General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/12/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/12/01

By Glynis

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Roy comes to see Carly at Sonny’s house. She tells him that Sonny is missing and she needs Roy’s help to find him. Roy refuses to help Carly find Sonny. She begs and begs, but he won’t budge. She can’t believe that he won’t help Sonny after Sonny saved his life in the beginning. Roy thinks that Sonny can take care of himself. She tells Roy to go to hell. She will find Sonny herself.

Sonny is with Angel recovering from his stabbing. He is dreaming that he has handcuffs on and he is reaching to Carly asking her what has she done to him. Carly looks back at him in terror. Angel is standing over Sonny and she sees that he is having a nightmare. She tells him that he is safe there. Why should he believe her? She sees that he has a fever and she gives him something to drink. He doesn’t trust her and she understands. She tells him that the door is not locked if he wants to leave. He asks for his clothes, she gives him some that were left by a friend. She offers to call someone for him if he needs that. He can leave if he wants to, it is up to him. Sonny dresses and Angle offers him a ride. He tells her that she has done enough and that he can take care of himself. He is obviously in pain and can hardly walk. She follows him for a few steps and finds him bent over in the next room from pain.

Elizabeth and Laura wait outside the door in Luke’s bar and they are waiting for Lucky, Luke and Kevin to return with news as to Lucky’s condition. Elizabeth is worried that she will not be able to fight Helena. How did Laura survive living with Stavros? Laura tells her that Stavros thought that he owned the whole world. Laura gave up hope after that. Her only chance was to do what he wanted. She married him and had Nikolas. Nikolas saved her life. Everything is better now. Stavros is dead and thank God for that.

In Luke’s office, Luke is showing Lucky a diamond ring and Lucky is telling him that this is all about Stavros. Helena says that everything is because of Luke. Luke wants more information. Kevin warns Luke not to push Lucky too fast. Luke comes out of this trance and now Laura and Elizabeth have joined them in the office. He realizes that he did have some hidden memories about Helena and being in her clutches. Elizabeth assures him that this will all be over soon. How can they make this go away? Kevin thinks that in the year that Lucky was with Helena she must have gotten someone to work on him. The trigger is the diamond ring that Stavros gave to Laura in the past. What happened is that he sees the diamond and he does whatever Helena wants him to? She can get him to attack someone for example. All he will remember is that the person he attacked attacked him. Kevin thinks that he will be able to undo the programming. They have to have several more sessions to undo the programming. He has to avoid Helena and get rid of the engagement ring.

Stavros has managed to escape from the dungeon below the hospital. His mother tried to stop him, but Stavros wouldn’t listen and now he is on the floor in the hospital. This is going to be the first time that he will be seeing the light of day. He is not sure where he is going, but he knows that he has to find Laura. That is his only goal. She is and always has been the woman that he loves. He is very unhappy that she is spending time with Luke. Helena was shouting to him that it was too soon to be out in public, but he doesn’t care. He only cares about Laura. He sees Melissa and he walks over to her and asks for Luke Spencer. Melissa is afraid and it is clear that she doesn’t know why she is afraid. He looks like a madman. His eyes are those of a robot. Soon he leaves with no answers from her and she goes back to work at the front desk. Bobbie comes to the desk to do some work and Melissa senses that Bobbie is behind her. She turns to see her and offers an apology to Bobbie for being rude to her earlier that day when she told Bobbie that women would love to get their hands on Roy. Bobbie sees no reason for them to be talking about Roy. It is over and done with as far as she is concerned. Melissa feels that she wouldn’t be talking that way if she were sure that nothing happened between herself and Roy at his apartment the night before. Melissa tries to get the message across to Bobbie, who stops what she is doing to hear what Melissa feels so desperately she has to say. How important can it be anyway?

Luke and Laura discuss the events and look at the ring. Laura knows that they have to stop this. She hates that ring and wants him to throw the ring in the lake. Luke reminds her that Stavros is dead. Luke is going to bring in some coffee for Lucky and the others. He leaves Laura in the bar area and she goes to her purse. She digs around unaware that Stavros is watching her. He stands behind her and just stares at the back of her head sure that he has found his love at long last. A subtle smile comes to his lips. He says nothing and he watches her go into the inner office to be with her family in this time of crisis. Her beauty stuns Stavros and he keeps his existence hidden from her for now. He walks into the bra and is quickly followed by Helena. She has her henchmen with her and they grab Stavros and hold him from going into the inner office. They drag him from the club. He shouts out, "Laura!" as he is being dragged out followed by Helena.

Once back in the office, Laura finds out that the charges against Lucky has been dropped. All present hear the noise and Luke has to wonder what that noise is and what the hell is going on outside the office. All run to go and see what is going on.