General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/20/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By Sandra

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Mike begs Sonny to talk to him and he does.  He let’s Mike know that he is all right.  Mike asks Sonny to call Carly and let her know that he is okay.  Sonny hangs up.


Carly and Angel bicker about the accident.  Carly informs Angel that she has the best insurance possible her husband, Sonny Corinthos.


Lucy is frantically getting the Nurses Ball put together and dealing with all the last minute details and changes since the Versailles Room has flooded.  Felicia arrives and offers her help while the hunky men of Port Charles run around doing Lucy’s bidding.  Scott shows up with Roy and Lucy lets him know Serena is arriving soon.  Kevin tells Lucy to calm down.  Each year she worries and it gets better every year.  Felicia and Kevin beg her to make her yearly proclamation, which she does.  “This is going to be the greatest Nurses Ball ever. Right?”


Alan is looking for Emily while Skye tags along as asked by Emily.  AJ says maybe Emily is in the hotel looking for Alan and he goes off to check.  Alan tells Skye that it must be hard to see Emily getting so much attention but that when Em goes to college he’ll have more time to spend with her.  They hug and Alan goes off while Skye pulls Em’s letter from her purse.  She looks like she is torn about what she’s done --- getting rid of the “favorite daughter.”  


Emily and Zander arrive at a bus depot.  Emily wonders why they aren’t taking faster transportation since Skye gave them so much money.  Zander bumps into someone who recognizes them.  He makes a telephone call and informs Sorrel that the kids are there.  He asks what he needs to do about them while Emily and Zander hit the snack machines for trip munchies.


Mac and Felicia run into one another.  She gives Mac a kiss on the cheek from Robin who can’t attend this year since she has final exams.  The discuss Robin’s good life.   Laura arrives and runs into Scott who escorts her to her table after telling her how beautiful she looks.


Lucy is having clothing problems as usual.  Kevin has the earrings she is looking for and she is amazed that he can do what Amy couldn’t.    Lucy gets a sudden chill and a wave of anxiety.  Kevin discounts it as nerves or not eating.  Lucy says she has a really bad feeling about tonight while Kevin looks concerned.


Carly notes that Sonny’s name appears to ring a bell for Angel.  Angel says that she has seen Sonny’s name in the paper.   A valet appears asking for their id.  Angel hand over her id and Carly notes Angel’s address.   She sarcastically says she hopes Carly’s day gets better.  Carly says it is now that you are leaving.


Sonny is wandering around Angel’s waiting for her to come back and looks at the phone as if he’s deciding what to do about calling Carly.


Sorrel says he wants to flush Sonny out.  If something happens to the Smith kid or Quartermaine girl then that ought to do it.    Em notes that noone looks too menacing while the henchman talks to Sorrel.  They play a game by looking at people and deciding what they do for a living.  Em says the lady over there is a hairdresser and she’s on her way to a convention.    Zander picks out the henchman in the Hawaiian shirt and says he’s a surfer going to a contest.  Em says he doesn’t look like a surfer.   They agree and Zander says there is a girl with a sweater cap who is brave and smart – realizing he’s talking about her she adds “And she’s in love.”  Plans finalized with Sorrel the bad guy confirms that at the first stop they make he’ll take care of them.  Emily and Zander kiss oblivious to the danger sitting right across from them.


Lucy appears and welcomes everyone to the 8th Annual Nurses Ball.  AJ appears at the Quartermaine table and says Emily hasn’t been seen at the hotel.  Back in line to board the bus Emily tells Zander she could not have let Zander leave without her.   However, Em feels badly about not being at the Ball.  Zander suggests that Emily leave her family a message she thanks him and goes to the phone.


Alexis opens her door to Carly.  Carly is on a rampage and wants to hire Alexis to sue Laura, AJ (who is threatening a custody suit) and Angel.  Alexis looks at the contract and says that Scotty and Laura are right.  There is a betrayal clause in the contract that Sonny had Alexis prepare when he gave her the additional shares of Deception.  If you betray or deceive Sonny in any way, then his shares revert back to him.  Since you turned him into the FBI you lose.  She says she won’t represent Carly against Laura, AJ or the poor woman who had the misfortune of having your car run into her.  They bicker over Carly’s intentions and Alexis’.  Mike arrives and says he has spoken to Sonny and that he is alive.   Carly breaks down and Mike hugs her.


Angel arrives home and calls out to Sonny.  She apologizes for taking so long and gives Sonny his antibiotics.  She also lets him know she wants to change his bandage before dinner.  He tells her that the sunset was spectacular, he’s sorry she missed it but since she lives out here maybe she is used to it.  She says she never takes anything for granted.  Handing him a glass of water and the pills she says “By the way, I met your dead wife today.”  Sonny is shocked.


Lucy gives a moving speech about AIDS/HIV awareness and compassion for those living with the disease.   While great strides have been made there is still no cure.   Reach into your pockets she implores them to keep giving their money and their compassion.  She receives a standing ovation.


You met Carly?  Sonny asks.  She recounts the accident.  Sonny let’s her know that Carly doesn’t drive which explains why she couldn’t produce a drivers license.  Angel says that she didn’t tell Carly where he was.  She says that someone betrayed him, a woman, and that it was the same woman who gave him the angel that he wanted to throw away.  Angel says he wears a wedding ring but told her his wife was dead, yet she’s met his very much alive wife.  As she leaves for the kitchen she says they never have to discuss his wife again.


As the nurses prepare for the opening number they are suddenly paged.  There is an emergency at the hospital and they rush out.  Edward and Lila come in and Edward suggests she use her second number instead which Lucy says no.  Lila comes up with an idea to save the show.  They look devilishly at Edward who tells them to forget whatever they are thinking.


Mike tells Carly that Sonny didn’t tell him anything.  Carly wants to know if Mike let him know how much she needs to hear from him.  Mike says I told him.  And he didn’t care she says.  She leaves Alexis’ and sinks to the floor crying at losing the man she loves so much.


Sonny makes a trip outdoors with Angel.  Angel says that sometimes on moonless nights like tonight she rows out to the middle of the lake and it feels like you are floating in outer space.   It frees you.  They sit looking at the lake.  Sonny lightly dozes on the patio and hears Angel open the door.  She gives him a blanket so that he can stay out there if he wants.   He looks at her and pats s the seat next to him.  Angel sits down and they share a look but no words.

Back at the hospital it is a bus accident that has pulled the nurses away from the Nurses Ball.  Bobbie informs Alan that this is only the first wave that there is more coming.  At the crash site victims are strewn everywhere including Zander and…where is Emily?  Zander wakes and frantically searches for her.

Lucy appears onstage and apologizes for the delay but they are now ready to start the show.    Hit it ladies she says and guess who that is behind those feathers, singing “Its In His Kiss?”   Edward singing the lead.  The audience laughs hysterically, as Mac, Roy, AJ and Taggert flit around the stage with their feathers covering and uncovering Edward as he sings.  

There are injured people everywhere in the halls.  Nurses and doctors scurry quickly from person to person.  Alan is monitoring and coordinating the scene.  Skye appears and tries to give Alan Em’s letter but he says he’s busy now.   Back at the crash scene Zander is still looking for Emily.  He finds her, but she won’t wake up.  HELP!!!!!! Zander desperately screams.  The unconscious assassin lies very near Emily.