General Hospital Update Thursday 5/10/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/10/01

By Glynis

Monica is in the yard when Alan comes to see her. He came home to see if she wanted to go to dinner with him. She is not in a good mood. She doesn’t’ want him to touch her. She is going to have to learn to deal with the fact that he has a daughter. She can’t get over finding him with Rae hugging. This is about his daughter and she is there to stay. Alan is worried about Emily and Monica can’t understand why he hasn’t been looking for her. This isn’t about Rae. Monica doesn’t believe that he is over Rae. They were kids and he didn’t even know Monica. She wanted to know about his past with her and he denied it and lied to protect Rae. She is making it impossible to explain what is going on. Alan owes Skye and he is going to make it up to her. She tells him that he is going to sleep on the sofa. He is willing…It wouldn’t be the first time.

Edward and Skye are together talking of ELQ. She would like a tour of the family business. His grandsons are not up to the challenge. Edward thinks that maybe the answer that he has been looking for is right there with his granddaughter. Life is full of surprises. Rae walks in and tells Skye that Edward was the one that made her thinks that she died after birth. She tells Skye to watch her back. He thinks hat she shouldn’t pass judgement. Skye wants them to stop arguing. She says that Edward is right. He was trying to fix a bad situation. She is obviously trying to lure Skye in and Rae can’t believe that she is falling for Edward’s lies. Rae wants to speak to her daughter alone. Edward leaves so that they can talk. Rae wants to know what she is trying to accomplish. Skye can tell that she was eavesdropping. Rae tells her that she is risking having a family there. Skye tells her that DNA only relates them only. She wants to be back to being a Chandler. She hates her mother for doing this to her. The truth of her paternity is not going to come out there. She tells Rae to get out. Alan comes in and tells Skye that she doesn’t call the shots there and she is not to talk to her mother that way. Why does she treat them like the enemy? She thinks that the Quartermaines are self-righteous. She doesn’t’ think that Alan wants her to stay. She offers to leave. Alan tells her that he wants her to stay. He wants a chance to know her as a daughter. He wants her there as a daughter. Monica comes to the door and hears what Alan has proposed to Skye.

Roy comes to see Bobbie at the hospital. She is glad to see him. Tony put Lucas in ICU. It is just a precautionary measure and Tony wants him watched more closely. Bobbie will not leave the hospital. Roy thinks that it is a good thing that he brought the outdoors to her. He gives her some flowers. He brings some stuff for Lucas. Lucas might not be well enough to have visitors. Roy has something to tell her and he wants her to hear it from him. He tells her about Sonny being picked up by the police. Alexis is in the hospital and hears Roy talking with Bobbie. Bobbie gets a message that Lucas’ fever has risen again and she goes rushing off. Alexis goes over to talk to Roy about Sonny being in jail. She figures out that he was set up. She knows that Roy knows who it was. Roy explains that Sonny was offered a deal to get out of jail and Alexis knows that Sonny would never agree to a deal like that. She can’t help…She is not the only lawyer that he can get to work on his case. Alexis tells him that he could plead temporary insanity. She is not going to tell him that because she is not working with him anymore. She wonders how he could have done this? He explains that bombs were being delivered to his house and Michael was in danger. Now it is her turn to work things out for Sonny.

Sonny is in his cell and thinking of his conversation with Carly. She was convincing him that she and he could live in the protection program. Carly comes to see him and he turns to the bars where she is and looks at her. He looks deeply into her eyes to see what is there. She has been worried about him. He didn’t have a good bail hearing. He needs to get another attorney. She will take care of it for him. She was thinking that she could go and get Alexis to help him. AJ enters the area and Sonny demands to know what he is doing there. Scott is there too. AJ is suing Sonny for custody of Michael. Carly tells them that she will never let him take her son. He thinks that Sonny is going down for life. When should they do the hearing? Scott tells him that he has a chance walking around outside, but he doesn’t have a chance with Sonny in jail. Sonny tells Carly to save her breath. She thinks that she is a good mother. Scott tells her that she is married to a racketeer. Carly calls for the guard. AJ tells Sonny that he will never keep him from his son. Sonny tries to climb through the bars to get to AJ. AJ tells him that he will see him in court. AJ and Scott leave. Carly offers again to go to Alexis for him and Sonny doesn’t think that it is going to work. Carly tells him again that he should take the deal from the FBI. They will go some place new and they can start over. Sonny guesses that then she will have everything that she wants…. Right? She only wanted him to be safe. He is going to be free soon. Roy enters. Roy thinks that Sonny should take the deal. Sonny tells them that he will only rest when he is released and they tell him who it was that put him in there. Roy tells him that he needs to take the deal and get out. Sonny will never take the deal and accept betrayal, …Never! Carly reminds him that he can only take the deal. Everything will be a secret. No one will know who you are or where you are. Carly begs him to do it. Sonny says that they should arrange bail. Roy says that Carly should go with him to arrange the bail. Carly is happy and leaves with Roy.

Melissa talks to Tony about Lucas and offers her help. Her degree was in biochemistry and she would like to take a look at the case. Tony thinks that is a great idea. Bobbie would be grateful too. Helena is standing behind Melissa and watching her. She hers Melissa talking to Tony about similar cases. Helena goes up to Melissa and introduces herself. Melissa introduces herself. Helena is concerned about Lucas. She is not a relative, but she is very involved in the family. She knows that Melissa is new, but she will learn not to cross a Cassidine. Melissa tells Helena that she doesn’t know that she is doing to the Spencers, but she is not going to get Melissa’s help.

Stefan is with Chloe trying to explain again about him being on that island with her and lying to her about their being kidnapped. He has been preoccupied with something else and he had to let her know that he loves her. Alexis arrives and offers to have Stefan thrown out on his ear. Stefan leaves and Alexis sits down. He told her that he loves her and Chloe can only remember that Stefan betrayed her and she couldn’t get over that.

Bobbie and Tony are with Lucas in ICU and he doesn’t feel good. The medicine doesn’t make him feel better. He falls asleep and he is burning up from fever. Tony tells her that they have to leave and not let him wake up and find them worried about him like that. She and Tony leave the room and she can’t understand why they can’t bring his fever down. Tony is sure that they are not going to lose him. Bobbie tells him that they can’t lose another child.

Scott is with AJ and telling him that he has a long way to go before he gets Michael. Edward shows up and learns that Sonny is in jail and that AJ is getting Michael back. Edward is very happy to find out that Michael might be back. There is a future ahead for this family and he can’t wait to tell Lila. AJ tells Scott that he has a new sister named Skye. She is a gold digger and angry too. AJ knew that the day would come when Michael would belong to him. He would like to stick it to Edward but he doesn’t’ need him. He only needs ELQ to protect Michael’s inheritance. AJ will not let anyone take Michael from him again.

Carly returns to Sonny and tells him that the papers are ready. He is much calmer now. He knows what happens when she sets her mind in motion. She tells him that she loves him and they kiss through the bars. The guard arrives and lets him out of his cell. He knows that something is up with Carly. She is there to protect him. Every hour of everyday. He keeps up his façade. They leave the area.