General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/15/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/15/01

By Glynis

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Alexis arrives to see Sonny. She thinks that she can help with the legal stuff. She tells him that she is concerned about him. He doesn’t know why she would be concerned as he betrayed her. She knows what happened and she wonders where Carly is. Alexis guesses that Carly turned him in. He tells her to go. Alexis is really sorry, but she leaves anyway. Sonny continues sitting and staring into space.

Carly goes to see Roy and tell him that everything went wrong. Sonny knows everything. She is still wearing her wedding dress. She wants to see her mother. Roy tells her that Lucas has not improved and Bobbie has had no rest. Roy thinks that she should wait until the next day. She put on the dress for him and the last thing that he did was kissing her like she was invisible. Roy thinks that it was good of her to get out of there. Roy will talk to her later about this. He ushers her out of the hospital waiting room.

Lucas is still suffering and Bobbie is with him telling him not to worry. Soon he will have the tight medicine. She is depending on Tony to find what their son needs to survive.

Tony is with Helena. She is showing him something that looks like a tomb. Tony looks closer and sees something that looks impossible. He thinks that what he is seeing is a trick. He thinks that she is insane. With his help, she will be able to accomplish the final step and save his son. HE can’t save his son if he is dead. She tells him that he is under her control. She has created a haven. Cryogenics is wonderful. Stavros’ life has been stopped, but only for a while. Tony tells her that this will not work. There is a way to bring him back to life. Helena has funded years of research and she wants Tony to help her with the job. Tony doesn’t even want to look at the body. Helena finds him to be handsome. He looks as if he is about to say something to her. Tony wants her to understand that her son is dead. Helena talks to the body and tells it that it will live again. Tony tells her that this will not work. Helena thinks that Luke was responsible for her son being dead. She has been funding the hospital for all this time because her son has been under it for years. Tony tries to get out, but he is held down again. All Helena needs from him are his hands, talent and skill. She is offering him a fair trade. She will wake up his child if he wakes up hers. He refuses to bring evil into the world. She threatens to kill all the children. She is giving him the opportunity to save all the children. Tony doesn’t know how he can help her do this. He won’t do it. He refuses.

Lucky is running from Nikolas and they are in the stair well. Lucky thinks that Nikolas and not Helena is controlling him. Lucky is acting irrational. Why is Lucky so angry with Nikolas? Lucky is spewing hate and this is Helena all the way. Lucky tells Nikolas to shut up. Nikolas thinks that Lucky should go and see his doctor again. Lucky gets angry and tries to fight with Nikolas. Stefan arrives just in time to hold back one of Lucky’s punches so that Nikolas doesn’t get hurt. Lucky finally says that he is fine and he is released. Lucky is free and tries to fight again. Stefan can see that Lucky is out of control. Lucky thinks that Nikolas and Stefan are working together. Lucky threatens to fight Stefan too. Nikolas tells Lucky to get out of the hospital. Lucky refuses to leave. Stefan has had enough. He wants Luck Spencer’s son to get out of the hospital and he gets his phone to call for security. As he turns his back to make the call, Lucky hits him in the back, sending him down the stairs and Nikolas jumps in to help. Lucky has managed to get Stefan out of the way and so he turns on Nikolas who he starts beating furiously. Soon Nikolas and Stefan get things back under control. Lucky walks off and Stefan decides that he has to call the police. Nikolas tells him not to call the police on his brother. Nikolas asks Stefan to tell him what Helena has done. Stefan wants to know what Helena has done, but Stefan tells him that if he doesn’t’ want to be a part of the family he shouldn’t worry about it. Stefan doesn’t think that he should defend himself any longer. Nikolas just wants him to be a normal human being. Stefan walks away from him.

Luke is in Helena’s yacht sneaking around. She doesn’t know that Luke is already there trashing the place and he hides when he hears footsteps. She walks into the room and he grabs her. She screams and then realizes that the person that jumped her is only Luke and that he is probably there for the same reason that she is. They agree that they have to take some sort of action. Luke doesn’t know what he is doing, but he is going to find out. Luke hasn’t been able to find anything, but they are sure that she has been messing with Lucky’s brain. They move to separate ends of the room and start looking for clues to Helena’s secrets. Laura finds something. She makes Luke help her move a table and they find something. Laura remembers seeing the table in Helena’s office on the island a long time ago. She never noticed the table before. It is shaped like a chest. There is a secret latch to open the table and Laura finds it. A door pops open and Laura recognizes a book that belongs to Helena. She used to write in the book everyday, like it was a daybook. Laura always wanted to read that book… Helena told her that everything that Laura needed would be in the book. Laura was always afraid to touch the book. Luke offers it to her and Laura refuses to take the book. Luke opens the book and reads. She finds the date when she married Mikos… The date when Stavros was born… The date when Vlad was born. Laura wonders if Nikolas is in the book. He is. He finds Mikos’ death… He looks for Stavros’ death… There is no date. That is very strange. Her perfect baby boy dies and she doesn’t record that date. Why is that? Laura thinks that Helena couldn’t let go of Stavros. She adored her eldest. Stavros wanted Laura back then. Luke is sure that the date of his death has to be in there somewhere. On one page, there is a note when Laura arrives. "Why must Stavros fall in love with a peasant". Laura remembers that. She was walking in a fog and everything was dark and cold. She was in the bottom of a boat and there was a big storm. She went up the stairs to the deck and there was a huge storm. She remembers that Stavros was there. She tried to run off the boat and Stavros caught up to her and told her that she was going to be his bride. She fought with him and pushed him… She remembers. Luke finds a ring and asks her if the ring was hers. She gets hysterical and shouts at him. Luke has to remind her that it is only he. He holds Laura in his arms as she cries. Laura tells Luke that she used to wait for Stavros to pass out drunk so that she could slip away and visit Stefan sometimes. She thought that Luke was dead. She went to the cliffs because she wanted to jump, but she didn’t have the courage. She thought that one day she would and then Nikolas was born and she didn’t want to die anymore. She loved him so much and he gave her hope. They went on about the Prince and she was trying to keep Helena away from Nikolas. She knows that Luke hates him, but Nikolas saved her life and she wouldn’t be there without him. Luke is glad that she told him that. He hasn’t thought about her on the island because he didn’t want to face how bad it must have been for her and now he knows. He is sorry. She cries some more and he holds her close. In the room they find papers with things on it that they don’t understand. They hear footsteps and Luke hides while Helena’s houseman comes in and gets punched in the face by Luke. The man is out cold. They better get out of there. They move the table back were they found it. It has been an eventful day. Laura will help him in any way that he can. They both turn and find Lucky standing in the doorway.

Maxie comes to see Lucas, but Matt thinks that she should wait. Felicia sees her daughter through the window and leaves Bobbie with Lucas to see her daughter. Mack tells Felicia why she is there. Maxie brought BJ’s bear for Lucas. She just felt that she had to be there. Mack will make sure that Lucas gets the bear, but Maxie wants to give him the bear herself. Bobbie comes out and sees Maxie holding BJ’s bear. That makes her smile. Maxie is allowed to enter and talk with Lucas. She tells him that she has brought him the bear from BJ. She is sure that BJ is going to save his life, like hers was saved. Bobbie watches over them approvingly.

Carly comes back to Sonny’s home and tries her keys, but the locks have been changed and he won’t let her in. Johnny is in the house with Sonny and they both listen to the noise. Alexis comes out of her home and finds Carly there. Alexis wishes that she would have told her what she was going to do. Carly thinks that she wouldn’t have helped him, but Alexis is still his friend. Carly thinks that Sonny is never going to leave her. Alexis thinks that Sonny may go to prison and it will be Carly’s fault. She walks away. Carly goes back to the door and shouts that she never meant to betray him and that he shouldn’t do this to their family. She will love him forever. She falls to the floor outside the house crying and Sonny is outside listening.

Roy comes to Bobbie as she is telling her son that he is going to be just fine.