General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/16/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/16/01

By Glynis

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At the Quartermaine home, Edward has an announcement. He is going to welcome Skye into the household. 

Skye is looking at pictures of her family in the Quartermaine house. Monica comes into the room and demands to know what Skye is doing there. Skye has chosen Emilyís room to be her own. Monica thinks that Skye will be there only temporarily. Emily arrives and Skye watches as Alan greets her. Emily finds out that Skye was admiring the room and Monica tells her that she canít have the room. Alan hopes that Emily is going to stay. Monica thinks that Skye should check out the rooms on the other side of the house. Alan and Skye leave the room so that Monica and Emily can talk. Emily thinks that this is relay weird for Monica having to put up with Skye being in the house. Monica can see that something is terribly wrong. Emily tells her mother that she said that she loved Zander and he just walked away from her and he didnít even look back at her. Monica is sorry that Emily was hurt so badly. Monica would take the pain if she could. Monica will not say that she told her that this would happen. There are reasons for everything and she has a family that loves her. Emily canít spend the night. She has to go and get some things from the house but she will come and say bye later. Monica leaves her alone and Emily walks through her room. She goes to the chest to get some clothes and she sees a picture that she had of Zander in her room. She tears it up and turns to see him climbing in her window. She just stares at him and he at her. He tells her that he couldnít do the drug deal because of her. She tells him to tell his story to someone that cares. All he could think of was what it was like to hold her. He said that she was controlling and pushy. She never stopped loving him and she missed him. They kiss and make up. They fall on her bed together.

Lucas is still ill and Bobbie and Roy leave the room to see Maxie, Felicia and Mack. Maxie is sure that Lucas is going to be okay. Bobbie and Roy are left alone and Melissa and Amy come over, knowing that Lucas may not make it through the night. Melissa goes to Lucas and watches him as he sleeps. He is very sick. Melissa takes off her necklace and holds it in front of Lucasí face. She has a pendant of St. Jude and she tells Lucas that the pendant has been really good to her and now it is his turn. She puts the necklace under the boyís pillow.

Tony is still with Helena and her henchmen under the hospital. Tony demands to have the antidote to his sonís illness. He will not help her until his son is safe. Helena wants him to give her his word that he will take care of her son for her. If he tells anyone anything that he has seen, she will make sure that Lucas dies and lots more people. Tony agrees. Helena has what it takes to save his son in her hands. She offers him a syringe and tells him that this is the solution to his sonís problems. Tony doesnít know if the potion will kill his son but he has nothing to lose.

Luke and Laura are sneaking around in Helenaís yacht and Lucky enters. They are very shocked to see him. They have to seriously wonder what he is doing there. He starts to answer but then he stops. Luke thinks that he doesnít even know why he is there. Lucky tells them that he has had enough. He is getting married and he is starting a new life. His life is not going to include this vendetta. Laura is surprised that he was getting married and he didnít tell his father. Lucky thinks that it is time that something good happens to this family, especially with Lucas being sick. Luke latches on to that. What does Lucas have to do with this? Lucky thinks that he is being accused of something. Laura is just worried because Helena is out there making all kinds of threats. Luke asks his son is Helena has anything to do with Lucas being sick. Lucky tells them to leave him alone. Luke thinks that Lucky should go and see Kevin. Lucky decides that he doesnít have to do that. His parentsí past keeps getting in the way of him getting along with his life. They have ruined everything, but now it is over with. Lucky leaves and Laura tells Luke to let him go. They have to get out of there anyway. Luke and Laura leave the yacht as well.

Bobbie and Roy go back into Lucasí room and visit with LUCAS. Bobbie is attending to Bobbie when she finds the necklace that Melissa left for Bobbie. She thinks that ids wonderful and Roy recognizes the necklace, but he says nothing. A loud buzzer sounds and Bobbie rises to attend to Lucasís machines.

Tony returns to the lab where Melissa is waiting for him. Tony has the syringe with him and he and Melissa set to work on getting Lucas better. Tony gets a call from Bobbie who tells him that he has to get up there right away as there is an emergency. Tony leaves right away intending to take care of his son and make sure that he will be safe no matter what.

Skye and Alan go downstairs where the rest of the family is. Edward has an announcement. The only ones that are missing are Monica and Emily. Edward announces that he is going to give Skye 2% of ELQ stock. Everyone is shocked. Skye likes the idea. The brothers think that Skye is only interested in money and that she is transparent. Skye wants to thank Edward and asks how much her stock is worth. She figures that she was just given a lot of money judging from everyoneís reaction. AJ thinks that Skye is just making a spectacle of herself pretending to be grateful. Ned knows that this is about revenge against AJ and himself. Edward says that he was going to give the stock to Emily and now he has reconsidered. Rae and Alan leave the room together. Because Emily has gone off with Zander Edward has taken her 2% of ELQ and is giving it to Skye. Edward thins that the brothers are just as warped as ever. Edward thinks that Skye will bring something a little extra to the family. Skye leaves to take care of some things. The only time that the brothers remember that they are Quartermaines is when money is involved.

Rae and Alan discuss the way that Edward has been acting. Alan thinks that after a while, Skye will be getting alone just great with the rest of the family. Rae thinks that they are going to try too hard to make Skye think that she is his daughter. Rae thinks that she should convince Skye that she should leave with her mother. Monica overhears that and thinks that it is a good plan. She thinks that since this is her house, Skye will have to leave. Alan tells her that Skye is going to live in that house with them and that is final.

Helena talks to her frozen son. She tells him that sooner or later, he will be free. 

Tony arrives at the little boyís room and he has the syringe with him. Lucas has been this way for a while. They thought that he had stabilized but that was only a cruel lie. Tony thinks that Bobbie and Roy should wait outside, but Bobbie tells him that she is staying. Roy leaves the room and Tony takes out the syringe and holds it. He remembers Helena telling him that he has nothing to lose by giving Lucas the drug. He doesnít know what it is that he is giving his son, he only knows that he has to try. Helena is desperate enough to want her son back that she wouldnít risk losing Tonyís help. After all, if he does lose his son, he will have no reason to help her and she doesnít want that. Bobbie is shocked at him standing over their son with a syringe. What is in the needle? Why didnít he tell her that he had a breakthrough? Tony must do this. Any parent would. He talks to his son telling him to hang on. Tony is trying with everything that he can. Lucas has to try too, really hard. He has to help them make him better. Tony gets up and puts the drug into the childís IV. Bobbie asks him what is in the syringe. Tony finds it hard to answer. He makes up a story. He tells her that the drug that he has given is a long shot, but it has to work. Tony kneels beside his son and waits for something to happen. Tony is waiting for something to happen. Anything to happen. Suddenly he gets very upset. "Why did he think that this would help?" Bobbie tells him that their son is not going to die. Bobbie knows that he has done everything to save Lucas. It is out of their hands now. 

Outside Emilyís room, Skye walks by and overhears Zander talking to Emily. He is telling her that he loves her. Skye moves closer to the door.

Melissa is walking by and Roy stops her and tells her that he knows what she tried to do giving Lucas her pendant. Science can only do so much. Her mother gave her that pendant. She hopes that it will protect Lucas. Roy thanks her for her help. She walks off in a hurry to find something that will help Lucas.

Felicia is outside Lucasí room waiting with Mack. She canít sit down and she thinks back to all the time that she spent with Maxie. She canít bear having to wait to see if they are going to lose another childÖ. Laura and Luke arrive and Laura goes into the room to be with Bobbie. Luke goes to Tony and offers his help. Tony canít say anything. He walks out of the room and Luke follows him. Luke asks Tony again if he has run any tests for poison. Tony looks torn. He wants to tell Luke the truth, but does he dare?

Helena gets word from the henchmen that Luke, Laura, Bobbie, Tony, Mack and Felicia are all together. Helena is smart enough to know that those people together are a dangerous combination. She hurries to rise to the surface from the bowels of the earth so that she can control the people some more. She has to make sure that Tony doesnít do anything that might jeopardize her sonís existence.

All the Quartermaines are in the living room and they are talking when Skye mentions that she heard a manís voice coming from Emilyís room. The whole family rushes to go to Emilyís room to see who is in there with her.

Roy gets some information and has to leave right away. He rushes off.

Tony tells Luke that this has nothing to do with Helena. This is some type of virus that has attacked his son. Tony walks off quickly.

Lucky comes back to see Helena and he wants to talk with her. Helena is holding the Ice Princess and she turns to him and shines it in his face. She is going to use Lucky to destroy his father.

Back in Lucasí room all are there waiting for resultsÖ

Down in the bowels of the earth, under the hospital, Stavros lies frozenÖ