General Hospital Update Monday 5/28/01


General Hospital Update Monday 5/28/01

By Suzanne

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Zander and Emily chat about how great prom night was. They are at the Quartermaine boathouse. She starts to undress and says there's only one thing that would make the night perfect...of course they ego swimming in their underwear. They dry off, laughing, inside the boathouse. Outside, Edward hears something and yells for whoever it is to come out before he calls the cops. He doesn't notice Emily's corsage near his feet. Edward gets the idea that it's probably deer and leaves. They can't believe they didn't caught. They start kissing. Zander stops and says maybe they should go. She whispers, "Let's not". He takes her hand and they go back into the boathouse. Zander and Emily make love. He tells her that they have protection. She tells him that she loves him and knows he will always protect her.

Skye vows to wreck the Quartermaines. Sonny wonders why she would want to betray them. "Payback" she states. Sonny wonders why still, so she tells him why she hates them all. Alan doesn't care about her, "he's only acting out of guilt". Monica is a "nightmare". Ned starts listening nearby just then. Skye continues that Ned and AJ "despite each other, but seem to agree that" she's "not welcome". Then Edward, who "sold her off" and wants to use her to get to Sonny, so she thinks they should get exactly what they deserve, to "burn in Hell until they cry for mercy, which they won't get". Sonny says that what she wants to do is get their attention and demand their respect by betraying them and lying to them. Skye doesn't know why he is talking this way. Sonny says that he knows "Payback", which is about honor and respect, and power. But "Betrayal" is for traitors, cowards, and "faithless little whores". We know he's thinking of Carly. Skye is dumbstruck. She starts to slap him but he stops her, warning her that she doesn't want to do that. Ned comes in, with Alexis trailing behind, telling Sonny to back off. Sonny asks Alexis if she has a minute. Skye says Sonny is "not very nice". Alexis agrees but says he "pays very well". Sonny and Alexis leave. Skye tries to leave but Ned stops her and says they're not through...Ned says she'll make a good Quartermaine, but he's on to her. Skye laughs at him and teases him about Alexis. Ned says she's just like Edward. He tells her that he's declaring war on her.

Luke protests Taggert wanting to arrest Lucky for assaulting Stefan. Laura says Stefan is lying and that he was as much responsible for the fight. Stefan says he got injured and says Nikolas can tell what happened. Nikolas only says that Lucky was "upset" because of Lucas' condition. Taggert insists on arresting Lucky, saying they can work it out later. Liz tells him that Lucky didn't do anything but Taggert says the judge will have to figure that out. Luke tells Stefan he'd better drop the charges or he'll end up like his brother. Stefan smirks. Scott tries to intervene between Luke and Stefan. Laura wants Scott to be Lucky's lawyer but Luke calls for Alexis's help. She says sure, tells Lucky not to say anything and she'll meet him at the station. Laura protests that a Cassadine shouldn't be representing him, to which Alexis wisely replies, "Isn't one of your sons a Cassadine?" Taggert asks Lucky, so he chooses Scott. Alexis looks a little put out. As Lucky is led away, with Laura following, Luke suggests to Stefan that they chat in the bar, so the two men leave. Nikolas goes to follow but Gia stops him and asks him to stay out of it. Nikolas won't.

Luke and Stefan have a drink at the bar, being very civilized. Luke toasts to a classic "Cassadine attack". Stefan says he's just pursuing his legal rights after being attacked. Nikolas walks in so the two men try to drag him into their argument. Nikolas says he's no longer a Cassadine, but Luke says it's in his blood. He threatens Nikolas' life for Stefan's benefit. Nikolas calls them both "pathetic". Luke leaves. Nikolas tells Stefan that he'd better get off Lucky's back. Nikolas really tells him off. Stefan nods his head and says, "You're right". They sit down and Stefan says he will lay off Lucky if Nikolas makes sure Lucky stays away from him and he becomes a Cassadine again. Nikolas bristles at the blackmail. Nikolas tells Stefan his feelings for him are "beyond contempt, beyond hatred", and he pities him. Nikolas stalks off. Then Chloe comes over and tells Stefan he's either a liar or "the most self-destructive man on the planet". She reminds him how he said he loved her and Nikolas. He says it is true. She says he is his own worst enemy and he'll "always, always be alone". Then she leaves.

Roy asks Luke what's going on, so Luke fills him in. They have to figure out what to do next. Bobbie comes up and says that she will help Luke, so Roy can go. Luke suggests they go somewhere and work out their problems. Roy offers to take her home but she tells him they don't have a home, which is a good thing, and they also don't have any problems any more. Luke tells her to "lighten up" but she's still drunk and hurting. Bobbie says she can home all by herself. Roy says "good night" but she says, "I think you mean goodbye". Roy is upset, of course. Luke says he plans to blow up Helena's yacht, then he leaves. He's probably being facetious, but Roy follows anyway. Roy watches Luke get explosives out of his safe and tries to talk him out of blowing it up. He points out that they'll have a better chance to figure out what's going on if she's still around. Luke, frustrated, overturns his desk in anger. He agrees, reluctantly, to let Helena live one more night. Luke has a drink and calms down. He plans to find something on those disks while Lucky is safe in jail. Later, Luke tells that the important key word in the disks is "awaken" but they wonder what that means.

Mac remarks about the "floor show" and wonders if Felicia is tempted to join the Spencer-Cassadine fight. She agrees that it's interesting, but...she doesn't go anywhere. They watch Luke and Roy leave. Felicia says while she does want to find out about what's going on with Luke and the others, she wouldn't because she fears what it would do to him. Mac says she doesn't know but calls her "beautiful". He says she can do what she wants. She says, okay, she'll have "a double espresso". They smile at each other.

Helena hovers over Stavros' frozen body, which is quickly thawing. The eerie music continues in the background as Helena vows to destroy all the Spencers, "starting with Luke". Later, he hears about Stefan getting Lucky arrested and calls him a "damn fool". She's not happy at all. She tells Stavros' body what's going on and calls Stefan more names. She promises to awaken him. She sees his hand come up and touch hers through the (ice? container?).

Gia asks Nikolas what she's going to do. He doesn't know what to do about Stefan's proposition.

Scott tells Laura, Lucky, and Liz that he can't get Lucky out on bail until tomorrow. Liz is worried about Lucky. Lucky assures her that they'll postpone their engagement party, but she doesn't care about that. He yells at Taggert but Scott gets him to stop. He asks Taggert when he can talk privately to his client and implies that Taggert might tape their conversation. Taggert indignantly says he's "fully aware of the 6th amendment" and they don't tape lawyer-client conversations. Taggert takes Lucky to be booked so Liz hugs him as he leaves. Laura asks Scott what happens if Stefan's charges are true. Scott wonders what she means. She asks hypothetically, "what if there were an attack?" but he can't remember. Scott looks leery; Laura wonders how much to tell him.

Next we see Scott interviewing Lucky about the attack. Lucky can't remember why he attacked Stefan, but he knows he was "going after Nikolas". Scott tells him not to mention that last part to anyone. Lucky says he just wants to marry Elizabeth and leave town.

Laura asks Liz if she's noticed any difference in Lucky lately. Laura can't help but look at the ring. Liz says it's Stefan that's the problem, not Lucky. Laura hugs her and tells her not to worry.

Scott asks Laura what she's not telling him. She says she can't tell him.

Sonny orders champagne as he talks to Alexis. He jokes around with her when she tries to say that alcohol makes depression worse. Alexis teases him back and when Skye's name comes up, Sonny says she must be jealous because of Ned. She says Ned is an adult and it's his business. He says, then, that she must be jealous for SOnny's sake and he says, "How sweet" and smiles with those dimples. She blushes and tells him how wrong he is, calling him "sexist" and other names. But she fnishes with calling him "broken-hearted", which makes him lose his smile and look very vulnerable. She suggests he find Carly and make up with her. He tells her "Carly is irrelevant" but she tells him that he loved being married and having the whole family life. He says some things you can't come back from, that "betrayal" can't be forgiven. She says maybe the person was trying to protect you, and after you've gotten over your anger, you can forgive the person. She says she's trying to find a way to forgive him. He says he wasn't thinking when he jumped in front of the machines guns to save her life, and that he didn't do it because she was a woman (as she said) but because she's his friend. She tells him he's her friend, too (AWWWWWW!) They smile cutely. He toasts to "friendship" and to "the future".

We see Sorel languishing in jail near Lucky's cell. (Hasn't he gone to prison yet?) Sorel smiles as he sees Lucky.