General Hospital Update Monday 5/21/01


General Hospital Update Monday 5/21/01

By Stefansminion

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Today was a rather busy day in Port Charles. Bobbie began the day by paying her daughter a visit to tell her that Lucas was going to be all right only to find that Carly was not there. Sonny and Bobby got into a heated discussion of how Carly had betrayed him and that she was gone and as good as dead in his eyes. Bobby was speechless and then AJ arrived with his attorney Scott to see Michael. The judge had granted him visitation rights and he had come to see his son. Sonny informed him that Michael was not there and AJ accused him of getting rid of Michael and Carly to get back at him and Sonny fired back that he didn’t know where Carly was and didn’t care to. 

AJ had started his day at the Q’s mansion informing Skye that he was going to visit his son. Skye was shocked that there was another Quartermaine that she didn’t know about but AJ brushed her off and asked  Edward if he would like to see Michael. Edward beamed and went to prepare. 

Nikolas came home after being out all night searching for Lucky. She was mainly angry with him for not calling her and telling her where he was. Nikolas said that he had to have secrets from her to protect her and she fired back at him that she had her own. After some time apart she came down and apologized to him and they both exchanged “I love you’s.” and began kissing each other. 

The FBI men and Taggert are in the hospital discussing what to do now that Carly had disappeared. The FBI gloat that they are going to ride Sonny into his jail cell by tapping his lines and watching his every move. Then Sonny gets a phone call from Jason and he requests that Jason calls him back on the cell phone and leaves the Penthouse. 

Over at GH Melissa is discussing with Roy their past and what she thought he was and they were gaining ground when Bobby showed up and Melissa left leaving Roy to Bobby. Roy asked her if Lucas was all right and then Bobby turned on him at the end of the show asking him what he had done to ruin her daughters’ life. 

As for the Spencer men, they were at Lukes for the entire show. Lucky began by continuing to beat on Luke’s laptop until he was satisfied. Luke and Lucky got into a heated argument about Helena and him ruining his new laptop. Lucky said that he could care less about the discs and wanted to stay far from it. Luke turned to his engagement to Elizabeth and low and behold she arrives and tells Luke that they are planning an engagement party and Luke offered to throw it but they turned him down. Elizabeth then showed Luke her ring and Luke commented that it reminded him “of a certain Princess.” Lucky again went into yet another trance and then they told Luke they would call him and left. Luke sat down behind his desk and pulled the disc from the smashed laptop and said that Helena had Lucky and that she had him good.

The Clip For Tomorrow:

Nikolas and Gia are kissing in the living room of their home and Stefan is seen outside looking in through the door. Luke confronts Tony at GH saying that he is scared and that means that Luke is on the right track. It ends with a small dagger twirling and it pans up to Helena. “Did you really think you could do all of that and get away with it?” Then you see a very freighted Laura and the clip ends.