General Hospital Update Monday 5/7/01


General Hospital Update Monday 5/7/01

By Glynis

Emily is at the bridge and finds Zander. She goes running to him and he stops her from hugging him. She thought of the places that he would go in his hometown and that is how she found him. He never thought that she would come all that way to say goodbye. She begs him not to go. She needs him there. He hugs her and kisses her passionately. They talk and he expresses how he is angry at her for not trusting him and letting him down. He doesn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. She tells him that she loves him.

Edward is talking to Alan about Emily and how he ha screwed up her life. Alan is angry but not about Emily he is angry with Skye. This is unacceptable and Alan will not allow it. Alan tells him that the games stop right there and right now or Alan will throw him out of the house right then and there. Skye is listening to the conversation and she canít believe what she is hearing. Alan thinks that it is too much to watch Edward exploit Skye by dangling the carrot. Skye is vulnerable because of Alan. Rae was pregnant and Alan was terrified. Alan is ashamed of the way that he behaved. Why didnít Edward encourage him to show responsibility? Edward thinks that this is a load of crap. It wasnít about money. Edward did a lot of damage to many lives. Skye is listening and it is tearing her apart to hear her so-called family talk about her. Edward blurts out that Skye was supposed to be adopted and not sold. Alan realizes for the first time that his father knew that whole time. He knew that Alanís daughter was alive. Skye can hardly believe what she is hearing on the other side of the door.

Rae has cornered Monica and is trying to explain why they are really there. Rae didnít mean to shock Monica and she wants to talk rationally. Monica tells her to take her daughter and get out of town. Rae tells her that they are going to have this talk and it is up to Monica how they are going to do it. Monica always thought that Rae was after her husband. Monica thinks that her showing up with her daughter is a scheme. Rae assures her that this is not a strategy. Rae thinks that she can go on being a maniac if she wants, but she is not to blame it on Skye. Monica knows what lengths a mother will go to in order to defend her child. Monica tells Rae that if she makes a move on Alan she will be very sorry. Rae takes out a picture and shows it to Monica. She tells Monica that this is the man that she is in love with. Monica thinks that the picture came with the wallet, or maybe Rae is cradle robbing.

Carly and Roy are together talking about Sonny getting arrested. She thanks Roy for helping them get their lives back. She is sure that nothing is going to go wrong. She thinks that they are going to go to somewhere else where they can be free. Roy tells her that Sonny is going to be in jail for a long time before her little dream can come through. There is nothing that can be done now. The event has been set in motion. She has to chill out and not panic. She is to do everything like she usually does. She has to stay cool. She should go home and do whatever she usually does. There is not to be any secret looks at each other or signals.

In the police station, Sonny is brought in and Taggert is there to greet him. The charges are read out loud. They all go into the office to have some privacy. Sonny demands to have the cuffs off. They are removed and Sonny is offered a chair, but he doesnít accept it. Taggert tries to interrupt, but instead is asked to leave the room. The FBI cop turns to him and tells him that he is nailed. This is the endÖ or maybe this is the beginning. The agent has a proposal for Sonny. For the right information, Sonny can be free, or he can lose everything.

Bobbie is having a rest in the hospital and getting a short visit from Felicia. Bobbie has been thinking about her sonís condition and Felicia reminds her that her son is with his father and nothing could happen to him. What is his diagnosis going to be? Felicia thinks that she should be thinking about all the work that Lucas is going to have to catch up on. Bobbie canít sleep so the ladies decide to do their nails. Felicia has some colours, but Bobbie insists that she get some of the polish that she has in her locker. She runs off and vows to return soon.

Roy is with Carly when he gets a call from the FBI to tell him that Sonny has been picked up, but that is about all. Things are not going the way that they planned. Carly hears Roy speaking and knows that Sonny is not going for the deal. Carly goes running from Roy and Roy shouts after her that she shouldnít leave and that she shouldnít know anything about this. She is gone. There is nothing that he can do about it now. He turns and punches the wall. He shouldnít have helped her and now he knows that. He hurts his knuckles by punching the way. He hears a voice, "Roy?" He looks up to see Melissa staring down at him in the stairway of the hospital. She walks down to him and looks at his knuckles. There is no damage and she questions why he was punching the wall. He did it because of something that he has done. He has gotten himself stuck in a situation that he swore that he would never repeat. The problem is starting to sound like Leo to her. Roy says that he will not let things get as bad as it did with Leo. They continue to talk, but donít realize that they are being watched by Bobbie. Roy and Melissa are both going down so they leave together.

Carly comes bursting into the station and into the room where Sonny is being held. Policemen hold Carly back from going near Sonny. She is not allowed to have contact with him. He is really shocked to see her there. He wants to know how she found out that he was there. He questions her as to her finding out. She doesnít know what to say. He warns her to be careful whom it is that she trusts. The agent comes into the room with coffee for Carly. She slaps it from his hand and asks him who the hell he thinks he is prosecuting her husband?

As Edward and Alan argue, Rae comes over to the room and overhears the truth, that Edward knew all along that Rae existed. She enters the room and tells Edward that he is a lying son-of-a-bitch! Doesnít he realize the pain that he caused? Rae loved her daughter and then they told her that her daughter was dead. There was a hole inside her. She couldnít listen to a baby laugh or cry. She thought that her baby was dead and Edward was the one that made things that day. The grief has been overwhelming. Rae was very young, but her age had nothing to do with it. She was someoneís mother and he decided the most important decision of her life. He was a heartless and inconsiderate. He feels that he was doing everything in their best interest. She tells him that he was a blind fool. Rae has been through a lot in the last two years. She tried her hardest to find the daughter that he stole from her and that has eaten up her life. Edward thinks that she is blaming him for her problems. She picks up on item from the table and throws it. Alan asks if she has anything else to say. Alan turns to his father and tells him to get out. Edward leaves. Alan is sorry. He didnít know about what his father had done. She is crying. She is devastated and he holds her tenderly to comfort her. As they are hugging Monica enters the room thinking that she caught the two in a loversí embrace.

Skye has gone to be alone in the house and Edward walks up behind her. He asks if she is all right. She says that she is fine. He can see that she is distress. She is just confused and lost. She doesnít know what is happening and no one cares. Edward tells her that he cares. She thinks that he is the only one in the family with a heart. She asks him to take her for a walk. The night is beautiful. She takes his arm and they leave the room together.

Bobbie is back in her room and Felicia returns to be with her. Something is wrong. It has to do with Roy. Bobbie explains that she was running down the stairs when she saw Roy with Melissa. Bobbie shouldnít have to worry but seeing them together worries her. They donít know what Melissaís intentions are but she is going to trust Roy. Felicia agrees that Melissa is an annoyance.

Carly has to wait outside for Sonny to be taken care of. Taggert tells her to convince Sonny to take the deal. He is going to go to Solitary Confinement. Sonny hears Taggert talking to Carly and tells her to stay away from him. Sonny talks to Carly and tells her that he promises to protect her and he trusts her. She says that she trusts him too. She tells him that she will not quit on him. She will always be there. She only wants him to promise that he will always be there for her. The agent arrives again and asks Sonny if he is going to take the deal. He wants to know who set him up. Roy walks into the room and Carly panics at seeing him. Sonny finds it strange that he is there, but says nothing about it.