General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/22/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/22/01

By Stefansminion

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Nikolas and Gia begin the day exchanging “I love you’s” and Gia admits that love scares her, so Nikolas makes a vow never to intentionally hurt her.  They begin to kiss as Stefan rings the door bell. As Nikolas opens the door, Lucky and Elizabeth show up and Lucky accuses Stefan of lurking again.  Nikolas yells at Stefan once again. "You’re not family and you’re not welcome here! GO!” Basically Nikolas orders him around like a dog and Stefan turns and leaves without a word in protest or anything, for that matter. 

Bobby tells Roy that he betrayed her by not coming to her in the first place in regards to Carly. Melissa is in the lab when Luke shows up and breaks into the quarantine cabinet to retrieve the slides of the virus, only to find that they are missing. 

Over at Deception, Laura enters to find Helena waiting in the dark behind her desk. "A break in for a break in,” Helena tells her. Helena then picks up Laura’s sharp letter opener.  Just then, Sonny walks in and asks if he can be of any assistance, seeing and overhearing Helena’s threat to Laura. Laura tells Sonny that things are all right.  She turns on Helena and tells her to leave the children alone. “The past is dead and buried like Stavros!” Laura hisses at Helena, who grins. Sonny asks Helena to leave.   Helena asks where Carly is and Sonny looks away. 

Roy tries to tell Bobbie that Sonny left out most of the story, including the part about the bomb in the penthouse. Bobbie gets serious when she accuses Roy of getting better acquainted with Melissa while she was by her son's bedside. 

“Luke is a card-carrying member in Conspiracies International,” Tony tells Melissa as he enters the lab and learns that the slides are missing. Melissa leaves and Luke shuts the door to the lab.  He begins to railroad Tony about Helena. Luke asks Tony if Helena is holding something over his head.   Tony says that she isn’t, but Luke responds, “ Your scared! You’re scared! That means I’m on to something.” Tony doesn’t deny it as his eyes well with tears. 

Chloe is at the nurses’ station when Stefan sees her and comes over.  He is worried about her health;  she allays his fears, saying that it was just a routine check up. He asks her if they might talk for a moment, and she turns him down.  He thanks her for her time and walks away, leaving her pondering what she should do. 

Nikolas and Lucky begin to talk alone on the porch.  Lucky says that what was going on was because he was afraid of losing Lucas, not that Helena had anything to do with it.  Nikolas brings up how he attacked Stefan, “I was looking for a fight and Stefan was right there.”  Nikolas counteres, "You tore into Stefan like a wild dog, like you were going to kill him.” Nikolas then brings up the ring and Lucky says that it was an antique and he couldn’t recall whom it had belonged to. Nikolas says that it looks familiar to him, that it reminds him of something. 

Back over at Deception, Helena leaves after some choice words to Sonny, as Elton hands her a bag of Deception cosmetics. She thanks him, leaving via the elevator, and Elton goes over to his desk, scribbling frantically. Sonny then tells Laura that he is handing over the Corinthos side of the company to her, so that she is sole owner. 

Roy explains that Carly was trying to save Sonny, and at first he didn’t want to help, but it made a lot of sense, so he went along with it. He makes a comment about "how could Sonny just get rid of his wife and son" So she fires back, “You left me for twenty years. What kind of love is that?  I know that you meant well but stay out of my life. Go be with Melissa.” She then leaves Roy in the dust, but he chases after her. 

Elizabeth and Gia continue their ritualistic squabble that never seems to end, and then they go outside to speak with the boys. They talk about the party that will be at the Port Charles Grill tonight. Nikolas and Gia play-fight about who will be hogging the bathroom in preparations. The happy moment is ruined when Helena shows up with a present for Nikolas. 

Sonny tells Laura that he filed for divorce. Laura counsels him that love never really dies, and that no matter how much time passes, if you see them in the future, your heart still skips a beat.  Scotty overhears the entire conversation. 

Roy catches up with Bobby.  She tells him that she saw him and Melissa holding hands in the stairwell.  He is shocked. Melissa walks over to the elevator, trying not to get involved, but eventually she has to. Roy turns to Melissa and asks her about the day she was reprimanded for what she said she didn’t do. Roy begs Bobbie to tell him that she didn’t do it; Bobby says that they had both done things that they didn’t regret.

Stefan is out on the roof (like everyone else these days!) when Chloe opens the door and sees him. She was about to leave, she says, but walked out onto the roof anyway. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be alone, that he doesn’t like it. She responds by saying that he has always been alone.  He turns to face Chloe and rubs her arm.  He tells her that it wasn’t all lies. That when they laughed and  kissed, it was not a lie. Stefan backs away and tells her that if he is truly doomed, he should just jump, but that would be the cowards’ way out.  Nikolas and she needed him to protect them. “I could never do it because I love you both,” he says. Chloe says that he lied to her, and nothing can begin on a foundation of lies, even if she wanted it to. Then she leaves him alone on the roof. 

Helenas’ gift to Nikolas is a picture of him and Stavros when he was a baby. She tells him that no matter what he does, he will always be Stavros Cassadine's son. Tony starts toward the popsicle chamber.  Luke tries to follow but gets hit from behind and falls to the ground. 

Bobbie tells Roy that it’s over between them, leaving Roy and Melissa speechless. There are beeping and lights flashing as Helena enters the room with her beloved son.  She says that he has just accomplished another level of his recovery and that soon, all will be well. It ends with Luke lying on the ground of the roof.


Skye and Edward have a chat about family...Roy and Melissa much of same...Luke falls over the edge of the roof screaming for help. (Stefan to the rescue!)