General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/19/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/19/01

By Glynis

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Alan speaks with Alan about Sorel when Lucy shows up asking about acts for the show. Alan assures her that his act is superb and nothing can spoil it.

Zander and Emily are together in the pool house. She regrets not being able to perform with her family at the show. They are aware that Sorel has escaped. They are going to wear disguises to avoid him. Zander tries on some of the hats that she has bought. There is even a fake moustache in there. As they scream and shriek together, Edward hears the voices in the poolhouse and knows that Emily has been seeing Zander as he has asked her not to do. Skye comes out and finds Edward and tries to smooth things over. She reminds him that once he was in love. Emily is fine on the property instead of off somewhere. Edward doesnít want her to run away again. He wants Skye to go in the poolhouse and remind Emily not to be late for the Nursesí Ball. He leaves and Skye walks in with a fist full of money that she waves in front of Zander and Emily. She asks them, "So, how far away do you want to go? The kids look up at her holding the bills hungrily. Emily thanks Skye for the money and she canít believe that she finally has the big sister that she thought that she never wanted. She is going to keep the coast clear for Emily and Zander to take off. Emily wrote a letter for her parents and she wants Skye to give it to her. She wants Skye to take over for her in the Nursesí Ball. She knows that Skye is the only one that could take her place. That would be really special for Alan to enjoy. Skye will only sing but not dance. This means a lot to Emily so Skye agrees to do it. She wishes them luck and walks out of the poolhouse. She is holding the note in her hand and thinking to herself. She isnít looking as evil as she usually does.

Felicia is practicing her dance for the show and Luke calls to explain why he couldnít speak with her the last time that she called. She tells him that she is really busy. He would like to show up with food and wine, but she tells him no. There is banging on the door and Luke answers to find out that there are divorce papers with his name on them waiting for him. Luke tells him that he doesnít have to come over because he already signed the divorce papers and has given them to Laura.

Felicia gets back to dancing and Chloe comes over. She tells Chloe that she Luke called and that she didnít speak with him that much. Chloe can tell that Felicia is not over Luke. Felicia feels that she has been in the way. The doorbell rings. Chloe needs to be leaving anyway. Felicia answers the door and Luke is there with flowers. Chloe greets Luke and she leaves. Felicia thinks that the flowers are gorgeous. He knows that she has been avoiding him. She tries to beg off because her washing machine needs to be fixed. He offers to fix it for her and she lets him in. After he fixes the washer, they have a talk. She tells him that things are finally clear to her that they donít have room in their lives for each other. They are too busy with their own lives. She thinks that this is about Laura. Felicia doesnít want to feel like she is on the sidelines. He tells her that his divorce was a reason for being with Laura and that he has ended his marriage to Laura. She finds it strange that he waited until the last possible moment to end his marriage. Maxie comes downstairs to beg her mother for help with getting ready for the Nursesí Ball. She goes running back upstairs. Georgieís ride is there to pick her up. Luke is bugging her to tell him what is bothering her so badly and why is she tossing him to the curb. She was able to tell him that she loved him and she wonders why he canít easily do the same for her. Lucy calls and Felicia gets the phone and starts talking to her, but Luke takes the phone from her and tells her that this is the first time that the both of them are free and that they have to really think about what they want. She tells him that they may see each other that night. Felicia takes her flowers and runs up the stairs to get ready.

Laura gets her divorce papers at work and Carly walks in. She is very apologetic that she hasnít been helping out. She is sorry that she hasnít been around for a while, but she promises to work harder. She owes Laura a lot and she knows it. Laura is surprised to see her there. Apparently, she hasnít heard the news. Now Laura is going to have to break it to her. Sonny came to see her a couple of weeks ago, he sold Carlyís shares to Laura and she isnít a part of Deception anymore. Carly had 49% and Sonny held the other 1-% to it. He gave all the shares over to Laura, so now Laura is the sole owner of Deception. Carly canít believe what she has just heard. She doesnít think that Sonny can do this to her. She is sure that there has been some mistake. Laura tells Carly that she has to work this out with Sonny. Laura will not get involved in this one. Carly would talk to him about this, but she canít find him. She is sure that Sonny wouldnít do this to her. When he gets back, he will fix things the way that they should be, Laura will see. Laura doesnít seem worried; she is not going to let Deception get away from her again. Laura doesnít want to argue about this anymore. She started her day off thinking about her divorce and this doesnít add to her having a very good day. Carly thinks that Laura doesnít care about her anyway. Scott walks in and tells Carly that the sale of her stocks was legal. She never really owned them in the first place. Scott tells her that she didnít read the fine print. It states that if she ever rats on Sonny, all the stocks go back to Sonny, and that was what happened. She calms down after that. He really had all his bases covered. He set himself up so that she could never really hurt him. Laura thinks that Carly should think things over and Laura is even willing to offer her a job. Carly thinks that she was the one that made Deception and she is not willing to give it up that easily. She warns Laura that this is not over. Soon she will be able to buy this stupid company 10 times over. She goes out slamming the door. Scottie tells Laura that he was waiting for her all night and she never showed up. Laura forgot all about it and apologizes. Scott understands that ending a marriage is really hard. She wasnít expecting it to be that hard. Luke couldnít find a pen and he kept coming across all these souvenirs. It was good that they went over all that stuff because they should be able to remember the good times. They are sure that they can move on now. Scott can take the documents to the courthouse now that both have signed. She gives him the documents and he welcomes her to single life. He leaves and Laura canít help but feel sad again. She starts crying to herself.

Sonny is feeling much better and he walks through Angelís home looking at her things, at the scented candles. She really has impeccable taste. Everything is delicately placed in the right spot. He checks out the view and the art that she has in her cabinets. She has good taste in furniture. His back is still sore but he is able to walk around much better. She enters the room and sees him standing there. She says, "Hi!" He greets her the same way. She has cooked something for herself, but she is glad to make something for him as well. She moves about setting another place for her guest. She always uses the best China and never understood why people never use their best China. She would much rather look at her good plates instead of the crap that people prefer to use everyday. She wants him to help her out. He will be in charge of the strawberries. She shows him how to use the spoon to pry out the stem of the berry. He smiles at that. It is really very simple. He is sure that he can handle that task. She brings him some wine. She got the glasses as a wedding present, but the wedding was a bust. She will get to know the man much better next time. She can tell that he really loved his wife once and that it must have been difficult when she died. Angel is going into town and offers to get Sonny anything if he needs it. He doesnít need anything. She clears the table and he watches her as she moves through the house. Sonny soon is alone again and he walks freely throughout the house, looking at the view and settling in.

Lucy is asking Monica to be on time for the Nursesí Ball this year. Monica promises that she will. Alan walks up and gets much of the same. They are going to raise more money for AIDS than ever before. It is going to be great. Alan thinks that he shouldnít be doing a duet with Emily, but Skye instead. Lucy wants to know who Skye is. Alan mentions that Skye is his daughter. Lucy wants to know more about Skye, but Alan and Monica think that it isnít her business. She is worried that he had an affair when he was married to her. She has to go but she isnít willing to make changes to the Ball again. She walks off. Monica doesnít want to deprive Skye of time with her father, but Emily is leaving soon and she thinks that Alan should be spending time with her instead. Alan agrees.

Mike is visiting with Benny in his office. Mike wants to know if his son is alive. Benny feels that there is nothing to worry about. Benny gets a call from Sonny and hides that he is talking to Sonny. Mike figures that Sonny is on the phone. He grabs the phone from Benny and says, "Sonny, this is Mike. If this is you answer me."

Carly is with one of Sonnyís henchmen. She wants the car and she steals it from the bodyguard. He shouts at her that she canít even drive. He walks off to find a cab. Carly gets in the car and tries to figure out how to drive it. She thinks that she can figure it out and she starts it. She throws it into reverse and the car lurches backwards and crashes into something. Carly comes out of the car to confront the person that has gotten in her way. She has happened to have bumped into Angel who was on her way to town. Carly walks over to her and asks her if she doesnít watch where she is going when she is driving. Angel gets out of the car and stands before Carly.