General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/29/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/29/01

By Suzanne

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Emily awakens in Zander's arms in the boathouse. She wonders if last night was a dream. They share intimate chit chat. She says, "I love you" and he proposes. He says he knows it's too soon, and he's not good enough for her, he doesn't have a job...she tells him he's wonderful, she wants only him. He plans to go to law school but it will take a while. She says, "We'll get there...together". Then he will propose to her "for real", he says. He's "totally committed" to her. They kiss. Em talks about how she was worried about their "first time". She's never been this happy. He agrees. They kiss some more.

Liz visits Lucky in jail. He assures her that they'll still get married, nothing to worry about. He is upbeat but she looks discouraged. Nikolas and Gia come in and Nikolas asks Lucky what Scott said about his chances. Lucky is convinced he will get off. Gia mentions Stefan's deal so Nikolas has to tell him, reluctantly, all about it. Lucky asks what Nikolas' answer was. He tells Nikolas not to accept Stefan's offer and begs him not to let them touch Elizabeth no matter what happens to him. Liz, shocked, asks what he means by that remark. She looks at his ring and then his mood suddenly changes. He is quiet again and focuses on the engagement dinner once again. A guard tells Lucky that they need to see him upstairs for some paperwork. Nikolas tells the girls he has to go out to Windemere to see Stefan.

Laura and Scott visit Stefan's lair. Stefan expected Laura but is surprised to see Scott. Scott tries to get Stefan to drop the charges. He is willing to compromise but Stefan is not going to make it that easy for them. Laura says she didn't expect him to, because she knows what he is. She has her own proposition for him. She asks Scott to wait outside while she talks to Stefan. He does so, reluctantly, after some argument. Laura and Stefan begin their bargaining, most of which involves arguing about their children. He throws up into her again about how he offered to help Lucky in exchange for a few kind words in Nikolas' ear from her about him. She says that was different. Stefan tells her that there isn't anything she can do to help Lucky. She tells him that Helena should be proud, he's more like her every day.

Nikolas visits Stefan. He says that Stefan is right, he is part Cassadine as well as Spencer. Stefan is glad that Nikolas has come to his senses and says as soon as he reclaims his title, he will drop the charges against Lucky. Nikolas says he's discovered some things in himself, that he's practical and devious, etc. He tells Stefan that if he doesn't drop the charges, he will take the stand and say that Stefan attacked Lucky, and HE will be the one thrown in jail. Stefan looks surprised, like he's been checkmated. Stefan tells him that he doesn't think Nikolas can lie under oath. Nikolas says, "When push comes to shove, I'm capable of many surprising things". Stefan says he is the only witness. Gia and Elizabeth come in and say they were there, too, and they will testify about how Stefan attacked Lucky. The girls chime in with their fake testimony.

Scott talks to Laura about Lucky's weird behavior whe he questioned him about the attack, and asks her about some comments she made at Windemere. Laura doesn't want to tell him the details. He presses her, reminding her about the lawyer-client confidentiality. Luck comes in, perky, in handcuffs, and asks when Scott will be able to get him out. Lucky says he slept well last night. Laura says that she thinks that Luke is right, he's still got some programming from Helena. Lucky denies it, blaming his crazy behavior on Luke and Stefan's feuding. Scott tells Lucky to sign some papers, then he demands that Laura tell him what's going on. Luke comes in and says they should "stop the arraignment--Lucky should stay where he is".

Edward tries to get Monica to vote his way against Sonny. They bicker with Alan, A.J. and Ned. Ned tells them about what Skye tried to do. AJ admires Skye's plotting. Alan doesn't want to believe it but the rest of them have no problem with the idea. Alan is suspicious as to why Skye was even with Sonny. Edward is evasive. Skye waltzes in cheerily so they confront her. Alan asks if she sold them out. She gets defensive and says Ned must have misunderstood in his eavesdropping. He throws her words back up in her face from the previous evening. Alan still wants to know why she was there. Skye innocently says that Edward asked her to separate Sonny from his ELQ stock any way she could, so how else was she to do that besides pretend to conspire with him. Alan turns on Edward, who suddently tries to downplay his involvement. They all know his tricks. Skye says she can't believe they are turning on her after she tried to do what he asked. She stalks out of the room. Alan falls for her act but they all try to make him see that she's pulling the wool over his eyes. Ned says that even Sonny was disgusted with her. Alan continues to stick up for Skye once again. They all bicker some more about Skye.

Sonny sits at home, restless. Sad music plays in the background. He takes out a picture of himself with Carly and MIchael, then puts it away. He then sees a vision of Carly, talking to him, saying he wants her back and he still loves her. "Let me come home, Sonny" she pleads. He pours himself a drink. Taggert arrives with a search warrant and the FBI pal of Roy's. Sonny doesn't care. He tells them to make sure and put everything back the way it was. Then he leaves, saying he has other things to do. Sonny goes to the police station to talk to the police captain. Sorel is being brought in the station, handcuffed, just at that time. They glare at each other. Sorel is preparing for an appeal. They exchange threats; Sorel asks how he liked his birthday gift. The police captain greets Sonny, who reminds him that he is one of the largest employers in PC and he contributes a lot of money to local politics, etc. Then he tells him that members of his police force are tearing his home and work places up as they speak. He plans to file a large law suit against the department for $40 million dollars. The captain bristles at the threat. Then Sonny quietly reminds him about a case he was involved with in 98 where he was a cop investigated for perjury and suggests that he has evidence that he did indeed lie under oath, which could severely hurt his career and his family. The captain promises to take care of it. Sonny says, "And there's more..." Next we see that Sonny is standing outside of Sorel's jail cell, looking very evil.

Skye, pouting, goes out to sit by the boathouse. She hears Zander and Emily giggling. She looks inside and sees them there together. She walks in, pretending she came in by accident. They tell her to leave, but Skye comes over to half-naked Zander and insists on introducing herself and shaking his hand. It's very funny, especially the perplexed expression on his face! Skye leaves. Em panics that Skye will tell her family and then they will send her away again. He calms her down, saying she's almost 18 and he won't let anyone keep them apart.

Skye walks back in and sees that they are all still arguing over her. They all start to gang up on her but Alan calls them off and takes her out to the terrace. Alan tells Skye he knows that Edward sent her to do that, but he also knows she's no innocent and he wants to know why she wants to betray the family. She tries to get out of it but he says she should drop any plans for revenge against them for any past mistakes. He tries to tell her that he just wants to get to know her and make up for lost time, but he expects certain things out of her, just as he does from his other children. She brings up Emily and says she's not even a blood relative. He lists Emily's great qualities and says that love has nothing to do with biology, and she should know that. Rae told him that her adopted family loved her very much. She says that her mother was a drunk who was in and out of psycho wards and that her father loved his biological children more than her. She adds, "An irony of ironies, you feel exactly the opposite". He holds her face in his hands and says he loves his children equally. They hear commotion from inside and see that Emily has returned, with Zander.

Monica looks for a camera for the prom kids. Edward asks why they're back so late. Emily lies that the prom lasted all night. While the Quartermaine's chatter on about proms, Em looks at Skye, worried. Alan notices that something's different about Emily, that she's "all grown up". Skye announces that she has something to say about her "baby sister".