General Hospital Update Friday 5/24/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/24/01

By Mary

Well, folks, it was a rather calm day in Port Charles today..A lot of planning going on and humor.

The show started out with Emily and Zander packing her belongings to move back home.  Zander finds Emily's journal and asks, " Is there anything in here about me?" Emily and he play-fight over her journal. Liz comes in asking Emily if she can borrow a bracelet to wear to her and Lucky's engagement party.  Zander excuses himself and says, "I am going to run down and get us some drinks but unknown to Emily and Liz he is lingering at the door. Liz ask Emily if she is planning on going to the prom. Emily looks kind of down & says "No, I don't think Zander would go for something like that."  Zander turns and goes on down the hall with this look of , she shouldn't feel this way.

During this, Lucky is downstairs waiting on Liz. Bobbie has just gotten off the phone, trying to reach Carly by her cell phone. Bobbie pleads for Carly to please call her and let her know she is alright. Bobbie sits down with Lucky. She tells him how handsome he is and he kinda blushes. He tells Bobbie that he wants to make Liz happy forever. Bobbie with her pouty mouth says, "Lucky, make her a part of everything that you do and do not leave her out of anything." Lucky responds by saying, "Liz is everything to me and I plan on making her happy for the rest of her life. (Bobbie was taking from what Roy did to her, but if you ask me, she needs to let it go) Bobbie gets up and Zander sits down. Zander says, "Lucky, let me ask you, man...How important is the prom to girls?" Lucky does one of those slanted grins and tells Zander that to a girl, it is a once in a lifetime thing. He tells Lucky that Emily wants to go and Lucky talks Zander into taking Emily.

Over at Deception in Laura's office, Laura is standing there in a drop dead beautiful sparkly sky blue evening dress that she is wearing to The Grill for Lucky and Elizabeth's party. In comes the best lawyer, none other than Scotty. His eyes about pop out. He says, "Have you decided to become a model?" Laura laughs and says, "Well, I want to show the press a different side of me." Scotty being the romantic devil that he is says, "We shouldn't let this beauty go to waste". Laura looks down, like she's wondering what's going to happen next.  She tells Scotty she has plans for the night, that tonight is a family thing for Lucky. As she walks out the door, Scotty runs his hand through his hair and says, "Damn Spencer!"

Over at The Grill, Luke is making a toast to his aunt Ruby and telling her to watch out for the cowboy because he needs all the help he can get. In comes Roy.  Luke asks him if he will help him. Roy looks questioningly at Luke and says, "Is it legal or illegal?" Luke says, "I want to kidnap Lucky tonight". Roy looks at Luke and rolls his eyes. Kevin comes in and Luke tells Kevin his plan to get Lucky outside and hit him in the head and kidnap him.  Can Kevin help deprogram Lucky?  Because Helena still has control of him.  Kevin doesn't much care for this idea.  The good doctor says, "This could do more harm then good, and Lucky could turn completely against you."  Luke says, "I dont care what happens as long as my son is safe and out of Helena's clutches."  Roy says, "You can count me in, Luke." Kevin with hesitation agrees to help Roy and Luke.  Roy walks away to the bar...

In walks Laura, looking beautiful .  You can tell that she takes Luke's breath away. He tells her how beautiful she looks and that he likes her hair.  Laura is pleased, as it shows on her face. You can see the love...They walk over to the table and Laura says, "Please, luke just for this night...let's not think of the Cassidines or Helena or any of that. Let's make this a good night for Lucky and Liz." Luke says, "I would love to do that, but I have to warn you about something. Liz's engagement ring is the one Stavros gave you." Laura looks horrified.."I just didn't want you to freak out when you see it". Laura looks at Luke and says, "I can do this, I can be strong and do this". Luke replies, " I know you can" and they smile at each other as Luke lays a hand on her cheek.  "Luke,Lucky had to have come back to the boat after we left...Did Helena give him the ring?"  Roy walks back into room as Bobbie, Scotty, Felicia and Mac come in for dinner.  Everyone eyes each other.

Now going on back over to Ruby's...Zander goes back upstairs after talking to Lucky and tells Emily that he wants to take her to the prom. Emily says, "You don't have to do this." Zander says, Yes, I do. I know it is important to a girl and I want you to have this night".  Emily laughs out loud and runs and jumps into Zander arms. She jumps down and runs to her door and yells for Elizabeth to get in there now. Liz comes in like, what what what!  Emily tells her she is going to the prom with Zander.  Zander goes downstairs to get things going.  Emily starts looking for a dress but she can't find anything special enough.  In comes Gia with a smashing Chloe design on and Liz says, "Can I see you in the hall?" Gia and Liz go into hall and Liz grins at Gia, who says, "Oh, no I am not giving her my dress!" Liz says, well, lets look at it this way...It would be a make up gesture for you blackmailing her when you first came to town." Gia does not like this idea at all. "  Liz says, "If you want to prove to me that you are human and have changed, you will do this".  Gia agrees...the girls go back into the room and Gia offers Emily her dress.  Emily looks at Gia in shock.." "I never pictured you as my fairy godmother." Gia replies, "Yeah, yeah, let's do this before I change my mind."

Lucky loans Zander a Tux and he is very uncomfortable in it.  Nickolas sets up the limo and Lucky gets the flowers.  Zander says, "I ain't no charity case." They say they know that but they want Emily's night to be special.  Emily comes down first and she is decked out in a sparkly hot pink number.  Lucky walks to her and puts his arm around her, telling her what a knockout she is.  Then down comes Gia in a light pink innocent looking dress, not at all her style.  She looks at Nickolas and says, "Not one word!"   Then down comes Emily, and Zander looks at her with so much love and she returns the look.  She hugs him and thanks him for this night.  Off they go for their special night.

That is about all that happened today...Hope you all enjoy this and tomorrow should be interesting.  Not only is it Friday, but tomorrow's show says " Luke goes to kidnap his son but who else has a plan for Lucky...."