General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/9/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/9/01

By Glynis

Carly comes to see Sonny and she knows that he is having an attack. She is trying to talk him out of his fit. She knows that he canít breathe. She calls for a guard. He is shouting to her to be quiet. The guard comes in and Carly starts telling him that they have to get Sonny out of there orÖ. She doesnít get to finish her sentence because Sonny shouts at her to stop. He tells the guard to take Carly upstairs, but she wants to stay with him and talk. The guard warns them about anymore false alarms and he leaves. Sonny warns her not to tell anyone about him. He is sure that they would use his claustrophobia to break him and put him in a padded cell to watch him fall apart. The cops will bust him for anything that they can, just for the pleasure. They want to see him twitch. Never show weakness. Carly gets upset and starts to cry. He can be locked up, he can do this, and he just has to concentrate. She begs him not to do this. Sonny doesnít understand her. His lawyer will deal with him being in jail, but he has to find out who betrayed him. He has to figure out who turned him in. Roy is a part of it and he is a snitch. Witness protection does not work. If they want to find you, they will. Then you are left alone with no protection. Sonny found someone once and that is why he knows that witness protection doesnít work. She asks him about the man that was tied to a chair. She wants to know what is going to happen to her and Michael. She thinks that it is time to accept help. Sonny thinks that she is being used to get him to roll over. She tells him that she has nothing to do with this. She is only trying to keep them alive. These people are experienced and she wants him to remember that. He sounds so sure of himself. Roy was in a position to set him up and they used someone close to him. That person knew his every move. Taggert comes to visit Sonny. He tells Sonny that he has to take the deal that the DA is offering him. Taggert tells him that he is going to get a cell like this for the next 20 or 30 years. If he goes down, he will get a cell that is even smaller than this one. Taggert wants him to take the deal and get out of town. Carly tells him that Sonny is not going to turn on the people that he cares about. She calls Taggert crooked and he leaves. Carly thinks that Taggert was the one that set him up. Sonny thinks that Taggert could have had Sonnyís phone tapped. He tells her that the only people that knew about the meeting was he and she. He asks her who she thinks did it. She thinks that it was someone that they didnít suspect. She thinks that he should roll over if the DA has such a good case against him. Sonny canít roll over. Sonny realizes that Carly would do anything for him. The guard comes and Carly says that she is not going to leave. She has to go though; Sonny tells her that she has to look after Michael. She kisses him through the bars and she tells him that she will be back the next day. He watches her like a trapped lion as she walks away. She rushes back and tells him that they will make this work somehow. She loves him. He is searching her face for some answer to what is going on with her. She leaves with the guard. Sonny is alone again and he kicks the wall in anger. He hears no voices.

Laura is in her office when Scott comes up behind her. He wants her to come with him to do something interesting. She canít leave; she hasnít done any work all day. She is just tired and wants to go out with him another day. Scott wonít take now for an answer. He just might show her the Big Dipper. He tells her that he pulled off a major deal for her and now her slate is clear for the night. They get ready to go but he is not going to tell her where they are going.

Luke has bumped into Felicia in the lounge at the hospital. Luke tells her that Mack asked her to dinner. He was listening to her conversation. She wants him to tell her not to go. He never lied to her and never was dishonest. He doesnít think that he can love her the way that she wants. She walks away from him and he follows her. He doesnít want her to take this personally. Luke doesnít think that he can love anyone else again. He wishes that things were different. Luke wants to know if she wants to get back with her ex. She tells him that she still has feelings together. They have a bond and she knows that if she needed him, he would be there for her. Luke understands. She thinks that this is the same thing as him and Laura. Luke wonders how Laura got into this conversation. She tells him that she heard him talking to Laura. Luke will take his help wherever he can get it. They made a pretty good team once. She understands the Cassidines and that was why he asked for her help. Luke thinks that she is going out with Mack because of him, he thinks that would be a terrible idea. Luke thinks that they have a wonderful relationship. He likes being with her and would like to make love to her. She has noticed an occasional firework. He canít promise or guarantee anything to her but a risky relationship. He is not looking for a safe harbor. She is in tears now. She doesnít want to date Mack because he is safe. She wants a partnership with a man and she wants her man to treat her like an equal. She knows what she wants. She has been riding on the fringes of his life. It makes her feel empty and she has no one to give her love. She would like to enjoy a sunset and read a good book with her partner. She wants that commitment with a man. Mack fits the bill and Felicia has made it work before. There is a lot of water under the bridge. They wonít pretend that they are sorry for what went on. She wants to see what is going to happen with Mack. Mack told her that he would try to be with her anyway. She wants him to understand why she needs to be with Mack. He doesnít have to understand, but she values his decision. He thinks that she should do whatever makes her happy. She wouldnít trade her time with him for anything. She kisses him and the kiss turns into a much longer and passionate one. She ends up crying and he leaves her.

Lucky is on one knee and asking Elizabeth to marry him. He has wanted her for so long that is hard for him to remember not being without her. He knows that they were meant to be. She is just looking down at him. HE needs her and she must feel the same way. Gia and Nikolas watch the proceedings not sure what to make of it. Elizabeth doesnít know what to say. The whole arcade is watching them. Lucky thinks that they should go somewhere private and talk. They leave right away together.

Helena finally has things in motion now. She is going to be successful while she brings about destruction.

Gia and Nikolas arrive home and Gia is really touched by Luckyís behaviour. Nikolas thinks that Lucky was off. He flipped out about shooting at the arcade and they both thought that was a little weird. Nikolas is worried that Helena may be going after Lucky and if she is, he is in big trouble. Love is so scary. Gia has been protecting herself making sure that nothing would hurt her. He has no intentions of hurting her ever. He loves herÖHe holds her face and kisses her.

Elizabeth and Lucky are alone in the park. She wants some time to think about the decision that he wants her to make. He thinks that as long as they are together, they will be happy. She needs to know why he needs to marry her right now? He doesnít answer right away. She thinks that he is acting desperate. She hasnít been waiting for anything. He thinks that they could seal their love this way. This is an adventure that could last their whole lives. He will never make her sorry. He asks her again to say yes.

Scott brings Laura to the arcade to play some games. He tells her that the first trick is to put her body into the game. He tells her that she needs energy down in her feet and to bring it up her body to her hands, then she can just push the buttons. She gets some points, but he is going to get her some more points. She canít let the ball go south on her. They play another game and Laura wins. He tells her that anything can happen in life. He thinks about her all the time and she thinks of him. He doesnít mean the past, but it is always going to be a part of them. The future is going to be stronger for the both of them. She is even more beautiful than she was when she was young. He wants to know her over again. He kisses her cheek and she kisses him full on the lips. Elizabeth finally says yes to Lucky. He kisses and hugs her. She fells tempted by him. They are different people now. Dating now is a whole new game. If they got involved too quickly, they may find out that they have made a terrible mistake. She doesnít want to make that mistake. He assures her that they are not a mistake. She needs to be sure that this is going to work. He is going to give her all the time that she needs. He is going to be patient. He really does want her. He wants her to promise him to let him know when she is ready. She promises him. They kiss again.

Helena is looking at her Ice Princess and thinking that even love is not a match for thisÖ.