General Hospital Update Monday 6/11/01


General Hospital Update Monday 6/11/01

By Glynis

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Bobbie confronts Melissa at Roy’s apartment. She feels that she has finally caught Melissa at her game. Roy enters the room and greets Bobbie as Melissa stands there in her towel. She leaves the room and Roy wants to know why she is there. Bobbie is there because she spoke to Carly and found out that Roy did what he did helping Carly for Bobbie’s sake. She understands now why he did what he did. That was all that she came to say to him. Roy confirms that he didn’t sleep with Melissa. Bobbie feels that this isn’t her business anymore and she walks off and leaves him. Melissa shows up in the room again dressed. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty for what has happened. Melissa thinks that she can talk to Bobbie and Roy doesn’t think that she should do that. Bobbie will believe what she wants. She thinks that she can’t trust Roy anyway and that is that. He knows that he shattered her trust. Melissa tells him that she doesn’t have the anger that she used to have for Roy in the past. She learned by his example on how to make better choices. He is very trustworthy and very honorable. She tells him to call her if he needs her. She turns and leaves him. He turns to a picture of Bobbie and puts the picture in a nearby drawer and then turns from it.

Chloe sees Stefan at the hospital. She blames him for Lucky missing. Lucky is just a kid. She hates that he had Lucky arrested for attacking him. She is sure that Stefan will be responsible if anything is wrong with him. She sees things the way that it is. What good is this going to do anyone? Stefan drives everyone from his life. She doesn’t know why she even bothers talking to him. She walks off and Stefan picks up the paper and sees the headline about Lucky’s charges.

Lucky has shown up at Luke’s and Elizabeth and Gia are there. Nikki greets him and is glad to see his brother. Kevin shows up in order to start working on Lucky and to make sure that this time he is properly deprogrammed. Kevin is glad to here that Lucky is willing to cooperate with them in order to get better. Nikolas doesn’t care about the past and is just glad that his brother is okay. Lucky is willing to go through with the therapy. Elizabeth is glad that Gia has been helping and it looks like the girls just might be able to get along after all. Scott arrives and tells everyone that Lucky has to go down to the station with him to deal with the charges against him. Scott tries to explain to Luke that Lucky has to go to the station and Luke refuses to help him. Laura asks Lucky what he wants. He wants to be with Elizabeth. He wants his life back. Luke tells him to go with Dr. Collins. Lucky moves towards him. Luke takes his son and they go with Kevin to the office to work on him. Scott is not pleased, but Laura tries to make him see that she has to do this and Lucky will go and see the police the next day. He can’t refuse her anything. He thinks that he can stall for the time being so that Lucky can get well. Scott leaves the bar

Underneath the hospital, Helena is with her son and he is getting up. He has been in his eerie coffin for years, his life sustained because of his mother’s help. She took care of everything and he has always been her favorite. Helena wants Tony to wait outside the door and she will call him if there is any need for him to help her. Tony leaves and Helena starts talking to her son. "Stavros…my heart…Come back to me…" Stavros rises from his eerie coffin and holds his mother to him. He is trying to speak. Soon Stavros is sitting up and he is dressed. Helena looks at her beautiful son and she is happy that she finally has him back. She gives him a ring that she had been holding for him. It has been so long without him. She hugs him and she just lets her. He seems weak. He hugs her back. He seems confused and she promises him that when the doctor finishes the exam that will prove that he is all right, she will tell him everything. Especially about his useless brother Stefan and how he still walks the earth.

Lucky starts his session with Kevin in private. Kevin thinks that they can work on him. Kevin tells him that this isn’t going to be easy. Lucky wants this to stop that day. He wants to be put under hypnosis. Lucky starts counting backwards from 100…very, very slowly. Soon Lucky is under and asleep. Kevin asks him if he was with Helena the night before. Lucky answers, "Yes". He isn’t sure where Helena took him. He was in a dark place and it was creepy. It wasn’t the yacht, but somewhere else he had never been before. Luke enters the room and sees that Lucky is under and so Luke stays very quiet so as not to interrupt. Kevin is trying to get in side Lucky’s head and see what sort of place Lucky is taking him. Kevin goes to Luke and whispers that he has to ask certain questions while Lucky is under. Luke wants to know in particular what it was that Helena asked him to do. Luke wants to work with him on this. Kevin wants to be in control of what they do while Lucky is under. They both go to Lucky who is still under and they tell him to take a breath. Lucky breathes deeply and begins leading Kevin again in his mind. Kevin tells him that his father is there. Lucky reveals that Helena told him to hurt someone… Luke starts talking to Luke, "Tell me about Lucas…" Kevin tries to read between the lines and find the truth. Lucky knows that Lucas is his cousin and he doesn’t want to hurt him. Luke asks him, "Did you hurt him?" He asks as if he didn’t and wouldn’t hurt Lucas. Kevin asks if he was asked to hurt Lucas at another time. Luke has an idea that Lucky was controlled by visual aids. Luke takes a diamond ring from his pocket and holds it in front of Lucky asking him if he recognizes the ring. Lucky opens his eyes and looks at the ring that his father is holding in front of him. Luke wants to know what the ring is doing to Lucky, what is going on with him? Lucky in his mind finds Helena in the maze in his mind. Lucky tells Luke and Kevin that the diamond means something. Luke wants to know what that means? Lucky says, "Stavros…"

Tony examines Stavros and finds that he is okay. Helena tells him that he can go and he is finished with them, but if she ever needs him again he will have to come. Tony leaves the room for the last time hopefully and Helena starts filling Stavros in on what has been happening with her son Stefan. She tells him that Stefan has been keeping unsuitable company and Nikolas needs his father. She is glad that Nikolas’ father is back. He speaks his first words, "Where is Laura?" Helena is stunned at the question. She is not happy that these are his first words. She has nursed him back to life and doesn’t appreciate that he still cares for Laura. When he learns that Laura is with Luke, he has a bad reaction.

Gia and Nikolas arrive home and he remembers that he told Gia to stay put and she didn’t listen. She doesn’t like that he thinks that he can tell her what to do. He only worries about her. She reminds him that she is able to take care of herself. Someone is at the door and Gia answers and finds Stefan there. Stefan wants to see Nikolas. Nikolas looks over at the door… He tells Nikolas that he has dropped the charges against Nikolas and he wants Nikolas to be in the family still. He raised that boy and that means something. Stefan thinks that things should be easier, but it isn’t. Stefan doesn’t have much anymore and there is no one for him and he misses his son. Nikolas thinks that his uncle has a funny way of showing his caring. Stefan leaves it to him to set the terms. Nikolas wants him to behave and is having trouble-believing Stefan. Stefan has always loved him and doesn’t want that to change now. Nikolas is the one thing in his life that has been pure. He loves Nikolas. That is the only thing that he has. Stefan takes Nikolas and hugs him. Nikolas hugs him back. Gia watches stunned at the sight of what is taking place.

Bobbie shows up at the hospital and finds Amy gossiping with other nurses about her private life. Bobbie goes over and tells the nurses that she is history with Roy and that they should get back to work. The two nurses leave and Amy looks sheepishly at Bobbie for getting busted gossiping.

Laura and Elizabeth have a heart to heart outside Luke’s office about how Laura has been able to deal with the Cassidines all these years. She tells Elizabeth that there is no right or wrong. She doesn’t want to scare Elizabeth but becoming a Spencer means that she will inherit some things and the vendetta that the Cassidines have is one of those things. Laura wants her to be honest. This may be more than Elizabeth can handle. She doesn’t care. She loves Lucky and will fight to the death for him.

Bobbie is hard at work when Melissa tries to approach her. Bobbie tells her that she is very busy. Melissa tells her that a lot of women would be happy to know that Roy is available. Bobbie suspects that Melissa is one of the women that would be glad to know that Roy is available and Melissa confirms that and then walks off. Unfortunately, Amy and her nurse friends happen to be nearby and have heard everything.

Helena has left the lab where her son was revived to life. She finds him gone. She panics at where he might be and who might see him.

Stavros has made his way through the tunnels to the lab, he has found his way to the waiting elevator and enters. There is s single name on his mind and he utters it quietly, "Laura…"