General Hospital Update Thursday 5/25/01


General Hospital Update Friday 5/25/01

By Mary

Well, folks, it is a busy night at The Grill. Seems everyone in town is there. The night starts out with Scotty, Bobbie, Mac and Felicia looking at Luke and Laura, and everyone looks uncomfortable. As they walk to their tables, Mac makes the comment, "Little crowded in here tonight." Luke looks back at Laura and asks," Does Baldwin have a tracer on you?" Laura laughs his comment off and answers," Look who else is at the table. Let's keep this Lucky's and Liz's night". Luke gets up and walks over to Roy, and they discuss the kidnapping of Lucky. Scotty and Luke exchange glares as Luke heads back to his table.

Roy goes to Bobbie and ask if he could have a word with her. She asks, "Can you tell me where my daughter is?" He replies, "You know I can't". Bobbie ignores him and goes to a table with Scotty. "You know, Bobbie, drinking is not the answer, he says, as he orders a drink.

Ned, AJ and Edward enter the living room at the Q mansion. In walks Skye, dressed to kill. She walks up, kisses Edward and says "I am leaving now. How do I look?" He tells her she looks great.  She turns and leaves. AJ and Ned want to know what is up. Edward says, "That girl is going to get that mobster's share of stock back." Ned asks if he's crazy. Even though he hates Skye, he can't stand what Edward does to people. Edward states that Skye can take care of herself.

Sonny and his people come in and sit at table close to Bobbie. They are laughing and having a good time, which starts to bug Bobbie; Luke can tell this. Bobbie stands up and Luke says, "Hey sis, why not join us? You are family."   Bobbie brushes him off and goes to Sonny's table. Sonny has a blonde bimbo move so Bobbie can sit down. "Where's my daughter, Sonny? You know you love her."   Sonny goes to answer her, but Bobbie calls him a name and throws her drink on him, then leaves. The waiter comes over and offers a napkin.  Skye takes the napkin and starts drying Sonny off. Sonny tells her to sit down. "I don't want to barge in" she says, but Sonny says it's alright. Ned comes in and walks over to Alexis and Chloe's table.  He asks how long Skye has been at the table. For awhile, they tell him. Ned goes over to Skye, "Hello Skye, Goodbye Ned". Sonny asks Skye if she would like to go out on the terrace. Skye tells Sonny that Edward sent her to get his shares of stocks. Then she asks if Sonny will help her bring every last Quartermaine down. (Didn't you just know she was up to something?)

Back inside at The Grill, things are moving right along. Lucky and party come in. Stefan and Luke exchange glances. Lucky and the rest walk over to the table. "This is very nice," says Lucky. Audrey walks in and the party starts. Liz tells Luke and Laura  how happy she is and she shows them the  ring. Laura tries to avoid looking at the ring. She smiles at Luke and tries to be strong. Luke and Laura go out to the terrace. Luke tells her about Lucky tearing up his computer and thank goodness he didn't ruin the discs. He starts telling Laura some of the passwords and he comes to one that Laura says, in Greek means "to awake". She thinks it means something with Lucky. If they only knew what they meant, they would know how much danger all of them were in. Laura talks about the ring and how scared she was. Luke tries to reassure her that nothing will happen to Lucky.

Across town in the basement of the hospital, Helena is hovering over Stavros. She rubs her hand over his chamber. "Yes, son, I gave Lucky your ring but it is the only way I can keep him in control. My dear, we will get your ring back and make sure no Spencers are alive to wear it again". Tony comes in and she is mad because he is late. Tony states he has other patients, too. Helena tells him her son is more important. Tony asks Helena, "How do you know he will come back the same monster as before?" Helena, aggravated, tells him to get back to the computer because Stavros should be showing signs of life by now. Helena looks back at Stavros and tells him not to worry, mamma was there. In a few seconds you hear a heartbeat and Stavros' hands move.

Back at The Grill, Gia is in the ladie's room cutting Emily's dress to make it look better. Liz comes in and tells Gia that it was really nice of her to give Emily her dress. Liz ask Gia to hold her ring while she washes her hands. Laura enters and talks a few minutes to Gia.. Gia asks Laura to watch the ring. Laura kind of drops the ring on the table and won't look at it. You can tell it frightens her.

As they return to the table, Audrey states she has to leave. Liz hugs her grandmother. Lucky stares at the ring and gets that glazed look. Mother and Dad notice. Luke keeps calling his name and Lucky doesn't hear them until Liz says something to him.

Stefan looks at the table and makes a call on his cell phone. He tells the person on other end, "Come now, he is here." Luke tells fhis amily that he is going to see if he can grab a waiter fromthe  underground world to get more of the bubbly. He goes to Roy and they discuss how they are going to do the kidnapping. Luke returns to the table.

While most of the town has been busy at The Grill,  Zander and Emily are in a limo and on their way to the prom. Zander appears nervous. Zander reaches down on the floor and hands Emily a beautiful wrist corsage. Emily is so happy and tells Zander she will never forget this night. Zander agrees with her. The limo pulls up to the school. Zander gets out and opens the door for Emily. As they get out, friends of Emily's come over telling her they are glad to see her. Their dates take Zander off to the side. They are wanting to know what he is dealing. Zander tells them he isn't into that anymore. Emily's friends tell her that Zander is cuter in person and ask if he was he really a mob guy. Emily defends Zander and Zander returns to Emily. The friends go on. Emily says, "Lets leave here." Zander wants to make sure that is what she wants and she assures him it is. They are going down the road and Zander is telling her he knows how important the prom is. Emily tells him he is what is important, not a bunch of dorky kids. All she wants is to dance with him. Zander tells the limo driver to pull over and turn on a pop music station. They get out of the car and under a street light, Emily gets her dance. They are so happy and in love.

Luke gives a toast. All at the table clink glasses together. Luke looks at Roy like it is a signal for Roy to do something. Luke ask Lucky to join him on a walk outside. "Dad, you know it is a little late for the talk." Luke replies, "Oh, make the old man happy. I'm starting a new tradition." As the two Spencer men are walking out, in strolls Taggert and another police officer. He says, "Lucky Spencer, I have a warrant for your arrest". Luke responds, "What for?" Stefan walks behind Taggert and says, "For attacking me." 

The End for today.