General Hospital Update Monday 5/14/01


General Hospital Update Monday 5/14/01

By Glynis

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Sonny is explaining to Carly how he knows that she was the one that got him busted. She lies to make it seem that she was calling Roy about Lucas. She betrayed him and he tells her that she is to pack what she needs for the night and go to the brownstone. He wants her out of there that night. She refuses to pack and leave. He ignores her. She knows that he loves her and she dares him to deny it. He is getting dressed now and she is falling apart. She is sure that he love for him if making him think badly. He hasnít eaten or slept in days and she continues to deny that she had anything to do with his arrest. He gets on the phone and calls the babysitter. He tells her to get Michaelís stuff packed up because he is leaving with his mother that night. They are going to the brownstone. She is trying to touch him, but he will not let her anywhere near him. He leaves the room.

Bobbie is sitting with her son and he is in his coma. She is not going anywhere. She wants him to open up his eyes and smile and it is all going to be over. She sees his eyes flicker and he tells her that he can hear her. He sits up in the bed and asks her why she is so upset. He feels cold and she can tell that it is over. He wants lemonade and she promises him anything that he wants. She is only having a dream and she returns to reality, which is watching her comatose son in his endless sleep. Roy and Luke arrive and watch through the window as Bobbie comforts her son. Luke is sure that Helena is responsible for this.

Tony is brought to Helena and he is upset. He thinks that they are downstairs in the hospital, but Helena tells him that they are 30 floors below the hospital. She wants him with all his faculties. He is about to witness things that no one has ever seen. He doesnít want to know what she is talking about. She is going to show him something that will separate life from death. She is going to show him a world of miracles. He should want to see something like that with a son as sick as his. She wants him to do exactly as she says. She shows him a room with many experimental things in it. Tony tries to escape but is sharply dealt with and controlled once again. She tells him that she is about to save his son if she will save hers. She wants him to save Stavros for her. Stavros has been dead for years. She assures him that Stavros can live again. 

Lucky is on the roof of the hospital. He was looking at engagement rings earlier with Nikolas and the rings seemed to have an effect on him. Since then he has never been the same. He came to the hospital knowing that something else had gone wrong with Lucas, but neither Nikolas nor Elizabeth knows how he knew that something was terribly wrong with Lucas. Nikolas arrives and finds him standing on the ledge. Lucky doesnít seem to be able to hear him. Nikolas tries to talk him down from the ledge. Lucky ignores him and Lucky takes another step towards the ledge. Elizabeth arrives and calls his name softly, Ö "Lucky!" Nikolas tells her to go and get security and he will stay with Lucky. Elizabeth thinks that she can make Lucky listen to her. She tells Lucky that he is scaring her. He suddenly snaps out of his trance and tries to assure the kids that he is fine. He is smiling and acting like nothing is wrong. He didnít answer the kids because he didnítí hear them. Nikolas thinks that they should go downstairs and grab a cup of coffee. Lucky wants to know about Lucas, but nothing has changed. Lucky wants to stay and look at the view some more. He is sure that he is fine, but he doesnít like the feel of the hospital right now. Nikolas can tell that something is terribly wrong. Elizabeth tells Nikolas to go downstairs and let them talk for a while. Nikolas leaves. Lucky denies that he was going to jump. He has no reason to do that. Lucky is sure that Nikolas was wrong to think that something was going to happen to him on the roof. Lucky thinks that his life is perfect except for Lucas. Elizabeth thinks that something else may be bothering him. She heard about what happened at the jewelry store. He assures her that all he wants in life is to marry her. He was just having a hard time focusing. Elizabeth thinks that they donít have to change just because they are going to be engaged. She doesnít need a diamond. HE admits that money may be an issue, but she should still have one. She shows him a ring that he gave to her long ago and tells him that is the only ring that they need. They turn to go back in the hospital and Lucky stops. There is something that he doesnít like about the feel of the hospital. She wants to know what is up with him.

Bobbie is talking to her son telling him that his father is working very hard to find a way to make Lucas well again. He is not going to let anything happen to him. They are not going to let their son down. 

Luke and Roy are together talking about Helena and how she must be the one that is responsible for Lucasí condition. Luke is sure that she is right. She has been asking around about Lucasí condition. Luke may be paranoid, but still Helena is the one responsible and Roy has to believe that he is making sense. She would poison a little kid to get what she wants. They have to do something. They canít confront her again. Luke asked Tony to check for poisoning. Nikolas comes up to Luke and asks for his help with Lucky. Something is wrong with him. He doesnít want to go inside. He asks her if she wants to see her present. He shows her the view from the roof. He promises her the world. He is going to get that for her and lay it at her feet. There is going to be no sickness or death. He wants to erase everything bad that has ever happened to them. He would banish all their enemies. She wants to know what enemies they have, but he admits to having none. They go back inside the hospital and leave the roof.

Sonny is downstairs pouring himself a drink and Carly comes up behind him to talk to him and Sonny ignores her. She refuses to leave. Michael comes down with his sitter and he tells Michael that they are not going to live together anymore. He tells the kid that he is good and that he is going to be fine. He tells Michael that they are not going to be a family anymore. Sonny sends Michael along with his sitter and they leave to wait for Carly who will follow soon after. He is alone with Carly again and she admits that she did set him up. She shouts at him that it was she. Sonny continues to ignore her. She tells him that she has almost lost him too many times. She recounts the times that they were in danger. Something snapped in her head that this was enough. She had to save her family. She thought that he would like that about her. Maybe this was stupid and wrong, but it wasnít betrayal. She would never turn against him. She wanted to make it safe for him to love her. She was trying to give him back his life. He will understand that one day. He picks up the phone and tells Adam the driver that Carly will be right down. She knows that she has lost this battle and she goes to the stairs to pack and leave. He is not going to let her explain herself away this time.

Roy goes to the lab looking for Tony and finds Melissa instead. She is trying to help find out what is wrong with Lucas. Roy is grateful for that.

Lucky overhears Nikolas talking to his father. He is telling Luke that Lucky was going to jump off the roof. Luke is not taking this seriously. He wants to know what stopped Lucky from jumping. Luke doesnít trust Nikolas or his family. Luke walks off. Lucky comes out of hiding and asks Nikolas, " What makes you think that I need saving?" Nikolas thinks that he knows what is going on. Lucky tells him to stay out of his business.

Elizabeth goes into Lucasí room and tells Bobbie that everything is going to be just fine.

Luke finds Roy and Melissa together. Melissa finds something that she doesnít recognize and she wants to speak to Tony right away. Luke and Roy go off to find Tony to get his help.

Sonny is downstairs when Carly comes down the stairs wearing her wedding dress. They made promises that day. Their marriage was more than just legal; they made promises before God. They will get through this, she is sure. She did a terrible thing and she was only trying to save his life. She asks him about the island before they got married. He said that he didnít want her and he pushed her away. He hurt her and now she tried to save him. She loves him. She doesnít want to lose him and she begs him not to send her away. She wants him to look at her and he does, but only briefly, then he kisses her lips then roughly pushes her away. He walks to the door and opens it telling Johnny to take her out. She fights but is dragged out by the bodyguard and Sonny throws her things after her.

Luke is in Helenaís yacht looking for clues to the mystery of Lucasí illness. He is not hiding that he was there. He roughly trashes the place looking for clues to the boyís illness. He is in the dark and he breaks things as he goes looking through Helenaís things. He smashes all the bottles of booze in fury.

Helena shows Tony a room with some sort of mist coming out of it. The room is cold. All the answers are in that room and Tony is ushered in there. He looks around sure that he is in some kind of Frankenstein lab.