General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/20/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/13/01

By Glynis

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Sonny admits to his father that he is all right. Mike tells Sonny that he has to get in touch with Carly because she is going out of her mind. Sonny promptly hangs up. He is alone in the house, as Angel has gone out. He looks at the phone and walks over to it.

Carly has just crashed into Angel who was going into town to get some things. Angel goes to get her insurance information, but Carly produces nothing. She tells Angel that she has the bet insurance possible, her husband, Sonny Corinthos. Angel smiles at that. She admits that she has heard of Sonny from time to time. She has to go. Carly gets a glance at Angelís ID and sees her address. Angel lays the blame at Carlyís feet. Carly pretends that she has ID in her other bag. Angel tells her that her insurance company will be in touch with her later. Angel gets in her car to leave.

Lucy is getting the Nursesí Ball in full swing. All are there to help out to raise money for AIDS. Melissa shows up and Lucy gets her to work with the costumesÖ Rosy shows up with Scott and they have equipment useful for the show. Lucy tells Scott that she is grateful for him helping out with the Ball. Felicia and Kevin show up and give Lucy a thumbs up sign.

Alan is with Skye and they are looking for Emily so that they can do their act together. No one has seen Emily anywhere. Skye has secrets, but she wonít tell. It canít be easy for her to see her sister getting all the attention, but Alan promises her that they are going to have a lot to look forward to. He kisses her cheek and hugs her. She always marvels at how kind he is. She is alone now and she reaches into her purse to take out the note that Emily wanted her to give to her parents explaining that she has left town.

Emily and Zander are in disguise and on their way. They have sunglasses on and hats and they kiss. They bump into a man at the bus station. He gets on his phone after they pass him. He is a cohort of Sorelís and he reports to Sorel right away that he has found Zander and his little girlfriend. He is awaiting instructions on what to do next. Sorel canít believe his good fortune. What is he going to do with this little gem? Sorel wants to get Sonny to come out into the open. The kid is going to do that for him. The culprit that works for Sorel understands. He is sitting across from Zander and his girlfriend. Zander and Emily are not aware that they are being watched. They start to play a game. They pick a person and try to figure out what kind of life that person has. She tries it with a lady and they end up laughing. Now it is Zanderís turn. He turns to Sorelís employee. He thinks that the man is going to a surfing contestÖbut he is really out of shape. Zander plays the game with Emily. He thinks that she is brave and smart and in love. The henchman gets his orders. The first stop that the bus takes, he will make his move on both the kids. Unaware that they are being watched. Zander and Emily kiss like there is no one else in the world. They get in line to get their bus and they talk about her parents and how Zander is worried for how they are going to feel about her leaving. He thinks that they should call her parents the first stop that they make. That makes her happy. The henchman is following them in the line.

Kevin takes Lucy for a surprise. He has the whole set ready. She is happy. The whole crew is there and she runs and kisses them all in thanks for getting the area ready for the show. Everybody runs to get readyÖ. Felicia runs to Mack and she tells him that Robin called and she sent a kiss for him. She sounds fabulous and she has a good life over thereÖ Laura arrives at the party and Scott is there to greet her. He shows her to her seat. She takes his arm.

Lucy is getting ready for the Ball with Kevinís help. She doesnít have the right accessories for her outfit and Kevin happened to have picked up her earrings and presents them to her. She is so thankful to him. She doesnít want this to be jinxed but she has a premonition that something is going to go wrong. This isnít nerves. She has a flash of something. She has a really bad feeling.

Melissa sees Edward arriving at the hospital for the Ball and he compliments her on her dress. He is to meet his son there and go to the roof with him. He thinks that Lucy could have found somewhere else to have the Ball. She offers to escort him to the ball and they leave to get the elevator.

The show is starting and Lucy starts the ceremoniesÖ Emily hasnít been seen anywhere.

Carly shows up at Alexisí apartment. Alexis is trying to get to the Ball and wants Carly to get out of her house. Carly wants to sue Laura for taking her company from her. She also wants to go after Angel for hitting her car. Alexis has a look at Carlyís contract and sees that everything is perfectly legit. She forfeited her shares of Deception when she betrayed him. Carly guesses that Alexis was the one that set up the contract. She was hired to protect Sonny. He is not perfect, but he deserves better than what she is. While she is yelling at Carly, Mike walks in and they stop talking. Carly asks Mike if Sonny is alive. Mike confirms what Carly thought all along. That Sonny is fine. She breaks into tears at hearing that. Mike runs to comfort her. He only said that he is all right. He asked Benny to run things while he is gone. He told Sonny that Carly was interested in seeing him but he didnít care. She wants to be by herself. She leaves the apartment and falls to the floor sobbing for her true love. "Oh.Sonny."

Angel returns to her home to find Sonny waiting. She gives Sonny his medication and she goes to the kitchen to put away her groceries. Sonny starts with some small talk. She returns with a glass of water. She tells him that she met his dead wife that day. Sonny looks up at her the same way that he would look at a ghost. She tells him that Carly backed her car into Angelís. He tells her that she doesnít drive. They were in a parking garage and she didnítí mention that she was with Sonny. She figured some things out since he arrived. A woman betrayed him and she assumes that the same woman that gave him the little statue betrayed him. He is wearing a wedding ring but he didnítí call anyone to say that he was okay. Those things are all very suspicious. She is very smart. It is none of her business to get involved with him. That is not why he is there and that is not why he has stayed. She walks off to start dinner, but first she tells him that they never have to discuss his wife again.

Lucy thanks the people for putting the Ball together. The audience claps. The people were very dedicated to the Ball and she reminds people never to give in or give up the good fight. They have a lot to celebrate. They have to remember the seriousness of the thing that they fight. They still donít have a cure for the disease that kills. They need awareness and dedication. They should give their compassion too.

Backstage everyone is getting ready for his or her acts. Lucy comes back there and tries to get the women sorted. Edward and Lila arrive and smile at Lucy as she tries to put things together. All the nurses for the first number just got paged to emergency. Lila has a wonderful idea. She whispers it to Lucy and she thinks that is a wonderful idea. They turn wolfishly towards Edward and he tells them that whatever they are thinking, they better forget it.

Sonny and Angel sit outside together. There is no moon that night. Sometimes on nights like this she rows out to the middle of the lake. There is nothing out there but darkness. It feels like she is floating in outer space. Soon everything familiar disappears, but you still feel safe. It takes getting used to. Angel brings him a blanket and tells him that if he is going to stay out there he should cover up because it is cold. She walks away but turns to find him looking at her. She comes back to sit with him on the love seat. They stare at each other and again, nothing is said.

At the hospital, there is an emergency. A bus was in an accident and there are many injured being brought into the hospital.

At the accident site, there are people lying around on the ground while police and medical staff attends to them. Lying on the ground is Zander. He has blood on his face and he slowly awakes to find that he is not with Emily. He gets up and starts searching everywhere for her. He is hysterical and starts shouting her name as he walks around trying to find her.

At the Ball, Chloe is sitting with Tony when his beeper goes off. He has to go to the emergency room. Lucy returns and promises that the show will now go on as planned. The number starts and it is Edward singing. Roy, Mack, Taggert and AJ surround him. They are holding purple feathers around him and they are all singingÖ"Itís There In His Kiss"Ö. The crowd is hysterical with laughter. Lucy is grateful that Lila had the idea. They are a huge success.

Upstairs in the Emergency Room, Amy is looking after some patents that have been brought in. Skye is holding the note from Emily and she wants to give it to her father, but he is very busy with the bus crash.

At the accident site, Zander finds Emily and she is unconscious. She is not getting up for him and he shouts out for help. He stands over her not knowing what to do. There are so many people that need help that he doesnít know what to do. He keeps shouting, "Help! Someone get over here." Not far, only a few feet awayÖis the man that works for Sorel. He looks bad. He isnít bloody but he is unconscious and absolutely no one is working on him. Sometimes that means the worst.