". Stavros' only concern is for where Stefan is. She advises him not to do anything "rash" or risky. Stavros says it's up to him to decide who lives and dies.

Stefan and Chloe return to Windemere. Stefan phones Mrs. Lansbury to get her some iced tea. Meanwhile, Stavros listens in behind the wall in the secret corridor.

Sonny sits on the couch. Angel fell asleep on his shoulder. When she awakens, she is embarrassed that she slept there all night and he didn't wake her. He didn't sleep all night, he tells her. She says he's not used to all the peace and quiet. He replies, "Well, I live my life at war". She gets him tea and wonders what he meant by that remark.  Sorel's name is brought up. Sonny berates Sorel and how awful he is. Angel seems upset and gets up, looking bothered. (Uh-oh, is she Sorel's daughter?) Sonny apologizes for upsetting her, figuring she is just appalled by how ugly his life is. She says she's seen the kind of world he describes but this is her "sanctuary" and it can't be touched by that. He asks her what "betrayal" she's running from. She says she doesn't like to think about her own life, but it keeps coming back to her. She says her marriage ended because of betrayal. Sonny can relate. Later, Sonny stares off the porch and thinks about his marriage vows. He takes off his wedding ring and puts it down on the fence post. He covers it up when Angel comes outside. She says, "You're thinking about leaving, aren't you?" He says he's got stuff to do, but he wants to stay and rest some more. They hear a car so Sonny goes inside to hide. Carly arrives to yell at Angel.